LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniv. Imperial Dropship review! 75262

hey everyone this is the 20th
anniversary edition Lego Star Wars Imperial drop ship set for 2019 it is a
revamp or reimagining of the Imperial drop ship set that they did in 2008
which was one of the first and is still to this day I’d say one of the most
loved battle packs as a battle package comes with massive bull figures and
these are some of the most massive bull figures ever created or at least some of
the most massive bull characters to be depicted as figures stormtroopers with
the updated mold that they first introduced last wave they are with dual
molded helmets that cannot turn their heads very much but from many angles
they are very accurate from some angles they look awkward some people really
really like these and that’s completely understandable some people really really
dislike them because they’re very well partially because they’re very different
partially because they do have some strange proportions relative to what
we’ve gotten before a little bit divisive but they are definitely
produced very well they do come with the stud shooters because that’s what Lego
does these days with the Battle Packs it is unfortunate that they don’t spend
just a couple more pennies quite literally to include also some more
realistic styled non-working blasters you know just to give people that option
and for faces angry clone a clone angry clone said also comes with one shadow
trooper black themed stormtrooper and I personally don’t really care where
things are in regards to the official status of this type of troop and in the
cannon in the expanded universe of the former expanded universe I just think
this is cool and I think that a lot of kids will think that it’s going a lot of
adults will think that it’s cool too because it’s a stormtrooper
but meaner you can just expect that this would be a guy who would actually be
able to land his shots most of the time and this uses the same new dual molded
helmet and the secondary color rather than
being black is gunmetal gray you can see the metallic flake in it looks pretty
cool they also have some some painted details on there and yeah I mean you can
certainly see this as a TIE fighter pilot if you want you know it’s close
enough but you know if you’re being a little bit more specific then you’re
gonna notice that the helmet is not right for that whatever you know however
you want to see this this is not a fully canonical set after all and it is a toy
after all I just think it’s cool to have a dark themed stormtrooper and then
here’s the 20th anniversary edition Han Solo classic style with the yellow skin
tone this is based off the version that was first introduced in the year 2000 in
the first millennium falcon set and this is pretty faithfully reproduced they no
longer have the original slightly more greenish colored brown this is the
reddish brown color that they’ve had since 2003 2004 in that range but I
think that’s a perfectly fine substitution now this does have the huge
sign on the back they had to put something on these figures to
distinguish them from the original so the originals maintain their value and
these don’t get passed off as originals but I personally feel like that sign
that banner ad that they put on the back is not very classy they could have done
something nice or something more more subtle and that wouldn’t have messed up
the look of the figure from as many angles quite as badly on the right here
is my actual original year 2000 Han Solo so you can see the difference in the
colors of the hair unfortunately the opacity of printing these days is not
quite as good as it used to be which is a shock a surprise to me the particular
one that I have here does have that one blemish in the yellow print the old one
in the yellow print on the on the chest right there so that’s not as good and
there’s a little bit of a swatch to the right as well on the tan
but you can see that there is more more paint there and also on the legs
everything on the old one is more crisp so there are you know production
variations that occur today just like they did yesterday but overall I think I
prefer the print quality of the old ones I do have a crack that has developed
there might happen on my new one at some point as well
but you know ultimately Lego has provided a throwback figure that for a
lot of people will just be a cool collectible comes with a nice stand as
well as all of the 20th anniversary edition throwback figures do and here I
think the print is perfectly fine you know it brings attention to it and all
of them are consistent I just have the name printed at the base it’s nicely you
know nicely offered up the small drop ship here is an original Lego design the
2008 version was an original design as well that’s been known for quite a long
time but often times people like to go to Google and search for Star Wars
Imperial drop ship and just pick any result and say no it’s actually based
off that but Lego has again confirmed in the
instructions that they designed this and it’s it’s not a canonical thing when I
looked at the pictures initially the fact that it didn’t look like the
original bothered me because the original just had such a unique design
and a unique look that was very heavily dominated by its its windscreen piece
this uses that helicopter windscreen piece that’s been used on 1472 I believe
helicopters to date but now that I have this in front of me I actually don’t
mind it I actually like it I think that this you know it’s not the original
design but if you get past that it’s a fine design and it’s much better don’t
worry about the wiggling back there that’s that’s actually intentional and a
good feature it gets much better when you put the figures on it see they all
have their spaces where they fit and they fit very comfortably there is no
hassle and they have easy access to put them on and
take them off and they can all hold their blasters they can fire while
they’re being transported you can put extra blasters on these these open studs
the open holes on some of the side kind of skid style pieces you can change the
angles of these vanes or flaps back here that are around the engines and it has
being a dropship it has to be able to drop the figures off and you could
easily just take them off you know take them off put them on very simply but
they also have this ability to just drop all of them off at once on a little
landing platform which makes it even quicker you could also put cargo on here
potentially I think would probably be even a better use for that but it’s it’s
a simple mechanism and it works effectively it’s just captures a single
small Technic lift arm right in there line that up and just pick it back up so
this is a nice design for what it is uses four stickers one up here one on
either side here and then the console surprisingly is another sticker they
didn’t use a printed piece there so it’s a unique design this time around this is
a very nice little built I like it much better than I thought it would and it’s
good parts back at the very least and definitely welcomes customization is it
has just a few actual spares plus some extra studs for the stud shooters and
they have one of these 2 by 4 plates to connect multiple 20th anniversary
edition figure stands together sweet I like this thing it makes me happy it
just feels it feels right it feels like a fun toy you think maybe you might even
need to to get it in your own hands to to really experience that yourself you
know I never got the original version from 2008 and I always thought that it
was overvalued by by fans you was overhyped I never really got it but
now no I think I I kind of get it it’s it’s not an amazing thing you know it’s
it’s not groundbreaking the design of the the ship itself is is nothing to to
special the characters are just massive all grunt units except for the one who’s
used as a pilot here it was just a recolor you know nothing really really
special but it’s just really really good in its own small cutesy way it’s very
it’s very Lego it just brings out some of the the core happiness the core fun
and the core goodness of Lego itself but within a Star Wars context so in that
sense I think it’s it’s a very good set possibly even a great set it’s again
very very massive well I can easily see anybody getting at least two of these
building at most one of the actual drop ships and then using the extra parts for
other things it’s really good yeah I think that the the anniversary edition
Han Solo has its issues but it’s nice to have that as a collectible but I think
most of the value here is just in the core set itself just as it was in 2008
there you go you can check out the build for this if you want to I’d built it
with one other small new Star Wars set I will link to that on the screen right
now and talk to you in soon

