LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City review! 75222

hello everyone I have here Legos official 2018 betrayal at Cloud City set now this is not marketed as an ultimate collector series set in spite of its very large size and its high price instead it is proudly designed specifically for Legos core market its main base of consumers kids Lego is a toy company and this set is intended to be a large and expensive toy the core build is intended to evoke the shape of the cross section of the main saucer section the the dish part of Cloud City itself and that’s especially visible from the side where you get to see all this extra height beneath the floor that most of the time you don’t see they also have a little micro scale Cloud City build on the very top of it but honestly from most angles the overall build looks like a bit of a mess you have to get in closer to appreciate to the individual details so getting in closer here is the lounge space that gets some screen time and the Empire Strikes Back I believe that this is supposed to be part of like a luxury condo there they have the crystal sculpture in the center I built it the way that it’s intended per the instructions but I think it would look a little bit more realistic more screen appropriate or accurate if you made this into more of a spiral as you went with the the stack of clear one by one’s there but it still looks pretty good there’s a lot of reliance on large stickers for some of the larger spaces in here and no exceptions here one single plant in the background but you know there really wasn’t a lot of fine detail in Cloud City in general and most of the nicer spaces so this is fairly appropriate the door is most of the doors in this entire build open vertically and they have just a lock off to the side to allow it to stay open this next section to the right is I believe where a c-3po gets blown to bits by the off-screen stormtrooper so this has just been built up a little bit more fleshed out a little bit more I think this is also where Luke goes off from the the main center hallway area when he first arrives and he’s sneaking around the place I really like the piping detail around here and the fact that they a lot of them look like they’re actually connected into the wall this is obviously a space for a figure to stand there I’m not sure exactly what they were going for there’s plenty of space to put figures around here but ultimately it’s just a use of an awkward space at the edge of the build here’s one of the major public through Fair spaces that we see in a number of scenes when the characters are walking back and forth from location to location this looks pretty nice it would be better if it was a little bit more round but it’s a good use of the space that is here they got a couple of the pieces of murals up there on the background these are against white window inserts so fully opaque there you’re not able to get any light to shine through this is a light sculpture I think like a light well where natural light from the outside or possibly from a central source would come up but you know you get to see that pretty clearly in the movie there’s no opening door here there’s no opening door over here those are just completely open spaces this is a sliding door that we’ll look at in a few minutes I believe and you also get an art installation on the wall there that actually looks pretty good very very 70s to be sure one more sticker up on the wall and another door now this is another one that opens vertically as well and that takes us into the dining room space and this is one of my favorite areas if not my single favorite area in this entire build in terms of how it looks I feel like it’s pretty movie accurate although it’s you know scaled down quite a bit it just really captures the scene very properly the chair at the head of the table is a little bit different with with its design but it’s actually built up compared to the regular chairs on the side but there’s plenty of room to get some figures in here for the size of the space it’s fairly open and I think it has the right amount of detail with the different items on the table itself plus they included something back here in the back that is really nice and really special a microscale build of Cloud City you know it’s just supposed to be a model of the entirety of Cloud City and I think it’s a really good-looking thing it’s just a handful of pieces but looks pretty proper I like this space quite a bit and that’s it for this quadrant of the build so I’ll move over to the next one which has this landing platform with Boba Fett’s slave one and that is its own thing so I’m just going to take that away for now and look at it more closely with you a little bit later in the review the platform itself is pretty plain pretty straightforward as it ought to be it’s another thing that’s supposed to be simple per the design in the movie interestingly this door here I like this door it’s built with fully studs on the side construction ultimately it’s plate based but it’s it’s on its side dark orange coloration for it which looks pretty good but this slides horizontally yeah in the movie this one definitely slides vertically like the rest but there wasn’t space for the vertical mechanism here because of this thing now this actually does not provide any support whatsoever no no structure it’s just sitting there it’s actually kind of kind of satisfying when you plug this in and you let it go and it just fits very well there just provide some of the shape you know the suggestion of the upper saucer shape there but because that’s there this was not able to open vertically and I’m ok with that this still is really slick the way it works you can see there’s a little bit of stairway back there to change elevation so I think that’s done pretty nicely Oh before I move on interesting note about the structure of the platform itself you know this is intended to hold the slave one model which is fairly dense itself and then the platform has its own weight all of that is a lot to be supported by just a very narrow space here so the designer needed to be clever to get that to be strong enough you know there’s no connection over here on the side especially if you want to pick up the entire model it becomes very dicey the designer decided to just give up and not attach this at all with not even a single stud no Technic