LEGO Star Wars – Battle for mandalore 2016 (Bitwa o mandalorę remake)

Mandalore. A small rocky planet on the outer rim Seven millennia controlled by Mandalorian warriors. The current leader of the Mandalorians, won the title by defeating his predecessor. Since then, four years have passed Mandalorians used this time to collect the necessary measures to defend the planet. After the fall of the republic Emperor Palpatine, began the conquest of all neutral systems. Maul knew that the attack of empire is only a matter of time. He was right. Master. Empire forces began the invasion. They can attack the city at any moment. Yeeees… I predicted it. Get ready, because… We slaughtered them like animals. I Am General Sartozis. Commander of imperial army gathered here. I want to talk with your leader! Mand’alore will not be talking with you. I’m afraid you dont understand the meaning of the situation that you are dealing with. In the name of Emperror open the gates! Our troops are taking control of the city! In this day, Governor Kaamin takes full control of this city. I have a better idea. Get the fuck out of here. When we wont kill you… maybe You fool! Don’t you understand that we have shown you mercy? We discuss the conditions of your surrender. Consider this as my answer. Betrayal! Focus fire on the turrets! Warriors! The time has come. Our enemies are standing at the gate. I will not make a speech. Because the words are useless here. The time for talk has passed. Now it’s time for action! All troops to battle stations! Deploy snipers! Move! No life forms on the ship. Behind you! They’re coming! It’s Darth Maul! Blast him! Hmm… Yes. I see enemy troops. Eliminate them! Darth Maul. So it’s true. You survived. Of course I survived! My hatred gave me strength! You was apprentice of Obi Wan Kenobi, who took me everything. Then you took a place at the side of my master. Now, you come into my world and destroy what belongs to me! I have long waited for the chance to face you. Do not disappoint me. Ha ha ha. Good work General Sartozis. Thanks to your excellent strategy, our troops quickly gain the upper hand. And everything is exactly as I want! Wait! Wait. It makes no sense to kill me. I’m worth more alive. I`m sure we`ll reach a compromise. I don’t think so. But you don’t even know who I am. I’m… Governor. Paavelon Kaamin The war criminal I know exactly who you are. And how much you’re worth. Heh. Everyone can be bought. If you work for me, I will make you rich. Just give me a price. Goodbye Governor. Meh, No… Your lightsaber skills are impressive. But even this weapon is nothing compared to the power of the dark side. The Dark Side!? You are just a fallen Jedi You know nothing about the true nature of the dark side. I used it long before your existence. Soon you will die Skywalker But first, answer for my questions. You came here to steal our technology? No. We already have it. And from the very beginning. After the defeat of Maul, mandalorians were broken and defeated. Most of the survivors were executed After the conquest of the planet, the empire began the next stage of colonization. The enslaved citizens. stole the deposits of natural resources. And transformed the planet in the center of the slave trade The fate of Mandalore has become yet another warning to the inhabitants of other worlds. And a reminder that no one can oppose the empire.

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