LEGO Star Wars – Christmas Special

Hmm. Hello Lord Vader. So? Did you get me a Christmas present? Well- Well you see, umm I’ve been really busy lately and umm not had the time to, umm get you anything? What!? Aahh! (MACHINE BREAKING) Oh come on, I’m going to be
late for my shift! That’ll teach him for not
getting me a Christmas present. Help me! Did you get me a Christmas present? I forgot. Aaaah! Oh no, I never got Vader a present. I’ll just sneak past him, hopefully he won’t notice. Hold it right there. Well, well, well. So you think you can go
without giving me a Christmas present? No no, you don’t understand. What is there to understand? Well you see, eh eh, he stole it! What!? Is that so? No sir, this is complete rubbish.
You can’t believe this? Uh, yes I can actually. Aah! Aah! Oaah! Ah! Ahh! Aah! Ah, aah! Sucker!

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15 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars – Christmas Special

  1. Started playing Lego games again on new gen consoles and it made me wanna go back to my favorite Lego stop motion channels and I found all the ones I remembered!!

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