mechanism or anything it’s just hooked under under it’s a clever answer to a difficult problem so if you want to move this around just remove the platform there’s one other section that you can remove I’ll show you in a little bit but yeah it just means that what is all part of one structure has nothing major hanging off the edges of it all this structure underneath here is held together very well so you can pick this up safely from underneath and not worry about stuff that’s hanging off the edge that is going to want to bend or break now over to the side is something that I wish we had actually seen more of in the movie we see it a little bit for a small scene for the most part but this is the detention block I guess of of cloud city so it’s where the prison cells are and where the interrogation occurs you see Lando and Darth Vader speaking in this corridor outside a specific door and that door is another horizontal slider and that is the opening to the room that’s been converted over for interrogation use with the torture device with basically a chair with a strap on it and it has the mineral testing device in front of it and you put Han on there and then push him forward towards the thing and yeah that’s just what that is I wish this had some some transparent pieces on it some transparent colored pieces to make it look a little bit more alive right now it kind of looks like it’s all just turned off interestingly there’s a small room back there it’s the smallest of rooms possible it there’s not even a a rectangular space in there it’s just the inside of a four stud wide half cylinder piece and that’s this cylinder piece that you see there it’s actually very difficult to put a figure in but you can kind of stuff one in there if you want there’s also this small space off to the other side that is probably equally difficult to get a figure into the detailing is nice the shaping of it is nice if you look at it from a many figures perspective but humans are never going to be able to do so and it’s difficult to get fingers in there at all so not the best use of space this is actually just a little trapdoor that’s supposed to be a hidden hidden way to get down to a lower level there’s just a ladder there and it goes to nowhere you can’t really do anything with that because nothing is built up for access beneath now that puts us into this hangar space for the twin pod cloud cars one is included in the set once again I will cover this on its own it definitely deserves its own section of the review doesn’t really fit in there and you can set it there but it doesn’t feel like there’s a proper parking space for it again just to a limited amount of space here not a lot of detail in this a little bit of grieving off to the side one small tool holder over there but you know at least it is a place to put the cloud car it’s better to have a space than not but this is a lot more interesting here this is the incineration room which has a little bit of conveyor belt with some pieces of c-3po coming through I like this build for this conveyor belt it’s it’s pretty proper it seems pretty seems pretty right and I put deactivated ig-88 over there on on the side which is what with the designer intends specifically made the space for it you can pull up the top of this it has lights underneath of it to show the glow I think this is supposed to come up a little bit closer if not all the way up to the incinerator itself to the the entrance there with the trans orange colored brick inside but this does allow you to have a little bit more space to move figures around this is another sliding horizontal sliding door this one looks pretty good from the other side see it’s just it’s just different I like that again with the plate based construction it’s on its side they use some of those corner tile pieces the 2×2 and it slides nice and smoothly and feels very appropriate for Star Wars stuff you know and that finishes up this quadrant leaving us with just one more with the carbon freezing chamber or section and also the setting for the end of the duel between Luke Darth Vader now the carbon freezing chamber area looks really nice around the top of the platform they also have a stairway going up to it and you know the the use of the transparent neon reddish orange or orange red color it really stands out as opposed to using just regular transparent orange I think maybe transparent orange is a closer hue match but this just has that brightness that makes it look like it’s glowing it was the right choice I think that this whole entire platform here looks good although what’s on the side of it doesn’t look so good there’s a lot of technique stuff there and oh that’s not really great to look at however that is all there because of a good mechanism they always have to have something to swap between you know Han Solo himself being prepared to be lowered into the place and the completed Carbonite block with a minute and there’s this little thing over here that you just pull to do that transformation and you see the Carbonite block just comes up with them it’s just swapping between these two and if you do it quickly it it’s kind of magical it works it definitely does the trick and it’s pretty smooth it’s pretty consistent you do have to be careful to build this properly not ever anything too tightly connect it together but that’s just the case with all Technic mechanisms but yeah this is a pretty good solution it does that she does a trick and I think it I think it’s right for a a play set to have that focus on it as opposed to trying to make it look a little bit nicer now this is another area that can be removed completely because again it’s something that’s kind of hanging off the side and it has some some weight to it so this again is not attached to the main build this one uses a couple of these soft-serve pieces in just the silver color and they just hook underneath just a different way of doing that but this lets you see this from the side a little bit better maybe you can see the mechanism how that works with a couple of arms that are just allowing this to slide on these axles so these tall axles are almost free standing there they’re only attached from the base and they’re used to guide the the gray Technic connectors with the pin hole up and down so they just go straight up and down you know it’s kind of like legs you know they’re just pressing straight up and