LEGO Star Wars BB-8 2018 May the 4th polybag review! 40288

hey everybody this is the buildable bb-8
promotional polybag that lego gave away as a gift with purchase as part of the
2018 made the fourth event i personally didn’t have any new Star Wars stuff left
to buy at that time so I just got this off ebay from someone who did buy enough
of the Star Wars stuff on that event and that’s why it took me a little while
longer to get this so there it is all built up and if it looks a little bit
odd to you that’s because it is somewhat odd in that it is listing very strongly
to one side and kind of to the front here you see it’s not standing up and
that’s not my fault I didn’t do that it just won’t stand up on its own the
way it’s the way it’s built it has five of these identical new and exclusive
printed dish pieces one on the base just has its natural stud just exposed there
and then two on opposite sides have a light gray relatively recent relatively
new quarter Corner tile piece quarter round corner tile piece and then the
other two on the sides have just studs and then they have this actually pretty
cool mechanism it’s the simplest thing to allow the head to move around you
know so it’s got kind of that that bobble head kind of look to it which
makes it look really cool I think when it when you’re just holding it and the
size of this is much larger than I expected it to be I guess I could have
just looked at the pictures and realized exactly what size is gonna be based on
pieces but it’s it’s bigger than I expected by a fair margin and it feels
good to just have in your hand like this kind of rolls around naturally and you
have that little bit of clackety-clack motion of the head and the sound of it
that just I don’t know it just feels kind of cool it’s it’s a very bobble
head like thing there’s only one major problem that I have with this and that
is the fact that it stand up if only it had a hollow stud
there or something I mean oh that’s the first time I’ve been able to get it to
actually balance the very first time but it’s it’s it’s a very fragile balance
what this needs is just anything underneath it to hold it up either by a
plate piece or you could use one of those 2 by 2 round tiles with a hole in
the center with the technique sized hole there’s actually one of them in this set
but it’s in red but like a white one would be perfect to hold this up you
know just being able to display it like this would be great I’m fine with the
head always being tilted over to one side you can always replace the
universal joint piece with some just a couple more Technic pieces and it would
stay perfectly straight up if you want that just requires a little bit of
modification I don’t mind the fact that these five dishes are the same print you
know they ideally would be different but I’m okay with it you know just the
slight different attachments on them I think is fine and I really like this
head print that is very nice now I never almost never have good luck with head
prints for Star Wars astromech droids and this one is not too much of an
exception you see the distance between the silver ring there and the base of
the piece is fairly large here compared to here at the front where it gets
smaller so the whole thing is kind of leaning forward but it’s not bad in this
case even even for me even with my bad luck it’s not that bad
and it it overall is done nicely pretty crisp looks good to me and overall I’m
happy with this just needed a stand the size again surprised me and how large it
is it does not scale well at all with this larger than minifig scale r2d2 unit
that they did not too long ago given how close these are to each other I kind of
would have expected them to be somewhat compatible in scale but they
kind of aren’t and I think bb-8 is larger than a lot of people recognized
in the universe but it’s not that big
you know so that’s no big deal no little deal no I’m supposed to say
that but yeah I was expecting it I guess to be a little bit closer to this but we
got something that’s larger and again it’s a gift with purchase
you don’t have to make a purchase if you don’t want to but I’m I’m happy with it
I will display mine on some sort of stand very simple but a piece or so
under there I probably put it into my Star Wars droid collection and I’ll be
happy with it like holding it in the hand though that
head thing that was that was really smart I should show you how that was
done from the instructions there you go this is actually the bottom so where the
stud there is no stud looking at it like this so there’s a universal joint that
gets attached onto the Hat with just an axle and then you turn the whole thing
upside down turn it upside down that’s what we’re looking at here so you see
just that little bit of universal joint sticks up in the center and it’s just
kind of free-floating and then the head just has a axle pin in it that’s that
great tan piece right there that just gets attached inside and it works we’re
all quite satisfied with this thing thank you for watching and I’ll talk to
you in soon you

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82 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars BB-8 2018 May the 4th polybag review! 40288

  1. i dont collect leggo at all but i dont really like the look of the piece of each side like that quarter circle shape

  2. I love you Jang, I hope you get to 1 million subs, I have been watching since the bionicle moc's and watched EVERY Lego video u made, I just want you to know that because of you I made my own Lego channel and I have always been shy so my Lego channel really helped in boosting my confidence i doubt you will see this but I want you to know that I love you.

  3. It's a very nice little build, I got one myself and it looks great next to the R2-D2 from last year. I wonder if this is going to continue to be the sort of thing we get from May the 4th promos for the next few years.

