LEGO Star Wars BB-8 SPEED BUILD – time-lapse

this is an ad for Disney okay guys today we’ve got some more really cool Star Wars toys bringing out Robbie this is the Lego bb-8 it has six pieces this is a beautiful machine with me right [Music] [Music] so I just finished bb-8 this was so fun it only took me like three to four hours which is saying less if they did it all in one day anyway this was awesome it’s got a lot of cool effects like if I turn this knob the head can rotate or you know like go back and forth and also spin in a circle which is a lot of fun and if I rotate this knob even a welding torch comes out in the front and there’s oaklands it’s so cool a little worried at first I was like I want to put this in my room but what if it like rolls away but then I got to the end of the packet and you build this if you couldn’t tell this little sign is a bunch of information about the actual like actual information about the astromech droid that bb-8 is and then right in front we have the little little Lego piece bb-8 that fits on a single Legos time they put on top like this so bb-8 I had a lot of questions about the last Jedi like can you tell me like who rate parents are no okay um well alright are you in the last Jedi good that’s great that’s two men sir yes I tell me a little bit about what you do in the last Jedi oh that is that is very interesting well bb-8 it’s been a pleasure having you on tonight to interview yeah it’s great talking to you I’m excited to see you in the last Jedi so this was so much fun to build I highly recommend you guys get one this holiday season they’re available all your favorite retail stores thanks for watching [Music]

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