again it it just works I think that turned out pretty nicely and I think this is supposed to be like a fire extinguisher or maybe uh maybe a Carbonite freeze extinguisher maybe this actually has some warm stuff in and I’m not sure exactly how that works but you know not your usual red color so with the Carbonite deal removed now I can focus on just what’s left this platform for for Luke and invader to finish up their duel and you know in in the movie this is at the tip of a huge wind vane this huge aerodynamic device that would be even even in Lego scale would still be probably as large as this entire model so the designer has chosen to capture just a little bit of the maintenance cabin that has the the port door on the side of it so you can you can place figures inside of there if you want to do a little bit of the scene I’m just going to move Luke out of the way for now to show you that you can open this up to get a little bit better access in there you can also bust this window open if you want to but they don’t have stuff in there for you to toss around I guess you can pull this off and throw it at somebody it’s not attached very well with the relatively new one by a ah is it one by one by one and 2/3 bricks with two studs to open studs that is on one side they don’t hold bar shaped pieces in there very well but regardless this is how it’s set up and you know at least it gives you the entrance there and it gives you the most important stuff with the walkway out to the the sensor array and this is nicely built up with different techniques use different stacks of pieces I like that now this does have some support underneath which is important they use clear panel pieces to try to make it look not too obvious and black just represents the void I think that’s just fine the way it’s set up but I especially just like this whole build at the end with all the antenna and sensor probe whatever those things are supposed to be the railing is done pretty nicely takes a little bit of patience to get those flexible pieces bent properly there’s one last thing about all of this that was featured on the on the box that took me a second to fully understand but you know once I once I built it but there’s a piece here this railing piece that you pull off to unlock all of this to allow it to be swung from side to side so on the box they show ya you just swing it but there’s one piece you have to remove and then you can swing this out so what that allows you to do then is move this farther away and if you still have the carbon freeze chamber section in there especially it creates more distance between those you know it just allows you to open things up and access things a little bit differently it’s not that important but that’s how it works all right so now I get to talk about this interesting slave one model that’s included with this set this is at a new size and scale that I haven’t seen before it’s pretty small basically it’s as small as it could be while still accommodating a full sized bobafet minifigure in the cockpit and keep in mind that this build and the entire betrayal at Cloud City set is designed by the same guy who did the UCS slave 1 model so he knows his stuff he knows not only lego design and building in general he’s immensely talented at that he also knows his slave ones in the designer interview with him that was published over at brick set calm you can find that on their site right now he noted that he initially built this just from memory you know designed it and built it to shape just from memory and then only only when it became obvious that this was actually going to be used in this betrayal at Cloud City set then he went back and tried to you know clean it up a little bit but the guy is good he’s really really good because not only does this look pretty proper and have pretty good proportions and shaping and everything but look at this when you when you pick it up from landed mode into flight mode the winglets rotate via gravity just like the original pre Lego toys did the the very first slave one toy did that and that’s fantastic to have that in such a small model he’s got a couple of stud shooters one on either side there you can’t rotate these cannons down at the base unfortunately but this is definitely very switchable this leaves Boba Fett in the wrong location for flight but you can just take him out and place him there now that is much more correct so even that was considered and I mean there’s clearly not enough space back here to put you know Han Solo in a carbon block this is a four stud wide thing and you need structure back there and there’s even a spot to put Boba Fett’s weapon when he’s not using it however this does accommodate the Carbonite block regardless just underneath so this space was left open and there he fits I guess a more appropriate way to place him in would be upside-down or I guess right set up when the whole thing is properly right side up but either way it fits in there and that’s really nice and this doesn’t look half bad from the back I guess it doesn’t look so great with with him in it but you know for all the things that are included here for the size of it I think it’s a really really good design masterfully executed in my opinion honestly I may be even more impressed by the build of this twin pod cloud car though even if it’s smaller and might not be as interesting to look at still getting too many figures to fit into this thing with those pods themselves being so small that’s quite quite a trick quite an accomplishment especially using all standard allowed legal techniques from Lego and designing something that’s easy to build that’s easy enough to build from instructions without having to use any weird techniques that you know require more advanced understanding or anything I mean you just follow the instructions everything snaps together and the figures fit in there this is really really good stuff leaving just the right amounts of space to accommodate the arms on the sides there and everything different types of techniques to fit things together this is really really good in my opinion just builder to builder you know I’ve tried to do things that are approaching this kind of direction and it is not easy at all especially at such small sizes now this is very switchable itself it’s very sturdy and it has a couple of stud shooters built into it underneath it is red yes it should not