LEGO Star Wars First Order AT-ST review 😠 75201

hello everyone this is the Lego Star
Wars first-order AT-ST set and I must warn you if
you’ve not watched the last Jedi the film itself yet I am going to have to
give a minor what I consider a minor scene spoiler for the movie in this
review there’s no way around it it’s absolutely critical to the content of
the review and critiquing this product so if you want to see the film and you
haven’t seen it yet you want to see it with a completely pure experience
without having gained any knowledge whatsoever beyond what can be seen in
the trailers I do have to strongly recommend that you exit this video and
wait until after you’ve seen in the film the main build in this set is of course
the first-order 80s T itself it was interesting to see them bring yet
another Imperial Walker forward to the sequel timeline but it’s time for the
spoiler already the first-order 80s T does not look like this first-order 80s
t looks like a modified modernized version of this the original trilogy
version of an 80s T because it is in universe a follow-on to this it works
basically the same as this you can see most of the parts even in the Lego set
are the same even to the point of the stickers on the feet being nearly
identical this is basically one of these with most of the head blown off that’s
all if an 80s T is considered cavalry then this is a headless horse mane which
makes it very very dumb to produce as a serious product this is the type of
thing that you know fans would do to make fun of the scene to make fun of
what was actually going on at that point in the movie you know just as a little
tribute thing you basically take your existing 80s T and you pop the top off
maybe you put the guns back if you feel like it but that’s really all that’s
been done here this is not a first order a TST it’s a broken piece of one and
that’s a real lowdown Dirty Shame I feel like this is going to go down as
a far bigger embarrassment to Lego and their Star Wars design group than the
kylo Ren command shuttle and it’s non-folding wings and great color on the
off chance that the designers actually knew exactly what was going to be going
on in the movie at that point and exactly what this Walker design was all
about and they made it anyway as a joke well it’s still not that funny because
you still have to pay good money for this and it doesn’t include the part
that you need to complete it to make it into an actual first order a TST that
people might actually be interested in buying as a matter of fact a lot of
people would be interested in buying as it is I see practically no reason to buy
this except for the figures and to me that’s not a good enough reason before I
get to those figures though let me go ahead and give you the rest of the
demonstration of what this silly thing is all about you can move the cannons up
and down to angle them you’ve got two spring-loaded shooters there with the
shots just completely exposed because there’s nothing to cover this up because
it’s all been blown up and it does have articulation of the legs they show that
on the box like hey you can make it walk but no you can’t just like with the last
one articulation is completely useless doesn’t well there we go you can do that
well that’s not terrible it’s actually maybe a little bit better than the
previous one because without the weight of the rest of the Walker being there
you can actually get it to pose like that okay well yeah I eat my words on
that one there’s a little bit of useful articulation if you can call that use 40
halation can look like it’s moving just a little bit but it’s certainly not a
large stride kind of movement like they think they do suggest on the box and
this also has the same mechanism for the neck that was included on the previous
version and it’s just an expected thing now there’s a simple gear mechanism that
allows you to turn the head back and forth it’s useful yep bang was down and
still turn around still has good good range that’s good
you can also angle the entire platform forward and back using the articulation
points if you move them together so you can angle the entire thing down or angle
the entire thing up so that’s a thing lastly there is a spots to put a figure
here and they give that figure a targeting console which for some reason
was built into the floor of the entire turret section and even though as far as
I know it’s still a two-man if not now a three-man vehicle this is a centered
position for some reason well they suggest that you do this because that’s
kind of what happens in the movie I don’t need to talk too much about that
if you’ve seen the movie you get it if you haven’t seen the movie
it doesn’t really matter to be honest if I sound like I’m being
cynical up to this point it’s because I am and I don’t apologize for that at all
there’s a terrible set it was a terrible idea to even make this a set in the
first place this is a thing it’s a platformer mmm on a stick so you can
make it go here and you can make it go here and you can make it go here and you
can make it go back up here and you can put a person on it and that’s that oh
yeah when it’s fully up like this you might think that it makes for a good no
loading platform to get personnel on to the 8 nah just know
it’s useful for doing maintenance on the two joints the two upper leg joints
there but that’s that here are two of the figures from the set and these are
good figures they’re good to get they were featured in the trailers and it
makes sense for them to be included yeah I have absolutely no complaints about
these I guess I could say it would be nice if Rose was a little bit shorter
but you know short legs is going too far with it so this this is fine to me I
mean they don’t make Darth Vader extra tall or anything with long legs so yeah
I’m happy with this I love gunmetal gray always so I am definitely biased in
favor of this color scheme for Finn his weapon is exactly what it looks like
