LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod review! 5005376

everybody this is the Lego Star Wars
Darth Vader pod a gift with purchase promotional free item for April 2018 it
was originally supposed to be a 2017 40th anniversary Star Wars pod but they
made a bunch of them and evidently they all had a boo-boo they all had a mistake
with them so I had to remake it and it took him a while to bring him back to
market the pod itself is much cooler than I thought it would be because this
has the print on the front with the you know the two logos but then those logos
are in front of the Death Star lasers basically just pointing right at you and
as you angle this the forward logos the you know the Lego and Star Wars logos go
away it’s one of those double prints with a little lenses built into it gives
you that we’ve kind of holographic style effect and unfortunately it doesn’t go
all the way to the other way on the other image with the other logos missing
but it’s still cooler than I thought it would be and then the material itself
the the paint are actually the coating that they have on this is is kind of
metallic in a way I thought it was just gonna be a gunmetal gray but it’s much
shinier than that it’s very glossy and it actually has the exact same
appearance as the mineral hematite if you’re familiar with that it’s some
places you know gift shops and things for just random places may have little
things that look like rocks but they are slightly metallic this has exactly that
sort of look it’s it’s like I know I don’t know if it’s a color that Lego
itself has used before I know they’ve done something before they called a
black chrome or a dark chrome this is similar to that but I haven’t seen any
official pieces made with that material in the past but it’s just cooler than I
thought it would be when you open it up they try to give you a little bit of a
scene which is a really nice thing to do with a pod you rotate this down gives
you a little bit of a walkway and this is intended to be about one of the
hallways of the blockade runner you attentive for from a new hope the first
Star Wars movie it’s the the connection to the 40th anniversary that they were
trying to go for originally but yeah that that’s kind of cool so they show
one of the you know the entranceways over here they also have a holder for
the lightsaber and over here on the minifig pedestal take a closer look at
the figure in a minute of course but you know they’ve got an actual recreation of
that hall I don’t think it’s a photograph I think it’s a CG recreation
but it looks pretty good you know it’s it’s nice and clean and it’s intended to
kind of go with this it’s kind of showing you that this is one end of the
hall as the other end of the hall and of course it goes with Darth Vader and
everything and over on the side they have two printed tile pieces the 1 by 2
here is fairly common and then the 1 by 1 is a little less common and I’m more
happy to get that but a nice Luis will build this is a good quality version of
Darth Vader they include here not a super cheap version for the free
giveaway still the helmet looks you know the modern-day helmet looks good from
the front and a little questionable from the side with the extension you know no
matter how accurate it may be still always looks like he’s looking up like
this and you know the original mold had been around for so long that it’s always
going to be hard for folks to kind of you know accept something that is so new
and so different when we were so used to the original I’m still used to the
original even if this looks great from the front it’s a little bit jarring just
from the sake of or just from the perspective of nostalgia and familiarity
but really good prints on the front there you see the metallic prints on
there and this one has unlike many of the recent lightsaber hillz
this one has a well printed well painted lightsaber hilt it’s the bright metallic
silver color it’s painted on to the piece but a lot of the ones that I’ve
gotten in the past six months to a year in other sets have had just little fine
speckles of paint it just wasn’t covered completely this one is covered
completely and it looks good it’s one of the best-looking that I’ve seen in a
while I even got a a completely clear bubble les lightsaber blade there so
that’s all good looking on the back here mmm no print that’s surprising but I’m
100% okay with it because Darth Vader needs his cape so most of the time
you’re not going to see the back of that so they didn’t waste money and time
printing the back of it and yeah I’m fine with that
underneath the helmet this is weird this is the you know the the Darth Vader
transformation version of Vader here the whole thing really but the inclusion of
that head is strange for this particular set to me because you know this this is
a Revenge of the Sith era view of Vader whereas they put them into a and a new
hope you know setting so yeah it’s it’s like a young Vader here whereas it
should have been and much older Vader good figure the prints on the head
front and back I think are very very good and again of course the prints on
that on the torso hips in our hip and legs are great all together good looks
good just like this maybe even less controversial than this but just not the
most appropriate connection between scene and figure version the gift with
purchase value threshold for this one in other words how much you had to buy in
order to get this as a free gift was $60 in the US and of course it always varies
by region that does not mean that you have to pay $60 to get just this pod you
pay $60 and it was of Star Wars stuff in particular you you pay $60 or more for
Star Wars stuff you get $60 or more worth of Star Wars stuff you get what
you pay for you also get this as a free gift so as a free gift now a lot of
people make the argument that you actually have to pay for it anyway
because they kind of factor in the price of all these free gifts into the retail
prices of everything it’s a penny if that if even a penny on each product so
it it’s not something that we ever see if you have to say we pay a penny then
there you go would pay a penny for this all of us do but it’s effectively a free
gift with purchase they didn’t have to do the promotion I liked it they could
have just you know pocketed that penny on each item that they sell otherwise I
like it I appreciate even the pods surprisingly the little buildings had a
little scene inside it’s kind of cool most of these pods have been kind of
forgettable to me except for the inclusion of the figure the figure alone
is a nice gift could have been done as just a small basic polybag inclusion of
these extra pieces is great and the inclusion of a collectible and possibly
displayable pod is better still strange that they chose a Revenge of the Sith
Vader to put into an a new hope scene but still it’s free gift and it’s cool
so there you go that’s my look at it thank you for watching
I’ll talk again soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod review! 5005376

  1. I attached the lightsaber hilt exactly as shown in the instructions, which was a mistake.
    Anyone have any thoughts about the set on the whole?