be red it should be something closer to dark orange or earth orange no dark orange from Legos palette but Lego just hasn’t made all of these pieces in dark orange so the designer brought in a little bit of orange to try to give some hints of that I think that red is a much better choice than regular more and I think most of this stuff exists in regular orange but that would have been much too bright of a color and this is this is the next closest thing now and a lot of scenes in the Empire Strikes Back whether you’re looking at the original version or you’re looking at the special edition version you’re looking at the remastered special edition version on blu-ray you see these with a lot of orange light you know with the the sunset kind of lighting which makes them look more orange than they actually are painted they are orange but they’re a very reddish orange so a lot of people always debate the colors but this came out red and I think it’s the right decision given what was possible without being able to recolor all these pieces into Legos dark orange this is good stuff all right it is that time time to go through all of the minifigures up close starting with Han Solo of course we get two versions of them here the most commonly seen version and then the just about to be put into carbon freeze version or I guess just the prisoner version the one on the left is very well detailed with actual dual molded legs and printing on the side of each of the legs so that actually looks quite nice especially over on this side we see a little bit of the holster there that’s some nice detail these get different heads those are not just alternate sides of the same hand repeated a little bit of print on the back of the torso on the left nothing on the right but here are the alternate expressions which are appropriate that head on the left is pushed down as far as it will go in case you noticed that a little bit of gap at the base of the neck and it’s just a molding error the first time I looked at this version of Leia with the vest done in white with only the dark tan stitching rather than using 10 as a base color for it I thought it was a little bit off however it makes a lot more sense to me now in the context of this set because even in the scenes where she’s not wearing the vest this print kind of looks pretty proper you know with it being mostly white so I think that may have been a conscious compromise there to make it work with the kind of the vest on scenes and the vest off scenes but this new version of Leia over here completely new with the the best bin robes on you know the the more fancy dress that she uses in the the center portion of the Cloud City scenes our section of the movie is very nicely printed up with the relatively new lower piece and this is also printed on the back as well and I think that that is done exceptionally well especially with some of the finer detail in some of the tan printing here that’s very subtle you know it’s adds a little bit of depth in I think it’s very nice however I think that the choice of hair here is not right they should have probably just used the last Jedi what was it I think the training version of Ray had a hairstyle that pretty much matched what Leia war or how Leia wore hair while wearing these these garments so I think that would have been a better choice rather than just using two of the exact same thing and these two phases or scuse me the two heads are the same they’re just swapped around the new Lando looks great to me and I think this is going to be one of the more collectible figures to come out of this set the cape is printed with a nice pattern on it on the inside and then it also has the appropriate blue color on the outside and this isn’t a a really bright color of blue I think a little bit of the base color underneath shows through but I think that works it has just a little bit of satin effect to it as well just a little bit of Sheen it’s really nice even if it’s not entirely intentional all the more subtle details of it and you also get two different faces this one looks a lot like the classic one the first original Lando figure from from Lego but then you get this alternate face as well and there’s a good amount of printing on the back of the torso my c-3po that I got in this set is showing more of the sometimes awkward transition that Lego is making from an older pearl gold color to a newer one so the legs here the hand and the body are all in the older color the color that we’ve seen for the longest time now but then just this arm and the head are in the newer version which is slightly more yellowish it’s less reddish less orangish and has a little bit more metallic flake in it I think a finer metallic flake it’s a little bit more consistent I think it looks a little bit more like actual gold personally I like the newer color but if you notice it it can be rather awkward to see if you look at this side you see that this arm is actually in the older color so here everything matches up here everything doesn’t with two different colors of colder it’s it’s a subtle thing some people won’t even notice it at all but if you do notice it it may bother you another thing about c-3po here I’ve seen a lot of fans suggesting that c-3po should have a dual molded right leg with silver for the lower part of it and for the longest time I have not really agreed with that so much I don’t feel like it I haven’t felt it’s necessary because this level of detail for us these modern c-3po is already so good however more and more I’m agreeing with fans who who are calling for that because it would look much better I think it would be much more realistic and most importantly Lego has shown that they’re more than capable of doing it they can do just a dual moulded single leg and I think I have to agree now that that would be a good step forward I think that should be the next the next evolution forward in in protocol droids for for Lego they’ve made a lot of positive strides and then just the r2 again as usual for me gets slightly wonky head printing see it’s lower at this corner back here and highest at this corner here but other than that at least it’s fairly crisp fairly Chewbacca has been pretty consistent since they switched over to the dark brown color and the new newer mold her second generation I guess mold for the the head and body he comes with the bow cast here that can actually fire