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21 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniv. Imperial Dropship review! 75262

  1. I got the original when I was little and it was one of my favorite sets….I kinda wish they re-released the original set but the updated version is cool too!

  2. Just to answer your question, yes, the Shadowtrooper is an existing character in Canon and the EU. Shadow troopers are an elite branch of stormtrooper, having better training and mostly using heavy blasters and sometimes E-11 blaster rifles. They also had the ability to become completely invisible for a period of time and had personal ray shields, but required a ton of power consumption and often malfunctioned, so they were not often used at all. Just FYI πŸ™‚

  3. I think it’s extra expensive bc for one, it’s the anniversary edition, they have a new helmet mold, they spent more on the black color for the shadow trooper, uses stud shooters therefore requiring an extra stud for each, and also having a reprint of original Han with the 20th print on him.

  4. The only problems i have with this is that lego always has to use stud blasters its so boring and that the new helmets look odd i think the 2014-19 helmets look much better

  5. The "screen accurate" stormtrooper helmets look too cartoonish on minifigure bodies. They look bulbous in comparison, like the stormtroopers from Family Guy: Star Wars.

  6. I love the idea they made of remaking old sets. I really really hope they do the rebel scout speeder again and the Jedi battle pack as they are my favourite sets ever.

  7. The imperial drop ship from 2008 was the first LEGO set I ever got, along side the rebel scout speeder. I was 7 and this was honestly the best thing ever. Sadly I took those sets apart many years ago.

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