LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel Review 2015! Set 75093

Hey guys and welcome back! Brick Professor
here and today we’re doing a review of the brand new LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final
Duel. It’s set number 75093 and it is an incredible set. If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting
for this set to come out… It’s HERE! And today we’re going to do a full walk through
the model, we’re going to share with you the brand new Darth Vader with a new removable
mask and I’ll share with you some of the best things and some of the worst things about
this set. So let’s take a look at the stats. Green means
good, orange means okay, and red means not so good. First we’ll take a look at the piece count.
It comes with 724 pieces. As you see the brick on the right is filled up about half way.
If it’s filled up all the way, that’s 6,000 pieces, the most number of pieces in sold
in any set so far. Minifigures: This set comes with five. This
LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel is priced at $80, which is somewhat okay. It’s still
below the $100 price point, but kind of pricey for a LEGO play set. And for the value, what we like to do is take
a look at how much does this cost per piece based on how many pieces there are in this
set and how much it costs, we figure that out and of course the lower number means a
better value for you and it’s a better LEGO set. This is actually a pretty good value
here. It’s almost to the green. Anything under ten cents per piece is kind of what we view
as a really good deal and this is right around eleven cents so that’s still a pretty good
deal for the price. For the minifigures, we have two Royal Imperial
Guards, these are the guards that are all in red. Their main job is to protect Emperor
Palpatine. Pretty plain printing, but they look fantastic in the front of the set. And
with their helmets removed, you can see there is no face print, just the all black heads
so that the eyes show through completely black. And there is no printing on the back of these
figures, just the cape. Luke Skywalker is the Return of the Jedi version.
He’s got the black right hand since that was cut off by Darth Vader in a scene from the
Empire Strikes Back. He does come with the handcuffs that he’s wearing when he goes into
see the emperor. And it also comes with a green light saber. The front face is mildly
intent and the reverse face is mildly relieved. This LEGO set also has the emperor with lightening
bolts coming out his hands, perfect to have the scene where he electrocutes Luke. And
then on the back, he’s got the really mean crazy eyes that he has in the movie. And what we’ve all been waiting for, the new
Darth Vador with the removable mask. The printing is new on the front of this Darth Vader and
he comes with a red light saber. As you see when we remove his mask, he has this neck
plate or base plate which matches what he was wearing at the end of the movie. And there’s
no alternative face for Darth Vader, just the scarring on the back of his head. So let’s take a tour of this set. Starting
with the front gates we have two Imperial Guards or Royal Guards and these guys are
all in red with the black eyes underneath and their job of course is to guard Emperor
Palpatine, they are kind of his personal body guards. They are standing in front of a small
gate within the Death Star. There’s a little bit of maroon and grey decoration. Right behind
them are two gates and these gates open right as you pull them on the side here. They do
stick a little bit when opening and closing but it’s not really that big of a deal. And coming around to the inside of the gates,
there is a spot for the Imperial Guards to stand if you want them on the inside of the
room like they were in the movie. Right behind the gates is a Force lever. You
can tap that lever and that will launch one of the minifigures up into the air. The idea
there is if you want to launch Luke Skywalker and have him use the Force to get up to the
second floor balcony while he’s fighting Darth Vader that lever will do it. I couldn’t actually
get Luke to land up there in that area, most of the time he just flew around, but it does
work pretty well at launching him. The front gates also expand out so that you
have a longer walkway with a little bit more room reenact some of the scenes. Right after the walkway is the stairs leading
up to the emperor’s throne. These stairs actually have a couple of secrets to them as well.
There is a lever on the side and if you push on that lever, these two middle stairs explode
off. You can have a minifigure on those stairs and have them fly off as well. I think the
idea is if you want to have one of the minifigures use the Force and levitate people and blow
stairs off and move things away. As we make our way up the stairs towards the
top level in the middle we get to the main throne where Emperor Palpatine sits. Taking a closer look at this room, the emperor’s
throne does rotate all the way around. There are two side pieces along the side of his
throne there and those are sticker pieces and I really struggled getting those on straight.
They are just really tiny stickers and it’s a really tiny sloped piece. So this is where you can reenact the scene
where the Emperor has Luke’s light saber and he taunts Luke and tells him to take the light
saber and strike him down. Luke resists of course at first and then he eventually does
draw the light saber which makes it fly across the room and into his hands. And this scene
actually allows for that. There is a light saber behind the emperor’s throne and when
you click the lever underneath on the first floor at the bottom it sends a light saber
up in the air that Luke can catch. As we make our way to the left side, the main
feature of this side is a balcony area. And this area is controlled by this pole. The
idea being that you can have Luke on top and then Darth Vader throw his light saber and
knock this off and collapsing the balcony and having Luke fall to the ground. The right side of the model is a shaft of
the Death Star and this is meant to reenact the scene where the emperor is electrocuting
Luke and Darth Vader finally decides to go back to the good side and picks up the emperor
over his shoulders and throws him down the shaft towards his death. This is four circular pieces and on the inside
are four sticker pieces that you affix to the inside of that and it makes it look like
the interior of the Death Star similar to that shaft in the movie. The outside or backside of the model is really
these three different windshield pieces. They are meant to look like the windows of the
Death Star looking out towards space. And each of these opens up right here in the middle. So taking a look at the lower level of the
backside, this is the area where Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were fighting and Luke’s
hiding from Darth Vader saying he doesn’t want to fight him. You can remove this top,
there’s a couple of stud pieces in there to try and make it easy for you to take that
off. But I actually like that top piece on there. I think it gives a couple more hiding
spaces for Luke Skywalker to hide from Darth Vader as he’d trying to avoid fighting him. So onto the best things about this set, coming
in at number one, Darth Vader and the new removable mask. I think they did a really
good job with that neck plate piece that it stays on so when you have that scene where
you remove his mask and you reveal his face for the first time. It just looks so accurate
to the movie. I really think this is the best Darth Vader design so far. Number two, the emperor’s throne. It rotates
perfectly, it’s got a good design, it’s a simple build. It just adds so much to the
set and I think it looks really realistic. Number three, it’s extremely accurate to the
movie. You can almost recreate just about every moment of that scene somewhere in this
set make something that’s pretty close to it. So I think that was pretty neat that they
did something so accurate to the movie. And number four, the play value is just awesome!
There’s so much you can do, there’s the exploding stairs, the balcony that falls down, the shaft
you can throw the emperor down, the rotating throne, the opening doors, the light saber
that shoots out the back I mean there’s just a ton of stuff. And the fact that model moves
around and rotates in different positions you have a lot of different scenes that you
can recreate and even make up some of your own. As far as the bad, I can’t really come up
with anything. I don’t know what I would really change with this set. Yeah would I have the
doors not stick, sure but that’s not a big deal. A couple of the play value features
don’t work great like the light saber shooting out of the back, sure maybe there’s a better
design but again not a big deal either. So I’d say those two small things are real nit
picky that you could maybe change but other than that I really think this is a fantastic
set. Alright, let’s talk ratings. I’m going to
give this set four stars. It’s a fantastic set in fact it almost got four and a half
stars and I think if the $80 price point wasn’t so high it might get something like four and
a half. But still a solid set, it’s got a good price per piece ratio and a lot of fun
to recreate these scenes. Hey guys thanks for watching and if you like
LEGO reviews and custom builds and really all things LEGO then click subscribe and stay
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5 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel Review 2015! Set 75093