off a stud I still think those look pretty good and they scale pretty well and then we call this version of Luke Bespin Luke thanks to the counter action figures but it’s more like a dagger ba Luke I mean you can call it either either one but this looks pretty appropriate to me and I’m glad that the hilt of the lightsaber is back to good quality for a while like it was slipping on that I got a bunch of ones in different sets over the past year that did not have good painting so you know there was like speckles you could see it just wasn’t complete but this one’s nice and clean and the design of the figure is pretty good all the way around has some good printing on the back of it so I was able to quite turn that right it’s a little bit awkward to have the dark tan colored hair and the dark tan colored body but you do get this alternate face with she’s appropriate for the end of the duel Darth Vader I want to show by himself not so much because of himself but because of the next figure that I want to show by itself but you know it’s the second generation general design of Lego Vader with the head that always looks like it’s looking up but it’s a fairly accurate mold I think you just our set of molds just perhaps should have been angled forward a little bit there’s no print on the back of that torso but this is the dual piece helmet so you get some battle damage on the back there white as the base color I’m not sure about that myself kind of prefer either the gray or the tan I don’t know that’s just personal preference but this is a little bit more of a late return of the Jedi version of him with the slight smile you know he’s kind of turning back to the light side well this is the guy that I really wanted to isolate Boba Fett of course and this is a highly detailed strong collector version of both Fett with the good printing on the arm there that’s actually double layer print with the transparent orange over silver a little silver underneath showing a little bit of battle damage I mean this is just a fantastic looking Boba Fett all the print here is good on the helmet you got the slight K piece the cloth piece off to the side sand green color for the jetpack and rocket launcher this does have a somewhat appropriate face for him you know it’s it’s angry unaltered clone which yeah which is kind of right but it’s a little bit young for him you know I personally preferred the UCS version where they actually gave him stubble but by including the standard face for this they have preserved the exclusivity of the UCS version of the figure so I don’t mind that you know I feel like that was just doing a little bit of respect giving a little bit of extra respect to people who invested in that that bigger but still allowing folks getting this new big expensive set to get an awesome boba fett with arm printing and everything so again good compromise is just a great figure to be on again IG eighty-eight meanwhile is nothing new or fancy it just has the second generation version of the head printing forum no other print or decoration not exclusive to this set and they include the weapons so you can use them as a full figure if you want which is great or for more accuracy to what we actually see in Empire Strikes Back you can just take those weapons off and sit him in the incineration room now what’s left of them moving on here is Lobot and one ignite there’s only one ugh not included in the center really wish they had included a pair so they could have played catch with c-3po head that is a very large head mold they use for the egg knots and the print is pretty good on that hit the depth of the nostrils is really really good the print on the torso for the egg not not so great you know there’s just very little contrast there with the simple dark grey against gray printing however on Lobot well his torso print looks fantastic front and back I don’t know why I like that back to Russell print so much it just feels like there’s a lot of thought put into it there’s a lot of realism it feels like the cloth is actually bent around the head for a Lobot has great work done for the Cybernet cybernetic implant band I suppose it is that goes all the way around with no breaks in it the only thing that I don’t like about Lobot is that the face I think has a little bit too much darkness and some of the lines especially for the eyebrows I feel like the actor almost looked you know he was bald and he almost looked like he had no eyebrows like shaved eyebrows I think he did have eyebrows that are just really really light colored so I think that these stand out a little bit too much and it would look more like the actor in the movie if they had tone that down quite a lot a pair of Bespin guards well that’s good to see I don’t know why I’ve always liked best men guards have felt they’re very collectable figures even outside of the lego world but that’s probably just me but I think these are done well and it’s good to see the two different variations with two different heads of course the torso prints are the same but they are good the cloud car pilots are identical they just have double-sided heads and I’ve rotated one of them around 180 degrees so you can see the two different variations there I think that the torso prints for these are also very very good really well done nice fine detailing a nice sensibility of how fabric works and a nice amount of depth there I appreciate their silver coloured pistols these are just reprints and recolors helmets that we’ve gotten before and I didn’t realize that they’re the the same from from rogue wrote one didn’t realize that inspiration there but works out perfectly the prints on the backs of the torsos are also very good and again same heads they’re just swapped lastly to generic literally can’t shoot straight to save their own lives stormtroopers these look perfectly fine I don’t think there’s anything new to be seen here but at least there’s a pair and not just one of them prints on the backs of the torsos look pretty good and my only disappointment is the usual one they both use the angry clone face or in this case it’s the boba fett face technically it’s the Jango Fett face but you know actually including these in a set that has an unmodified original clone just kind of highlights the issue that I personally always have with these the fact that they represent a specific face of which there should only be one left