LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel + NEW Vader reviewed! 75093

Hello. It’s jang here with a look at the Lego Star Wars death Star final duel comes with 724 pieces and that includes 5 minifigures, it’s fairly mutable you can change the length of it by bringing the Main [Catwalk] the main Forward Walkway in and out you can also rotate these side sections around so that will just kind of change up the overall shape of it put it into more of a [tea] shape or You can fold these all the way in to make it as compact as [possible] for just a really small little Tight little area up front is the main entrance and I really like how they’ve kind of shown you a cross section of floor and they put a little bit of Texturing and detail into this thick floor section rather than just having to be Completely flat this actually adds to the visual interest and you’ll see that around the entire set the doors can be [opened] from the side so if you grab them at the same time you can have kind of a sliding action see there’s a little bit of Room [for] it to tilt a bit But it looks pretty respectable the way that it opens up [just] inside you’ll see a small strip of light bluish grey going through the dark grey and that’s a little action feature you’ve got a Little bit of a plank over here on the side [you] can push that it’s supposed to be doing a force jump with Luke So kind of makes him jump up in the air. It works, okay? I wish that it would allow him to to kind of leap forward a little bit across the walkway [I] feel like the staircase looks good for Lego scale It’s got a good Rise to it and that also has another action feature actually built into it where you can cause a couple of those to be broken out So it’s just a little lever over here and glad they didn’t put a big ole Bright red color there like they usually do to indicate action features. This is nicely Yeah, it’s subtle enough, and you just push down on that It’s going to knock a couple of those out up top these assemblies are done pretty nicely I think they look good, and they’re well scaled and then of course you’ve got Palpatine’s throne itself right there stickers used on the side slopes But overall nice shaping I think it’s scaled well to the figures some printed pieces up on the wall there [and] you’ve got the nice printed windows the round ones here’s that looks from the back so you can see the center one is actually a little bit lower than the others and For just changing things up you can actually Blast somebody through one of these windows if you want to because they’re hinged from the bottom so you can just push a figure Directly through and just knock them out Completely out into space. There’s also another intentional action feature, that’s built in here this is a button that you can push and on the inside you can see the Lightsaber hilts right there, and when you push the button that can either be pushed up slightly [or] if you do it fast enough It’ll actually just jump out with the force Catching it is another story entirely [a] little bit of a [gangway] over here on this side another hidden action feature That’s not overdone. That’s just nicely integrated you can easily knock out this support right here They’ve [got] the little [bow] Rocky [eye] at the end there. That’s nicely perched into the small plate with the curved end with the hole in it [so] you can just push that out at any point and Enough of this is connected that anywhere that you have a minifigure on there It’s going to fall off because this just comes out to the side and all of that comes down the other side Does not have an action feature, but I feel like it’s even more [special] I do like how those rails are installed there, but if you look [from] above see it’s tough to see down in there But it’s all stickered up all those round panels have stickers showing you Details of the inside of the reactor Shaft where Darth vader is going to toss Emperor palpatine to finish out the scene and those go all the way around [they] easily could have just left this Completely open. It’s just a big hole and maybe put a little bit of detail down at the base of it Which they didn’t that’s actually hollow down at the bottom, but you know just adding all that all those stickers around the sides Tough as it is to see just really makes this feel a lot more believable and a lot more [authentic] to me this Minifigure is to me the highlight of the entire set it’s a new Darth vader Not a new torso print an entirely new helmet design the one on the right is the same helmet that we’ve been using for 16 Years now that we Accustomed to associating with Darth vader in Lego form it’s going to be a little bit jarring for quite some time But the new Helmet is far more [accurate] and better proportion. It’s also better proportioned relative to other helmet designs in Lego such as the Stormtrooper and the Scout trooper and such the the original Darth vader helmet really is too short in height But the big deal here is not the new shape. It’s the fact that this is a Two-piece design would have been better if it was three, but I don’t think they could have pulled that off with the necessary Durability to actually have the outer sheath of the helmets be removable, and then the face mask removal underneath Maybe someday they’ll figure out how to do that and make it strong enough But you see you’ve got the secondary piece underneath and they are interlocking It’s kind of a clamshell action from bottom from the top those go together and now Also a new face with the white color light flesh and dark tan accents on there And he does of course have scars on the back I think that white looks a lot better [than] tan did as the base color for this But I think personally [that] maybe light light gray not light [gray], but light light gray the extra light gray very rare color Was a little bit better For for this, but I think white white actually works out there is without the cape or cloak he’s got the light saber, and he’s got the Handcuffs that were taken off luke as he presented luke and as you can see there’s no Print on the body on the back Let’s just get one last look at this with the helmet fully on but with the cape still removed So there you go [the] brand new design For Darth vader in Lego form [the] closer look at the rest of the minifigures in the set I really like the robes how they’re printed all the way through from torso to legs including going through the hips on palpatine I feel like this version of luke with the printing and also the choice of head is in my Personal opinion the most movie accurate version of Luke that we’ve gotten based on any of the movies to date I just feel like it. It captures him and his his look the best and of course you get to Royal guards [and] Looking at these from the back. There’s not that much to see except for the print on the back of Luke there He does have a secondary face as does the emperor and the emperor’s one is quite Well detailed Luke is the only one with any printing on the back of the torso And there’s the rest of what there is [to] see I’ve been a star wars fan most of my life I saw return of the Jedi in the theater the first time it was in the theater But this set right [here] to me does not strike me as just another Lego Legalisation of something from the long movie series or what not this is clearly intended to be a toy? [playset] for kids But it is so authentic in so many ways it does so much Justice to the scenes from the movie also with the figures being done as well as they are this to me really? captures a lot of that magic of Star wars as created by Lucas and as perpetuated by fans throughout the decades it really speaks to me as a fan as an adult fan and Also to that child inside of me who still clearly remembers all the star wars stuff from the early 80s There’s just a real reverence to the fans into the original Source [material] in this set that I believe is a cut above the norm [I] think this is good enough for collectors to set up as just a little diorama and on the other end of the spectrum It’s great for today’s kids who didn’t grow up with Star [wars] or with the star wars that my generation did you can just grab the Blu-Ray and see the remastered and edited and Amended version Of return of the Jedi once and then go in as a kid and just have fun Recreating the scenes in this set and create your own scenes, [too]. I love it This is just [100] percent good to me It has a good build good figures good action features and good enough accuracy to the movie Those are my thoughts let me know what your thoughts are from your perspective by leaving your feedback in a comment down below Thank you for [watching] [I] hope that I showed you everything you wanted to see here And I hope that you’ll come back to check out more of my videos [because] more on the way very soon May in Force be with you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel + NEW Vader reviewed! 75093