it’s one of those riot trooper batons and Rose gets an alternate face I very
much like what they did for her headgear also let’s duel molded with the black
and the dark blue and works well with both of the faces and just seems
appropriate and all no alternate face obviously for Finn because it’s not
gonna work with that headgear but yeah these these are perfectly good things
it’s great to get another phasma as well she makes for a very just excellent
display model I mean even even though she didn’t do much in the force awakens
it was still just an awe-inspiring appearance you know and just made for a
good thing to look at and for imaginative play you know you can always
take her further along and you know expand her story now she’s back for the
last Jedi and it’s good to get another figure of her I think that you know it’s
good for collectors it’s good for kids they’ve kept consistent with the force
awakens version in not giving her face here and I think that’s that’s fine you
know it would be nice to get a face review or something but I think it’s
fine not to and I appreciate having the black color around the back of the
so that you don’t get that strange skin tone effect that is completely out of
place with some of the figures yeah I think this is another just perfectly
fine figure except for in this particular case the the light saber hilt
that’s used as part of the staff weapon there which is again from one of these
recent batches that has the very speckled paint application so it’s not
completely fully covered and I think they need to to work on that get that
quality back up a little bit they’ve also included a bb-8 in the set and as
you already saw and you know BBA it is bb-8 they’ve made a bunch of these been
released in a number of sets but I don’t mind them doing another one it’s a
popular character a lot of people like it
I like people being able to still get bb-8 you know without having to rely on
the aftermarket or anything so yeah another fine inclusion but I do remain
absolutely opposed to the very existence of this set you should not have to buy
all this garbage just to get these three good figures okay three and a half good
figures when I first saw literally when I first saw the first or one of the
first leaked photos of one of these when they showed up in stores unexpectedly I
the first thing that I did was was start looking for the tell-tale signs of how
it was put together as a fake I thought that it looked like the the photography
work was a pretty good match to what Lego typically does but I was looking
for where the picture of the box was photoshopped into the photograph of what
was behind it and all because I was 100% certain there was no question in my mind
that it was a joke that it was just a scam a sham a troll and and just
intended to be purely a funny one not even trying to convince any about–he of
anything but then I looked up this the set number just see what it actually
represented or if it was just too the unused number and it came up as
first-order 80s t I was like ah okay that’s that’s that’s actually pretty
smart that’s that’s a good a good troll you know and then I got the set and I I
couldn’t believe it I still can’t believe it I still can’t believe this
this has happened if this is Disney’s fault for their process of you know
holding back information and and just what information they do allow you know
product designers toy designers merchandise designers to see if that
whole process has led to this directly and Lego didn’t know until probably it
was too late that this was going to be a piece of a half junked Walker then shame
on Disney and they need to fix that real bad because Lego is a really good strong
partner for them and they need to treat Lego right they need to give them the
information that they need to do their products correctly and this is Legos
fault and they actually knew what the source material was when they started
working on this and shame on them y’all need to never do anything like this
again as a physical product you know as one of the one of the parody Lego
animation series absolutely all day have all kinds of fun with stuff like this
but as an actual set that you’re gonna charge money for no way no way forget it
no no and that’s really the summary of my thoughts on this set just know I’m
not even gonna show you the set again it doesn’t deserve more screen time from me
if you want the figures because the figures are cool wait for them to show
up on eBay or brick link and just buy them individually they should not be
expensive they should not be marked up because nobody is going to want to
actually own the set they come in so the value of the set itself is much lower
than the of its pieces terrible awful disgraceful
shameful regrettable just plain bull please don’t buy this set
please don’t reward all of the efforts that went into creating this thing
unless you find the set in a clearance bin for like 10 to 15 bucks and you just
want it for the figures or maybe some lakes to start making your own custom
MEK worst Lego Star Wars set ever tell me I’m wrong you know I’m not I don’t
even want to end this video because I feel like the set deserves more of my
scorn the more I look at the box off camera the more anger builds up in me
for the fact that this exists the fact that I had to buy it and do a review I
almost feel personally insulted if there was a practical joke it would be a great
practical joke by the folks in package design at Lego to just come up with
something to pass around the offices but this isn’t a joke it’s a real set that
you have to pay real money for alright I’ll let you guys go I’ll keep stewing
over this in the background eventually start to work on some other videos of
hopefully some actual proper sets that deserve to exist thanks for watching
I’ll talk to you in soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars First Order AT-ST review 😠 75201