  1. I think the only inaccurate part of this set is the door. It's definitely not like the elevator's tower but it's the least of our concern. However, I'm surprised by the amount of play features and the presence of so many large pieces like the octagons to hold the windows and the top of the shaft (four quarter-cylinder parts). The barrier-like pieces and the stair is also a welcome addition.

    The play features do replicate the different parts of the duel and, overall, the minifigures are excellent in my opinion. Sure, the Royal Guards aren't different from the Death Star Troopers battle pack and the Emperor is probably from the Star Wars book or whatever but they look good. The Emperor is perfect and I mean per-fect! Luke is fine except for the chin that can be seen on the backside of the figure and I've nothing to say against the new Vader considering the scene this set is based off. I do agree that the price is high but considering it's a licensed product, the amount of big pieces, the minifigures and the multiple features, I think its price is justified. I wouldn't be crazy if I say this is probably the best playset (not considering any starfighters or vehicles).

    It is the second most expensive I own since I restarted building LEGO stuff (I own 76023: The Tumbler) and the second Star Wars set because I've 75040: General Grievous' Wheel Bike… four years after I bought 8095: General Grievous' Starfighter. I wanted this set for a specific reason: this scene is my favorite of the entire franchise. I couldn't go wrong with this one and I'm happy with the final result. Speaking about Grievous, the new Vader is now as tall as the actual Grievous figure which is, in my opinion, a great thing.

  2. Awesome review! You're a lot different than other ones and you really go into detail and explain and I'm looking forward to seeing your next Star Wars reviews! Keep it up!

  3. Really good review.  I like the highlights at the end.  The metrics at the beginning seem a bit weak.  Yes more pieces and minifigures are good and high cost is bad.  The value figure seems to be useful.

  4. Great review love the way you explain things throughout all your vids I sub and like your vids can you pls do the star wars aat

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