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hello everyone there will be no
substantive plot spoilers in this video if you haven’t yet seen the movie the
last Jedi this is Legos defense of crate set which
features items and settings that are very very very heavily featured in the
official trailers to the movie I’m actually surprised that Lego puts so
much effort into making such a large-scale version of this craft the so
called create spear which is actually almost
minifig scales almost accurately scaled to minifigs the way that they’ve done it
I think they could have made it half this size and it still would have been a
fun build and a fun thing to play with it would have looked good but this is
even better the level of detail is consistently very high for something
that’s intended to be a toy and not a collector’s display item it looks very
good from multiple camera angles it does have a handful of blue Technic connector
pieces that are locked to that color and and just will not be made in other
colors anymore at least not anytime soon but they don’t detract too much from the
overall appearance I think that the color scheme is nailed pretty well here
it just it looks good from a distance and up close with good contrast good
texture changes of shapes changes of direction many interesting building
techniques used for sure some that I think I haven’t seen before and they
definitely dipped into the very latest amongst the parts that are available in
the Lego inventory the unique keel like center skid that is prominently shown in
the trailers is there and it just comes down on its own it’s just gravity fed
doesn’t have any mechanism behind it whatsoever you can’t retract it when
it’s in the air but unfortunately you know they give you know actual stand for
this set so there’s no way to actually make it stay up you know to put it in
that standard pose that’s kind of been imprinted on my brain I always want to
see this thing up either at an angle you know banking into a turn or even
just completely level and just flying straight and true so that’s that’s
unfortunate that they didn’t include just
a couple of clear pieces to put at a balance point that would hold this up on
display very nicely the surface of the exterior uses a mix of color changes
shape changes and stickers that right there is a single print but most of the
decorations you see here our stickers even one on the inside of the cab unit
there and then this is a printed speed champions style windscreen piece you can
just pull all that off and it has a really nice those small interior for the
cockpit area with the dual handle flight yoke there that he can almost reach and
stickers used on the side consoles and a printed piece used in front of him also
has a nice-looking seat that has a little bit of texture on the back of it
and yeah it’s actually even able to fold down there’s nothing behind there it
would have been really nice to have just a small little storage compartment or
something back there but that’s okay they do actually give you a single clip
extra one on the underside if you want to use that for your figures personal
weapon there is an expertly hidden compartment here though the center
section has an opening mechanism that’s almost like one of those Chinese puzzle
boxes it’s beautifully disguised unfortunately though this is just a
little maintenance hatch it exposes some of the very valuable gunmetal gray
colored stud pieces that go into this thing but there’s no space to really
place anything in there though and then there’s this sort of side build which is
actually pretty substantive itself it’s very miniaturized but the shapes are
pretty good this is a three layer or a three level bunker so you can put
figures at the ground level this middle level here and also up on the mezzanine
as an overlook though you don’t really have much cover from up there just a
small basically anti-personnel cannon in placement there with the stud shooter
and that can be moved around it can also be actually placed in the hands of the
figure I just didn’t move the hands around to make them fit properly and
then another cannon a larger one here which can spin around and that has a
spring-loaded shooter down below that you can operate from the back
again shaping is pretty good it’s just very very miniaturized here and this
piece of the build this portion of the build can be rotated around in different
ways so if you want to kind of shape your battlefield a little bit you can
you can also very easily remove these sections or separate them apart so you
can make things look even bigger by you know separating things out farther just
just a little bit of extra separation really makes it look like a larger
overall defensive position one unfortunate thing is that you can’t
change the elevation of the shooter over here and that goes for the fake part you
know that’s just for show and also the actual spring-loaded shooter down below
so it’s always going to fire just straight forward at a very very low
level basically at minifig level the bunker or tower build has a lot of studs
on the side construction to finish off the exterior texturing and that looks
very nice has some shaping around the edges and then this middle level has two
printed pieces in there I never would have expected that upper panel piece to
be done as a print but I’m very thankful for it it looks great it looks like
