Lego Star Wars – Christmas Special 2016

[Door bell rings] Han: I’ll get it. Oh, hi! Shhh! Leia (off camera): “Who is it?” It’s carol singers. Leia (off camera): Well give ’em a credit and tell ’em to bugger off! [“Silent Nightplays on radio]

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42 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars – Christmas Special 2016

  1. I really love and miss these kinds of videos. I was in fourth grade when I saw your At home with the skywalkers. That was so long ago.

  2. The reason why Kylo Ren hates his father…

    Whenever little Ben Solo said "I love you" to his father as a boy, Han would only reply "I know."

  3. This is the worst Christmas special I expect better from you apart from leia saying we'll give em a credit and tell them to bugger of

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