  1. Guys the set is amazing and this vader is better why better helmet. Andif you buy the death star set he hast the same vader BUT with the torso from star wars 4 movie and this one is from star wars 6,5,3 😉 better much better 😸😸😸😸

  2. Jang I have been collecting lego since I was 3 years old and now I currently have 80 Lego star wars sets. I have just started making reviews on them but there not the best reviews. I was wondering how you make your videos so nice, and if you had any advice on what I can do to make them better. Thanks

  3. Wait can you try attaching palpatine's office to the front door? Because they're the same colours and it would look cool! It doesn't make any sense but I wanna see them together!

  4. I really think that the best part of this set is the minifigures Luke is great Palpatine is great Darth Vader is awesome and the Royal guards Meh…

  5. I had this set built everything with my cousin in a week only to have it smashed by my dad pushing me towards it

  6. Hi, I read the entire description. I respect your decisions to ban racist, homophobia and sexist commenters. You’re a very child friendly channel, due to your safeness and the fact that you are always happy. (Edit: homophobic*)

  7. They should make final battle sets from the 3 movies. starkiller escape with Rey,Finn,and kylo Ren,dual on bespin with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and snoke's revenge with supreme leader snoke,kylo Ren and rey. I wonder how the final battle in hand solo will be like

  8. I like these final duel sets. Now we have Duel on Naboo, Duel on Geonosis, Palpatine's Arrest, and this. Now Lego just has to do Duel on Mustafar, Duel in the Senate Building, Duel in Cloud City, and Duel on Starkiller Base.

  9. Vaders nee head looks like he's wearing an f1 racer mask n he just got out of a crash that injured the back of his head

  10. I feel sad about that because a child destroy this Lego it was my favorite Lego 😭 it was my favorite set 😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Managed to get this on eBay for $50 + $13 shipping. New and sealed in original bags but open box. Didn't realize the set was this cool, just impulsively grabbed what I thought looked like an iconic set on a deal I'd probably never see again.

  12. luke i am your father NOOOOOOO sorry but i am NOOOOOOOOO! wha? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! sniff sniff whats so wrong with me NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  13. After integrating the Darth Vader Transformation set to my Death Star, I may try to do the same with that one…

  14. I got this set for 30 euro (used) today.
    Still can't believe I have it.
    1 sticker on the chair's control panel is really off though.
    But everything in really good condition including minifigs

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