LEGO Star Wars BB-8 large scale model review! 75187

hello this is the Lego Star Wars sequel
trilogy bb-8 large buildable model i have some bad news and some good news
about this the bad news is that it’s not exactly huge relative to the size of a
minifigure okay yeah I mean it’s a lot bigger but relative to the size of an
adult hand it’s definitely much smaller than I personally expected it to be the
build was pretty good though it was enjoyable going through the body
especially that’s where the good news is inside the body because this thing is
built up much more interestingly than I thought
let me demonstrate by taking it off the stand and already you can start to see
one of the cool things about this it has kind of a floating head now it is
attached underneath there it is solidly attached there’s no magic going on there
are no magnets causing it to to float or anything but it has a rubber band in
there it makes the head kind of move around just on its own
also you can turn this side over here to make the head turn from side to side so
that’s a nice little thing now it does move the head back and forth a little
bit when you do that but you can actually just kind of use that as sort
of a puppeteering tool to make the head go back and forth and then just turn it
from side to side really helps to bring the thing to life a lot it’s so much
better than I thought it could possibly be has so much more appearance of
liveliness and you can really just control it based on your own skills with
with just turning this one single mechanism over here on the left but
there’s also a second mechanism over here on the right or on its left you
spin this one counterclockwise and how comes the little thumbs up torch that’s
a new color for that piece there Nexo Knights spear end with a little bit of
lensing in the center it’s done in trans medium blue and it’s
looks super cool now when it retracts the door does not closed you do have to
close the door manually but it opens itself up and it’s just a cool little
mechanism inside of there the way that a whole bunch of different things work
together and the way that the gear train inside of this is set up is really nice
you know you really build the sphere of the body just on the outside basically
there’s a cube inside it’s like a skeletal cube made with Technic pieces
and with gear boxes inside and then you just attach these panels that are done
up to be a good approximation of a sphere even has some detailing on the
underside you are able to get this to just stand on any kind of surface you
don’t need the stand because it is flat on the underside because it’s flat it’s
not gonna roll but of course it’s not gonna roll because it does have the
attached head but yeah overall just in terms of features and design I am really
happy with this thing I just wish it was bigger or maybe more accurately I
thought it was going to be bigger so that just kind of you know set my own
expectations and I ended up being a bit unrealistic there’s nothing that opens
up on the back this is all just static here this stand is one of the simpler
ones that they’ve ever done for one of the larger models but as usual it does
have the large sticker piece with a little bit of extra information about
the in-universe thing and the blue print behind there is a representation of the
lego model not the real thing this minifigs scaled bb-8 and a little
spot to hold it is also included and that’s just the same one we’ve gotten in
previous sets there’s no exclusive print for this set and there’s no new print
for the last Jedi movie set series in general but that’s fine this is still a
good-looking little thing with two pieces that were made just for it they
were molded just for it eventually got to be used for a dark version as well
and Empire first order droid but we’ll get to that
in another set I think this is a worthy large-scale representation of bb-8 and
the price to part ratio is also very good when you see this box in person
though just know that the actual size of the thing is a fair amount smaller than
it appears in the picture on the box so just don’t expect it to be as large as
it looks it’s a pretty big box for the size of the completed thing and because
of that small size it feels maybe like it’s not as good of a value as the part
count would suggest the design is very good though and I really like the
mechanisms and especially the wobbly head that’s it for my look at this set I
have many more reviews on my channel and many more still to come as well as a
whole lot of custom work so thank you for watching and stay tuned for more
talk to you soon

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