something that I would want to mass if I was building up a whole custom base not
even just Star Wars related but for anything kind of sci-fi related it just
looks really good the sticker sheet in this set does not have clear backing so
that really couldn’t have been pulled off with a sticker so I’m glad they went
all out so to speak to actually do a proper print there and it looks good
it’s also done practically edge to edge you get some storage down here or for
some minifig accessories with the gunmetal gray colored blasters off on
the right and just a couple of tools as well as a couple of spare bolts for your
spring-loaded shooter here’s how the rest of the stuff looks from the back
and that just does it for the build here are the resistance figures with Poe
Dameron on the left with his dual molded specialized hairpiece that has the
integrated headset that’s also printed on both sides and across the top the
base color for the hair is black but then they use
gunmetal gray for the headset portion of that that’s nicely executed in the
center is admiral Emmet with his epically white hair and also white in
gray facial hair I think they could have done that all in white but this adds a
little bit more texture to it I think that one looks pretty good glad to get
that as an official figure and on the right is just a generic resistance
trooper with the full helmet with the visor and chin guard as well you get
more of the gunmetal gray colored blasters that’s for the one in the
center and on the right one on the left the short one for Poe is just done in
black and only two of these actually get alternate faces oh well there’s a better
look at the main face for the trooper especially on the first order side we
get two of their snow troopers and I think these are very good figures for
Lego scaled stuff the prints are good through and through through the body
down to the legs the helmets I think have good sculpts and the prints on
those helmets are good each one comes with the cloth piece each one comes with
the printed backpack piece and you know they didn’t strip one of them down to
give you just a basic version and then have version that has the stuff that you
really want so I appreciate that you know they could have gone a cheaper
route but they didn’t these are just very masa belitz it’s easy to get lots
of these and set up a nice larger scene the only problem that I have here is
that these do not belong in this set they have no business being here they
had nothing to do with this scene and I don’t blame Lego for that I’m sure this
is just another example common example of Lego just not getting enough
information from Disney early early early on when they’re actually you know
starting to plan the process of developing the toys and it’s just
unfortunate really it results in mistakes fortunately this is not a bad
mistake because these are still good figures still good to get but they could
have put more appropriate ones in here if they knew better that’s for the faces
well yeah now to sum things up and give you more
of my pure subjective opinion about set the speeder no question about it
it’s great I really really strongly feel that it’s
better than it need it to be and that’s not that’s not intended to be a spoiler
these things do get screentime in the movie as you saw in in the the trailer
there’s no misdirection there but I just feel like they’ve they’ve gone so large
with this thing it’s it’s almost like they were going replica style with it I
feel like they could have made this a much smaller and less expensive set
speaking of which you like this needs to be a less expensive set the little side
builds this is this is nice it could have been bigger but it’s nice for what
it is this is kind of meh to me it’s kind of a kind of a mix of things that
try to bring in some important shapes and give you some play value there but
it’s not all that great to me and just because of the size of the speeder feel
like it makes this stuff smaller or feel and seem smaller I think this really
would have worked in so many ways so much better if the speeder was about
half the size or maybe two thirds this size at the most I also don’t think
overall the minifig selection is that memorable I don’t think this this
version of Poe is going to be very collectible long-term it’s always good
to get more troopers just in general for massing up bigger scenes certainly the
Admiral Emmett figure is the most interesting thing in this set to me from
a collectability perspective but it’s definitely not enough to to make this
worth its its retail price in my opinion so it’s not a bad set overall I just
feel like it has a limited number of very strong elements and those elements
are not worth the retail price this is one that I would recommend waiting to
find at a fairly significant discount so not a 5 or 10% discount but more of a
like a 25 to 30% discount then it’ll start to be a little bit more attractive
but just at its standard price I don’t think it’s a good value you can get a
lot more play value out of other stuff for the
same price and you can get more display value and lasting collectability out of
other things as well but that’s it for my look at this set hope I showed you
everything you want to see here and I’m gonna get to work on my next video so
I’ll talk to you as soon as I can you

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