LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz Finn & Capt. Phasma review

everyone this is just a quick look at
the Lego brick heads Star Wars Finn and Captain phasma from the force awakens
these are the first two normally publicly released brick heads from the
Star Wars themed briquets theme has not just as as an entire line has not sold
very well from what I’ve seen it’s not garnered a lot of of interest from folks
and I can understand why every time I get a new one of these after being away
from them for a little while it shocks me just how small they are I mean that’s
it to the size of a minifig it’s they’re like twice the height of them anything
only which is not a lot I’ll go ahead and start with Finn here and show you
that well better with the minifig version
obviously the minifigure is not included with the brick head said it’s just to
show you a little bit of kind of reference material source material I
don’t think it was a good choice to go with the studded surface for the hair
for for Finn here helmet off version of Finn just landed on just crash-landed on
jakku I think his hair texture is just not that thick and rough and I think
just smooth texturing would have looked a bit better because this just looks
awkward to me looks overdone yeah it’s all I have to say about that the rest of
the head I think is fine for the brick heads style
super super simplified every figure that they do and that’s just part of how it’s
supposed to go I do like the prints on the to 1 by 4 tiles that are used on the
front of the torso the legs have a little bit of armor on them that’s that
first order stormtrooper armor on on either side so that looks pretty
good and the weapon actually looks pretty good it’s actually in some ways
for for its size and and for the style of the whole figure it’s a little bit
more accurate actually it’s a lot more accurate and then what they did for the
minifigures just because you got the you know the better colors for it and it’s
held on there just fine but you know of course this is just a
display item is just a figure to basically just put on a shelf put on a
you know an edge of a cubicle or something and there you go that’s just
it ol little pack on the back there it’s
nice it’s centered in there with a couple of tiles one give me a couple of
jumpers one above one below and that’s just that oh yeah the base says
exclusive on it if this thing would ever focus ever
there we go almost it just says exclusive it doesn’t say the name of the
character it doesn’t say the number just says exclusive what is that about we
don’t need that exclusive exclusive to what watch the other figure says it to
see what’s exclusive about it is it retailer exclusive by region or
something yeah that’s just overhyping prior to the
release of these figures a lot of people expressed utter hatred for this phasma
particularly the 1 by 4 tile used across the front and just how that shapes
things up I personally thought it didn’t look too bad
in pictures and I think it looks about the same in person in in three
dimensions in front of me for most angles I think that it looks pretty good
I mean it’s it’s a square headed standard that they have for this thing
they needed to get some depth in there they got some depth in there and I think
it’s appropriate I can’t personally easily see how it could have been done
much better there are a lot of considerations it’s not just about
putting a tile on the front of something you need to have all the pieces around
to fit around the jowl you know of the helmet I think that it’s shaped up
really nicely just my personal opinion again I like the the print of the 1 by 4
tile that’s used for the head but here additionally they’ve given us two of
this one by two by two thirds curved piece with exclusive print on it hey
that’s exclusive that’s where they have an exclusive title it’s a metallic
silver print on there and that’s something that could easily be used with
custom creations it doesn’t have to be used
with a brick heads you know figure it it’s generic enough I actually like that
piece I even looked to find some more of those and then over here the weapon once
again is pretty good it actually has a silver colored cone piece and a silver
colored stud used out at the end so you know some appropriateness with the
colors there and I think what’s done best with this figure is the the Cape
you know how that just hangs on the back nice shaping there a little bit of a
layering around the corner as it turns the corner there and I like it from this
angle as well and I even like it just from this angle you get the little bit
of red that peeks through there as it should
that’s nice that’s whoa just drop my arrow that’s it’s it’s nice to look at I
think that it gives that really important little splash of red
first-order color and that’s nice I think that the nicest building building
techniques used here are for the eyes how they got those together with the the
slope pieces that have kind of that slat texture in them the 1 by 2 by 2/3 pieces
right side up and upside down brick heads fin captain phasma exclusive me
yeah they’re I mean they are what they are I think that none of them are
particularly great now the orchids are particularly great just in my personal
opinion I think that between these two bays m”e is much nicer just by virtue
of all the building techniques use there and it really shows through in the part
count as well the difference between these two which is very significant I
think that the hair shouldn’t have been done like this for a fin but just
overall the whole figure for finis is relatively plain can’t say I could have
done any better myself but I think just the standard of brick heads the entire
theme how they’re all built just really limits things a lot and neither of these
really grabs my attention that much but between the
– definitely phasma gets my vote so that’s enough on these two exclusive
figures I’ll talk to you in soon

