LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter review! 75214

hello everyone this is the latest
version of Legos Anakin’s jedi starfighter now we’ve gotten a pretty
continuous stream of Jedi fighters over the years of different types with the
different color schemes to go with the different Jedi they’ve gone back and
forth between the deltas and the Etas and this is a delta it’s the Delta 7b
with the integrated or non integrated astromech so they’ve got the spot for an
actual full Astra Mac to go in there and interesting Lee this is only the second
one of this specific ship that Lego has made amongst all those different ones
they’ve done over the years only the second in its ten years after the first
the design of this is significantly different from the 2008 version but it’s
not all that different from the most recent Delta star fighters that they’ve
done using the same basic techniques for the shaping of cockpit and around the
cockpit but this does take advantage of some relatively new pieces in Legos part
inventory such as the 2×2 wedge plate there they’ve also got the corner tile
the one by one with the full quarter round shape on it I use stud shooters on
the top which i think is perfectly fine they integrate in pretty decently well
and it’s good to have some you know actual action feature there are some
actual ability to fire they don’t have the lasers on the underside though on
the underside you just see the the engines which are very simple and
there’s a single clip there to hold on to Anakin’s lightsaber so that’s good
they had the space for it and they used it it always always sucks when they
don’t give you a place to put the accessories for your minifigure when
they’re using a vehicle or aircraft overall I mean I think this is just a
fine representation of the thing the stickers weren’t sticking all that well
it’s the second one actually look at this kind of a couple of these repealing
up I also had this one here peeling up as well hopefully that’s not going to be
a systemic thing I don’t think it’s going to be the gaps are are are okay
you know it’s it’s not that bad for and from most angles you don’t see
too much in that sense they use just a handful of stickers for the sake of
detail which is good and I think they give you good shaping colors are pretty
right on this and you know it’s not that complex of a set so there’s not all that
much to say about it canopy opens up and the interior detail is is cool could’ve
used a little bit more closure underneath here you just have that
single console in the front no flight yokes for this one though unfortunately
but you know the back of the seat looks pretty cool and the astromech has to go
in sideways because it’s just a 4 wide build at that at that point and you just
turn the head of it it’s not that big of a deal and of course you have the
landing skid here that will fold up just the front one the rears are just
integrated in I think you can take that all the way like this yeah it’s probably
a little bit better like that I don’t know it’s up to you but yeah the rear is
just you know that single pad there that’s pretty much it for the set itself
on the build the last version of this set was done during the days of the
Clone Wars TV show when they had the really really super stylized faces with
the really wide large eyes that were kind of awkward in in my opinion so this
one is you know just using the standard style which from a distance looks a lot
like the one that’s in the the last Anakin’s fighter set which was the
Anakin’s Jedi interceptor set was the the ADA class but you know the details
are definitely different on this one including the face interestingly this
one has a a more mean more angry looking angry face which is which is strange
because this is supposed to be a younger anakin you know when he was was farther
away from his transformation to Vader but it’s it’s still it’s still fine I
think they could have used I think they could have just reused that existing
head but they brought us a new one so don’t mind that and you know it looks
good I think it’s appropriate for the figure and here’s yet another
r2d2 as if we didn’t have enough of those already it’s definitely the
correct decision to include this in the set it’s the only one to put with it and
once again there goes the wonky head prints because this is a set that I
bought and some people say that I’m the only one to get this issue with the head
prints being misaligned that’s not the case sometimes it feels like it but no
I’m definitely not the only one you see how that’s just so so far off it goes up
and it comes back down dang it a small reasonably desirable set pretty
well executed overall with a very reasonable price at least in the United
States everywhere else less and less and less
reasonable on the price which is just really messed up not happy with that but
the set is done well if you can get it at a reasonable price I do recommend it
I feel like this is one that you can hold in a collection for a long time if
if you’re a collector I think that this will this will last and if you’re not a
collector and you just like Star Wars toys I think this is a good toy because
it’s well put together it looks good holds the figures just fine has the
appropriate two figures and a little bit of play value as well and it’s very
similar so a good job on the design and your mileage may vary when it comes to
price that’s it for my look at this one thanks for watching I will talk to you
in very soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter review! 75214