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the vast majority of The Last Jedi, which I've seen now twice including this scene which I watched carefully. Not including a removable head to complete the actual scene (and the titular vehicle which appears multiple times full and complete with head for longer than its very brief comic relief headless form), while charging the full price of an existing stunningly beautiful and complete walker? Nope. No way I'll get behind that.

  2. Guys I have the set and I agree that they could've added a head for the AT-ST but apart from that it isn't that bad. I don't agree with the raging comments saying "Worst Lego Star Wars set ever" and I believe it's an alright set. I know somebody is gonna rage reply. This is just my opinion. If you read all of this Thanks.

  3. Would have made the set better if they had included an alternate battle damaged helmet for phasma and an alternate head for her to replicate the scene where you can only see her eye

  4. I totaly agree with you this set i horrible, i bought it and i was so disappointed with it, but what i did with this set was to modify it, so i created a At-st head and modifyed my First order at-st to an regular imperial at-st.

  5. I know it's been a while, but do you wanna know what Lego originally charged for it in Europe? 60 Euro. That's the original price tag. Not 40, like in the US (which is a disgrace already), but 60 Euro. Just saying.

  6. A thing that is never mentioned anywhere that this set does better than the rogue one set is the shape of the chassis. It is more accurate to the in universe depiction and it looks much better compared to the box shaped platform of the rogue one set. I've modified the frame of my rogue one AT-ST to look like that and it's a great improvement.
    That's the only good thing IMO. Other than that, this set is still garbage and not worth its price.

  7. I love how people are defending this set . Worst set ever …. phasma is a nobody in the movie . Didn’t they recycle ♻️ her

  8. I have no intention of spending my hard earned cash on this set. I think I can wait like 10 more years to get my first Phasma minifig simply because she was a wasted character totally

  9. Disney and Lego need to re-evaluate their relationship. In recent times this is not the first time Disney has done the dirty on Lego. I can put across the example of the First Order Heavy Scout Walker too….it was not in the last Jedi at all. In my mind Disney is treating a severely well respected toy manufacturer like it is beneath them. Disney need to realise that Lego is equally as iconic as they are for the vast majority of kids lives. I will even add this Star Wars and Lego where far more Iconic to me as a kid than anything disney did at that time (in the 80's). So the implication I get is this. Disney don't understand the value of the assets they own or the licenses they own they are as at the moment just too self indulged in their own self importance. Forgetting that the likes of Lego and the fan base is keeping them where they are.

  10. Do you not understand that in this scene the atst has not top and bb8 is in it, it seems that u don’t understand that, it’s mimicking the scene not an actual atst

  11. The thing is, in the movie, the head was locked into the ship so when BB-8 piloted it, the head got pulled off. So Lego hasn’t done that bad but they should have been a bit more specific when advertising.

  12. In new zealand where I live this originally retailed for I think 80$ now its going for more then half price, I just wish they included the cab, so you if you wanted to take the cab off to simulate the movie otherwise its like why?

  13. I ended up buying it recently now that its priace has tanked to over 50% off. I think in the long run it will be worth it because two characters in it are dead in the triology and probably won't be in many other sets.

  14. why do people hate this sets so much?in the finn vs captain phasma scene the atst gets it's head rip off making it look like this

  15. I bought this thing at Walmart and it was on clearance. There was a pile of them. I got it to moc the AT-ST with the head because it was cheap. No he's definitely not wrong, it's the worst SW set ever, and I don't think I've ever heard JANG this mad or worked up over a set, ever.

  16. This set is only good for salvaging parts from (I.E the relatively hard to-find joint peices for this set's "articulation"), and it should be offered for even less on clearance than it already is.

  17. This is Jang's thoughts of the set in a nutshell:
    "when I first saw literally when I first saw one of the first leaked photos of one of these when they showed up in store, the first thing that I did was to start looking for tell tale signs how it was put together as a fake. I thought photography was a pretty much good match to what Lego typically does but I was looking for parts where they photoshopped into the photograph behind it, because I was 100% sure without a doubt that it was ultimately meant as just a scam & a sham, a troll, so it wasn't trying to convince anybody of anything. then I looked up the set number on the back to see if it was an unused number or something and it came up as first order at-st and I was like come on, that's a good troll, then I got the set and… I couldn't believe it…" – Jangbricks 2017

  18. I understand how you feel Jang, maybe they could just make an action feature where they can rip off the head. without the action feature Maybe it was the worst set ever, I guess you were right. the minifigures were great, why didn't they just put the minifigures in another set.

  19. A bad set from a terrible film. So sad. I hated The Last Jedi, but I thought most of the LEGO sets are amazing! I have Kylo Ren’s Tie Silencer, the First Order Star Destroyer, the AT-M6, and the Praetorian Guard Battle Pack, and I think all of those are stellar sets (even though I still didn’t enjoy the film itself). So it is perfectly possible for LEGO to make great sets from a lackluster film, but this one missed the mark by a mile. I’m disappointed.

  20. Can’t say I’m a fan of the First Order AT-ST model overall… when i first saw them in TLJ i honestly though that they were intended to be unfinished, salvaged AT-ST’s that lost their cockpits

  21. I know why this set is how it is: in the movie, it shows BB-8 getting onto a destroyed First Order AT-ST, which attacks Captain Phasma, and this set recreates this scene. Why do people think it's sooo bad, when it is recreating a scene??

  22. I personally like this thing, IF you can get it for a cheap price (less than 40€). This would still work if you were to put it as a walker of a clone army. Most people wouldn't even notice.

  23. I have this set..

    When next day i visited toys r us and saw i could get a heavy assault walker for the same amout because of the sale

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