LEGO Star Wars Echo Base Defense Unboxing – The Build Zone

rebellion that’s today
may the force be with you LEGO fans looking back to the build zone
I’m Nicole and I’m shading and today we’re taking a look at a Lego Star Wars
set action battle echo base defense let’s meet the team defending Echo Base
we have three rebel troopers and leading the Imperial attack our two snowtroopers
are defensive the last section we’re gonna put
together is that on the back we’ll use these long flat pieces to create
sniffling but in the front we have these hinges and round the bumpers that means
if you have this stopper target in between your legs his hands but if you
knock out the stopper target front like a bump and it crashes and here is a
finished set first up let’s check out the echo face here is the entrance gate
with places for two rebel soldiers on the back there’s an extra blaster and
over here we have the blaster tower which can rotate to fire no let’s check
out the imperial forces over here we have like a trench section with a snow
trooper as well as a droid that kind of looks like an octopus because it has
like these tentacles now let’s dive into the details of this a bath Walker in the
front we have a movable head thing goes up and down we have also armor at the
top so the gunner can have more protection as well what makes this an
action battle set are these two shooters and missiles the goal of the game is to
hit three targets if you’re fighting for the Empire get the launch the rubble to
drop off the bell tower hit the trooper off of the wall and blast open the gate
to storm and for the rebels you have to knock down the trench target to send the
snow troopers line and knock down the probe droid the second target is the
highest one to knock off the gunner and the third target sends the Walker
crashing down bundle up people or headed to imperial
troops have entered the base thanks for watching that’s it for today
make sure to check out our other episodes if for more cool sour stuff ask
your parents and download the LEGO like that there’s building challenges and you
can push your own creations see ya

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71 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Echo Base Defense Unboxing – The Build Zone

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    Can you make more the lego movie 2 2020 sets
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  4. Please in lego ninjago season 12 the name season is Ghost Is Back And new ninja is morro costume color cyan master of wind

  5. Hello lego make the lego powerpuff girls house with professors car set with characters 1.blossem, 2.bubbles, 3.buttercup, 4.proffesser utonium, and 5.bliss thank you.

  6. Could u make a lego hospital i mean u made a lego fire and police department so it would make sence to have a hospital like if u agree

  7. The colors are all wrong! The symbol for the IMPERIALS was always blue! It was the REBELS whose symbol was red!

  8. So amazing, they sound Like cows 😂😂But great Video,I need to buy this set.😃

  9. Also one more thing, I hope Sheaden and Nicole know that the Rebels actually lose the battle of Hoth and the Empire wins.

  10. LEGO you blind bricks! People have asked for a 501st battle pack for years. Some guy even made a song about it. Why have you not made it yet?

  11. Why do they make theese? Two cringey kids aren't gonna make anyone buy your product. If LEGO only made stop-motion shorts like the one in this video for every set , THAT would make people want to buy it.

  12. Would it bother lego to just outnumber the rebels with more stormtroopers than rebels in a set for once?

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