in the universe by this time okay here we go it’s time for the summary of my thoughts about this and my overall subjective impressions of it don’t jump to conclusions when you start to hear me talk because I have a bunch of stuff to say and if you jump to conclusions you’re not gonna capture you’re not gonna really hear what I’m actually saying this is a set designed for kids to play with and as a result it makes a lot of older fans teens and adults very very unhappy very very hateful because it’s not designed specifically for teens and adults it’s not designed for collectors it’s not designed to look great from a distance behind a glass case and to people who hate the fact that it’s not designed to be displayed behind a glass case I have to say tough Lego is a toy company first and foremost they must make toys for kids now how many kids have $350 u.s. to buy this not a lot how many parents have $350 to buy something like this I can tell you right now enough to justify this sets existence as a playset this is okay honestly it’s not nearly as good of a playset as I hoped it would be my favorite things are the vehicles ironically this is very nice this is fine for what it is you know that the edge things are fine this is fine this works pretty well that interior space doesn’t work out very well it’s just very difficult to get in there and actually play with it the platform kind of needs to exists for you to have a place to put you know the slave one I guess they could have left that out use those parts for other things and just made you imagine that there’s a platform there this platform back here is kind of useless a lot of pieces went into building the structure of this stuff that you don’t see in any of these pictures I mean this has a pretty thick core and then it has the structure beneath which is another three bricks of right and you don’t get to really use any of that stuff however it is important for the structural strength of the model I mean hopefully I’m not gonna break the thing apart right now but I just knocked a few loose things off the side but I mean I can just pick up the whole thing and just move it around I’m dropping pieces of c-3po over on the conveyor belt that’s all but you know this this has good structural strength which is important kids need to be able to move something especially that big but I personally don’t feel like there’s $350 worth of play stuff here in this set that’s that’s my opinion it doesn’t you know for what it is so ignoring the desire of many people for everything to be a collector set to look absolutely beautiful behind a glass case thinking of this as a toy I don’t think it’s a very good investment as as a toy I feel like a kid would be much better served getting $350 worth of other sets they would get a lot more play value out of it they would get a lot more enjoyment out of it they would get a lot more value in general and ultimately this is a really really big thing you can’t just put it up on a shelf you can’t put the pieces of it up on a shelf when you’re done playing with it for a time it takes up a huge space even in a larger space than the Death Star in terms of its width and it’s a little bit awkward with the the unusual shapes and you know this part comes off and then this part comes off it’s it’s just not a very easy thing to live with as play set unless you really have a lot of space to store it and to play with it so ultimately I personally think that the designer of this set was given an impossible task absolutely impossible he had a budget and he had the requirement to make it a toy to make it you know have lots of play play features and/or play a bowl features playable spaces and have a good level level of accuracy to the source material you know which is stuff that honest most kids who will get this don’t even care about that much in terms of the accuracy of like the dining room here I mean most of that is not that much of usable space in terms of role playing what actually happened I think that most kids these days who have watched 1980s Empire Strikes Back will will remember the shooting scene will remember Vader putting his hand out and then that’s just it then what do you do what do you do with the rest of this space it you don’t really play with it that much there aren’t that many things that you can do within the context of what’s canonical so you have to add your own imagination how much play are you gonna do with a dining room well you can go there and you can go eat but it’s just one example to me of something that’s done very nicely but that doesn’t give all that great value the space in here is not that usable because you have to open it up to be able to put any figures in there at all and then you can pose them and that’s about the end of it this is a good use of space here in terms of play this is fine use of space this is very good use of space as is this I mean you can place figures around there you can use your imagination come up with things and you have the figures talking to each other and whatnot surprisingly you know this little stuff is is better for play for imaginative play than some of the bigger more nicely done areas of this so in all I again really feel like the designer was given an impossible task this could not have been done nicely this could not have been done right there is no right answer to this problem and so I give full respect and and full marks to the designer for his talent for his obvious skill for making something that is strong everything goes together well it’s easy enough to build it’s huge there’s a lot of work that went into this the vehicles are great the minifig selection I think is very good but on the whole this is a pretty forgettable set in my opinion I I personally just don’t see it being very good for much of not for collectors certainly except when it comes to the minifig selection but just buy those off eBay or brick lank and not even for the kids that this is made for certainly not for the price so those are my thoughts I’m sticking to them let me know what you think in the comments down below just please keep it civil whether you agree or disagree with myself or with other viewers and other commenters and I will just keep working to bring more videos to you to keep you entertained thank you very much for watching I’ll talk to you in soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City review! 75222