  4. For it to stand up. Just put a flat circular 1×1 piece on the bottom. That way it looks similar to the other sides, but it also stands up easily.

  5. The scale of these two droids is quite awkward to me, not together but individually. The dome peice is my main complaint. On R2 it feels slightly short, and on BB8 it feels too large to scale with his body. R2 can easily be fixed with an additional round plate under the dome to make him a wee bit taller but I don't think they could have done BB8 any better just given the part availability. This is a 4×4 dome and the 2×2 is too small and obviously they don't have a 3×3 dome and even if they did it would be very awkward to build with I imagine.

  6. I bet you could mod that with a ball joint or something to give it friction for vertical standing and range of motion.

  7. I will never understand why these large printed dome peices are not the astromech droids in all the larger than minifig scale ucs sets, the x wing ad y wing have droids so small its silly. If i had just a printed dome to stick on while the actual droid figure is on the stand next to the plate, id be fine. The ucs obiwan straighter did this so why cant the others

  8. To make mine stand up, I attached a clear 2×2 round brick upside down. There's any number of stand ideas, but that's the method I chose. For display purposes, I stabilized the head by removing it and attaching two clear studs on opposite sides of the technic hole to the bottom of the head and reattached it.

  9. You can fix the wobbliness of BB-8 by shortening the neck and bringing it closer to the body (but still allowing it to move). To do this, remove the tan Technic pin and red 2×2 round tile from the head, and replace it with a short Technic axle and standard Technic bush. This will allow you to push the head closer to the body. As a bonus, you can use the removed red 2×2 round tile as a stand for BB-8, as the tile has a hole in the middle that you can attach to the stud at the bottom of BB-8. Hope this helps those who want a less drunk BB-8 that constantly want to trip over. 😀

  10. So i guess next years may the 4rth is going to be a buildable c3po to make it to scale with the rest of the past may the 4rth droids

  11. I know you don't mention a price since it's a "gift with purchase", but it would be nice to know what you would consider being a "fair" price if one where to pay for gifts like these.

  12. You know about the Star Wars polybag 30381 right? I know it's not released yet, but I want it, so I'm mostly looking to you to find out when it's available to the general public.

  13. Probably the worst may the 4th promo ever. But that's not your fault. Keep up the good work Jangbricks!

  14. I just used a small plate piece to keep mine up. I really liked this free gift. But, I think I would have liked a unique minifig instead for May 4th. Still really enjoy it though. Pretty much all of your thoughts match mine Jang. Perfect review (not saying your views have to match just glad they do).

  15. Hello, JANGBRiCKS!

    You did a very good review on this LEGO polybag, as you always do on your other LEGO set reviews. I did not expect the head to be attached that way. I thought one of those Mixels ball joints would make the head get attached. Thanks for showing us that!

    By the way, which LEGO Star Wars buildable figure that is currently available on the LEGO shop website is your favorite? For me, I think it's either Darth Maul or Janga Fett, despite the fact I do not have these figures. Speaking of the Star Wars buildable figures, you know what would be a really awesome addition to the series? C-3PO! It would be cool to have this figure with the same falling apart feature that was included in set 8007, C-3PO.

    Take care, sir! Kind regards, cheesy. 5/15/2018

  16. The proportions for this BB-8 are way off, the head is too big and the whole droid is too big compared to R2-D2, but it's not terrible.

  17. You can just put the extra 1×1 pizza tiles on the bottom (I haven’t tried it so let me know if it doesn’t work)

  18. You can just put the extra 1×1 pizza tiles on the bottom (I haven’t tried it so let me know if it doesn’t work)

  19. Jang if you want the big ugly rock pieces for your valcano in your city privately text me on twitter Cade slater is my name on twitter

  20. I feel like this would scale very well with the Buildable Figures. Maybe a little off in size, but it would look nice with them.

    Great review Jang!

  21. I just found your channel after 5 years… I remember as a little kid absolutely loving lego hero factory, and watching your videos too much. You truely fascinated me. You inspired so many of my builds I made a while back. Thanks for building my childhood.

  22. Am i the only one who wants some more clone wars villans like dooku, the last time we got him was 2013

  23. There is a way to modify this, build a small cradle for it, and put a heavy-ish piece on the stud on the bottom, and voila!

  24. They should have given a simple 1×1 square tile piece to put on the bottom for when you want to display it upright.

  25. Jangbricks/viewers should I get a second resistance bomber or the new solo tie fighter? Please tell me your opinion.

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