  1. Prices are to high (230 aed in Dubai= 60 USD) and no spring loaded shooters. Like the First Order Star Destroyer not OK. The wacky R2 head prints is China quality. Lego / Star Wars are loosing it…

  2. The stickers are getting crazy, Lego need to go back to quality printing. Even Mega Bloks does/did a lot of printing. Won't be long till even minifigs have stickers instead of prints. They're pinching pennies but arguably also charging too much. I'd pay £5-10 more for printing. To be fair in Britain we're already paying like £10 more than in America…The low quality, wonky astromech prints are unacceptable. If I wanted wonky stuff I'd buy a model kit and paint it badly/apply wonky decals myself for 1/5 the price. What a shame because the build itself is great.

  3. I saw this at Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon for a VERY reasonable $17. There were about five of them on the shelf, and when I went back today to buy one, there was only one left. Can't say I blame the other four people who bought one, this is definitely a good buy for the money (well at least if you're in the US).

  4. The slope piece in front of r2, it's loose. That's because you can store extra studs for the stud shooter in there.

  5. The 2008 version was the first lego set I had ever purchased, I saved an entire month's allowance to buy it. So when i saw this on the shelf at target for the same price I had to buy it. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

  6. I really have to resist the urge to buy a couple of these to replicate that one scene in the intro to the 2003 clone wars where a couple of these flew over a battle field destroying droid ships.

    Especially since the price has drop to around half where I'm from.

  7. all of the sets from like, 2009 are being remade…the landspeeder, this, the death star…might get a new battle of endor set…

  8. I remember getting the old version, rebel and imperial battlepacks, and the Indiana Jones truck with Jeep set for Christmas when I was six. I remember building the old one because that was the first LEGO set I built.

  9. So does this mean Anakin and his fighter are going to be in the new movie? I saw this set at the store today and it has the last Jedi branding all over it, I thought that was odd. What do you think Jan??

  10. You sat r2 is the ONLY option with this ship …
    But I think r3-s6 would've been good too…
    Maybe even include both for extra play value .
    Like the scene where r2 and r3 battle …

  11. I want to get this before it retires, I have Obi-Wan's one with Hyperdrive from Episode II and I don't have an Anakin of my own.

  12. just got it. sadly eye on anakin is misprinted but hopefuly lego will send a replacement. the only thing bad about this set is poor balancing when u make it stand on landing gear.

  13. I just got so mad on building this cause I messed up in the very beginning and if you know LEGO you mess up ones.. well your screwed I just broke mine

  14. I think they should have included one face with the headset and one face without it, so it could be used in other scenes…

  15. There is also a small storage compartment directly in front of R2D2, under the grey sloped piece. You can put a bunch of the spare stud ammo in there or the spare lightsaber hilt. I love it when they put things like that on ships.

  16. Got this set yesterday. I never got the 2008 version because I was in 1st grade and had no money to buy Legos lol so im happy to have bought this one 🙂

  17. why won't lego relaese a set that's that scene from ep. 3 when palatine killed those jedi and turned anakin to darth vader and then threw mace Windoo out the tower!?, well i guess i answered my own question…

  18. "I made a few modifications myself." – Han Solo – What I did is I added missile launchers under the wings.

  19. This is

    $44.99 Australian Dollars. That's $20 more than the exchange rate; it SHOULD be $25-ish. I hate Australian tax. I feel like it's a violation of my human rights. Just because I live in Australia, you charge me more?!

  20. The grey Lob Piece with the Sticker in the middle of the Starfighter you can take that piece up under there is alittle compartment i think it is for stuts

  21. Lego charge us 25 GBP (30 USD) so that Americans can have it for 20 USD. They know us English will pay the asking price as were too nice to complain about it… your welcome 😂

  22. I just made this and I like it, but I don't how high the cockpit is and the hole in the middle of the ship. Is there anyway to make it better?

  23. What I did to make a season 7 Anakin for clone wars was take his episode 3 body and put that head and hair on it

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