  2. I had wondered if I should get it for an original trilogy figure of Vader, but I'm not going to if it's the same version as in the transformation set.

  3. "It's nice and clean" with all of that stupid copyright information printed all over the image. I mean, do they REALLY need that on there? Sigh.

  4. I recently bought two of the Jurassic Park/World Raptor Chase sets from the LEGO store. It said I qualified for the Darth Vader Pod. When the package arrived no Vader! Wondering if I should contact LEGO or if it was just out of stock . . .

  5. Hey, I am a new sub and I saw your vid on the solo land speeder. I made it symmetrical using 2 of the sets, I have to say it looks pretty dang good that way.

  6. This version of Vader reminds me of the Ralph Mcquarrie design from the side, or maybe a little more like rebels in that respect compared to the old Lego version.

  7. Free gift yes & no, not many sellers sell at Lego's official street price. Especially not Amazon where it's generally 15 to 25% cheaper right from the start, so you actually pay quite more by being forced to buy from Lego, even if it's slightly (5%) compensated by VIP points.

  8. Nice but I think Darth Vader is too common. He came in so many sets since 2015 and it is kinda sad that such an important charakter is so easy to get.

  9. This pod looks really cool! I think I really am mostly interested in the figure, but the rest of the included stuff is pretty cool too. This feels like a cool throw-in-your-pocket-and-take-to-school kind of set.

  10. It might be nice to do some value analysis for these little gift items based on Bricklink prices, since that's how a lot of people will end up obtaining them.

  11. I'm a little conflicted about the timing of the release of this pod. I understand it was supposed to be out before now and it was held back due to a quality issue, but it's so close to May the 4th that they could have waited a little longer. It would have been great if I could pay the $60 of SW stuff, get this Pod, AND get the double VIP points rumored as one of the May the 4th perks! I guess I'm being a little greedy, lol, but still, it would have been cool.

  12. I was wondering why this was a 7 minute video. Then I watched 1 minute and 30 seconds. I am internally screaming "GET ON WITH IT!" You could just say the front has a lenticular sticker and the entire pod is a chrome black, thus making it shiny (metallic? No.) I skipped ahead. Looks like a neat freebie.

  13. I like when these end up for sale at Wal Mart and Target. I always have to go by the toy section when I'm at those stores.

  14. Love you vids you have a very relaxing voice. Please do more vids of your LEGO city. The effect on the logo is called lenticular.

  15. And here I thought Darth Vader’s pod was blue and yellow with pink energy binders…supposedly the fastest ever built!

  16. In empire, we see vaders head and its skin colored. In return his skin is grey. So it makes sense to use that head

  17. I am starting to get into LEGO trains and I have the sets 60052 and 7938, and I see that a lot of people use electrified rails, should I buy them?

  18. Hi Jang, never commented before but been watching you for a few years! just want to say! your a great Youtuber and i’m a big Fan and your the reason my Lego collection is massive now. so thanks and carry on being the best pal👍

  19. Vader looks always a little bit up, because of the build of his suit. He can't go down with his head, Palpatine made this on purpose to make him even angrier.

  20. The new(-ish) Darth Vader helmet still looks pretty weird to me. I think it looks more like Rebels Vader, and doesn’t really work for movie-based sets

  21. Hello, Mr. JANGBRiCKS! This is a great review! I've never owned a LEGO pod set, so this is helpful to me. Personally, I thought that the pod itself was going to be black. Did it have a metallic texture as well? Also, did everything in this set come pre-assembled? Have a good day, sir! Like #705. From cheesy. 4/24/2018

  22. Are you sure that head is from the Transformation set? It looks more detailed than the one that came in that set.

  23. How is the lightsaber hilt actually supposed to go, ive done it the opposite this entire time, is it wrong or does it even matter?

  24. if only i knew that there would be a cheaper way to get darth vader then i would have NEVER bought the vader transformation set ;-;

  25. We're unable to get such gifts here… ='( But sold with greedy price…
    Can anyone gift me a spare one? 😮

  26. I know some Lego Stores will give these away with any purchase amount. I scored mine when I asked about it when I purchased a couple of blind bags (the total amount I spent was just under 9 bucks)

  27. I’m sitting at my door waiting on the shipping company and I’m about to get it in a few minutes along with my UCS Millennium Falcon

  28. Bought the Darth Vader Castle set to get this and the Xmas carousel for free. I could have bought the pod off Bricklink, not sure why I play Lego's wallet slimming games haha.

  29. Vader's saber looks terrible upside down due to the designs on the hilt piece itself. If you look closely on the top of the lightsaber hilt there is actually a small circle that resembles the lightsaber blade activator.

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