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52 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz Finn & Capt. Phasma review


  2. The figures are “exclusive” because they’re being retired by 2018 (or 19, possibly).
    On another note, the figures are so awkward and exaggerated because they’re attempting to compete with Funko Pop figures. I feel like these are better, but there’s just not enough at the moment.

  3. I actually like the size of the Brickheadz, as you'll be able to fit your collection into a smaller space. The thing that has stopped me from buying any of them, is that there's too many exclusives that I will never be able to get a hold of, like the SDCC exclusives, which are also usually some of the most desirable characters/variants. I don't mind them making some a little rarer than others, but not when they make some that are completely inaccessible to people outside of a certain event (minus having to pay 1000s on eBay).

  4. Yeah, still don't get the 'exclusive' on these sets. Totally disagree on Finn's hair. It's a perfect way to show his style of hair. Smooth would make no sense. I do like his printed plates. Phasma helmet 'snout' needs to come out more. Not shaped well at all.

  5. I don't think the people who say that at Captain phasma brick head looks weird I mean it's just a brick head guys it doesn't matter how it looks that's the closest thing that they can do with a few pieces

  6. jang, you are one of the main YouTubers who inspired me to make my own channel and I would like to say thank you for the inspiration

  7. I have to compliment JANG on his astute decision to review the packaging for the BrickHeadz, as well as the builds. I remember in an early JANG video I saw, he mentioned how he wasn't a big packaging guy and that he wouldn't be reviewing packaging regularly. The packaging was obviously something LEGO thought important with BrickHeadz and I'm glad JANG includes them as part of his review.

  8. I truly believe the Brickheadz theme is severely underrated. The theme has its own style and it is different. That is what makes the theme so unique. I cant wrap my head around why the theme receives so much negativity.

  9. I'd imagine a significant portion would buy the Finn figure to remake it into a regular stormtrooper. You could basically steal Phasma's head design, do it with white bricks and stick it onto Finn's body, voila!

  10. Never really got this theme, sure its Lego, but I look at it and go "meh…". The only reason I could see buying a set (or sets) is for the parts. Thanks for sharing…

  11. I don't think Phasma looks bad in terms of the Brickheadz concept, but every time I see the angle looking towards her from the side with her cape I just see a bird with its wing. 🙂

  12. Are you going to review the Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite BrickHeadz? Now they are super exclusive, and very nice too…

  13. Seems that Lego brought this line in to try to get some of that FUNKO POP money. at £10 a go its impulse collector teritory, like funkos and amiibos etc. Didn't realise they were so small though. Seems like the fun is short lived as well. They are statues with no real play value compared to mini-figs. Think they might abandon this sooner rather then later

  14. I really love BrickHeadz figures. They are perfect for me. Kinda collectible figures (I collect action figures), kinda relics for me (I always wanted some Beauty & Beast related "figure"), good to display, which yet give me the fun and the experience of building something. And their price (at least in Hungary) is good as well, for me they totally worth.

  15. I really like the Brickheadz line and these two are no exception. I wasn't so sure about Phasma at first, but she actually looks pretty good!

  16. 11:Finn has a unique feature for is head that his head is studed and that looks really accurate to the minifigre. And I hate the design for captain plasma.

  17. I’m actually a fan of the Brickheadz concept… they just haven’t released the characters that I’m interested in. why start with Finn and Phasma, when they could make a Vader or Boba Fett, or C-3PO or R2-D2?

    the Phasma doesn’t look very good, and they should’ve used the milky silvery color like the minifig. Finn looks good, I actually like his hair… but I’m not sure Finn is a must-have character.

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