  1. This set is available on Amazon: (affiliate link)
    Is this video too long? See instead my ~6-minute quick overview:

  2. Not designed to be displayed, which I don't have an issue with, but not priced for play either. Sooooo…I'll pass.

  3. I wish I had this as a kid ..would have been cool to have a shell that goes over the top but then the price would have been even more crazy. solos hair looks like Ronald McDonald's

  4. I can’t get the song that plays in Cloud City from the Lego Star Wars video game out of my head, I also hear the sound effects for the doors opening and closing…

  5. So the only difference between the cloud city boba fett and the ucs slave 1 boba fett is the face? Or are there other differences?

  6. the landing pad should be well i dont know… um BIGGER!!! so u could fit at least one of the Millenium falcons! definitely not the the biggest lego set ever made which is the ucs Millenium falcon. but one 😀

  7. I’m genuinely happy with this set, I used my first paycheque on this set. Thinking I’d regret it but shockingly I like to a lot. ( great mini fig choice )

  8. Hm … i like that set, i think it's okay, but i'm definitly not going to get it. However … i would really love to have quite a few of those figures. And i do like the ships (allthough i do think that the Cloud Car seems a bit to wide). Maybe i'll get some of those figs of Bricklink or so.

  9. Interesting new look for Lego Star Wars. For the past couple years it seemed that they were shooting for larger and more realistic ships. Now in 2018-2019 they are aiming for a more play set oriented look. You can see it here, how the Slave 1 is smaller than the ones seen in the past, but I like this. Although I haven't touched Legos in some years now, it reminds me of how the sets were in my childhood (late 90s and early 2000s).

  10. I got this for Christmas and it came with a Disney CMF pack and it was the toy story alien so I keep him in the jail cell

  11. Why can't spiderman get webbing all around his face but boot can

    Oh yeah, lego loves star wars and DC but leaves marvel with bad things

  12. Sadly it doesn't have the Ice cream guy.
    I would definitely buy just the Slave I for like 20/30 bucks.
    Since they changed the hair. They need a new Carbonite piece.

  13. I like this set so much. Ah, but $350…not quite justifiable. If I had kids I would buy it and confiscate it until they got scholarships to college:)

  14. I remember the original Cloud Car kit being red and brown, so seeing the design back made me happy, but I wish it was put out as a separate kit. Even after this review I'm still on the fence as I quite like seeing kits of locations from Star Wars, but at the same time I barely have the space for my Gunpla and ever growing lego collection.

  15. honestly i always kinda chuckle when people complain about angry clone face, purely because like, when are you ever gonna take the helmet off? the helmet is the face for most of these figures

  16. On its own I don't have much interest in this at all, however, if I somehow had enough money to buy both this and the Death Star of the same style, I think they would display really nicely together.

  17. They should make a set that is just the dining room but just a bigger size than in this one

  18. I watch jangs vids like this one because I can't get these sets myself so this is close as I can get XD

  19. While I am impressed with the number and selection of mfs, I'm waiting for Lego to start producing those obscure background characters like Willrow Hood.

  20. I built this with my 4 year old who latched onto Star Wars after going to Disney World. He loves it and plays with it every day, more than he plays with any other set I ever got him. If you have a kid who loves Star Wars, this has to be one of the best sets in existence. Think about it: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2D2, C3P0 Vader, Lando, a variety of storm troopers and imperial figures, Boba Fett and the carbonite, (which is VERY memorable for kids), the personnel, and two ships. What's the amount of money you spend to get all of that amount of stuff in smaller sets?

    Look at the $130 Vader set…just getting Vader and 3 imperial troops is a better value? That's the reality with LEGO, you know? It does cost a lot of money compared to just buying toys. Fact is, you're going to spend a lot of money to get every major character in a modern look. And if you spend the bare minimum to get them, do you really get more play value from it?

    Let's think about this: $25 for the Vader Transformation set. $20 for the Dewback with R2D2, C3PO and a storm trooper. $10 for a microfighter with Chewie. $30 for Luke, Leia and a Storm Trooper in Death Star Escape. $130 for the only other set on sale that has Boba Fett and Slave-1 with a modern Han Solo… but maybe you don't care about Slave-1 (my kid DOES) so you could get Han in the Mos Eisley set for $40 and get Greedo instead of Boba Fett. Now I guess you need to spend like $20 to get one of those sets with additional troopers, like the Drop Ship set, to get more miscellaneous figures to have adventures with. Now how do you get Lando? $40 Snow Speeder set? But that's an old style Lando, not the modern look. In any case. Let's say you did all this and now you have a similar collection of minifigs to the $350 Cloud City set. What did that cost, minimum? $25 + 20 + 10 + 30 + 40 + 20 + 40 = $185 minimum! And that's without Boba Fett. Look at the stuff you'd have, too. Vader's Transformation platform, an escape pod, a dewback, a tiny Millenium Falcon, a tiny Mos Eisley, a tiny drop ship (or whatever came with your troopers), and a snow speeder. No, sir, you do not get a good variety of stuff to have a sensible Star Wars adventure with all those dinky sets, it'd just be random tiny things that don't go together. $350 for a substantial cohesive set with meaningful minfigs that cover virtually all the major characters is better for me. I know that many parents don't care to think about the economics of it, but it's better to plop down $350 on a massive set and get everything at once than spend $20-40 over and over again for small uninteresting builds.

  21. 35:13 thats not completely true. There are still some stormtroopers that are originally clones, also clones like rex and wolf are still alive. And the clones didnt stop producing after order 66 they actually went on a bit. A good example of the fact that clones where used for stormtroopers is the 501 wich became vaders troops, and also shocktroopers wich became the emperors personal guards

  22. The boba fett face isn’t exclusive to the UCS slave 1. It is also in an older sarlac pit set that I have.

  23. maybe if the rooms were stacked, give elevation to the I Am Your Father scene. But coming from professionals it's just a sad glob of rooms.

  24. I’ve been seeing a trend of better quality in LEGO overall. The only downside is that they’re starting to ramp up the price which sucks.

  25. this is a great separate but not for the price of the helicarrier a man way overpriced I'm probably not going to get it solely on its price $350 I wish I was just 200 it's like man this is very very expensive for it's like scale and it comes with a lot of characters who play scenes but they just waste a lot of pieces and I think they could have lower the price and if it's for kids they should let kids being from buying turn on ultimate collector series which means it's so kids could buy it not so weeks like never have any other toy ever it's so expensive so so expensive and my mother would agree anyone would agree except the

  26. I think this set looks swag. & honestly, price wasn't so bad. (then again, i did get a new condition set for 321 (that includes the tax added) Gonna get it in the mail next week. ^^

  27. Great, intelligent conclusion to a great review. Love the remarks on how the designer was put up with an impossible task. It does have a strange draw to it though, because of all the scenes and rooms together in one set. And don't underestimate kids' imagination. I myself think they can play with this for hours on end beacuse of all the stuff that is there.

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