LEGO Star Wars 2019 Millennium Falcon quick review + comparison & more! 75257

hey everyone this is the latest Lego
Star Wars Millennium Falcon for the rise of Skywalker I’m going to take you
through a quick look at all the major features functions and figures for the
set and then come back and take a bit of a deeper dive and look at some finer
specifics and also respond to your questions and inquiries that were posed
by viewers during the preview period Lego has made a number of Millennium
Falcon’s roughly this size and most of them have used the same basic build this
is the first one in a number of years to break the mould and try to do things a
bit different around the outside it looks pretty well detailed for something
that’s not intended to be a top-of-the-line collector’s model with a
good amount of of change of color it’s not all just the plain grey you got a
good amount of the dark grey also the dark tan and the dark red from the right
side docking port all the way around the back is a band of sub assemblies that
are made with studs facing outwards so you can see that the tops of pieces are
all facing towards us here and that just continues all the way around to the
other side and just a little bit farther as well past the left side docking port
and there’s a fair amount of grieving or detailing for the sake of detailing this
one has a round radar dish again for the rise of Skywalker the original series
had a round one that got replaced in the sequel series with a rectangular one
which then got broken off so now we’ve gone back to round and this is on a
ball-joint so it’s actually able to rotate around
any kind of way that you want and stay that way there’s a little bit of
friction in there also using a ball joint on top is the quad laser cannon
which is also on a turntable so that can spin all the way around I
like the the finer detailing used here with these small mini fake ski poles in
dark grey and this is able to almost face completely straight up so a good
range of motion there though there’s a kind of weird little narrow neck part to
it there’s also one of these on the
underside that does match up pretty well and looks pretty good if you look at
this from a low angle but talked more about the underside of the entire model
a little bit later mostly physical parts are used for the detail that you see
here but there are some stickers so for this entire hallway cover over here and
they’ve got a number of stickers that are lined up and most of the decorations
that you see on top that are clearly just on regular flat pieces do use
stickers and not prints the exceptions being the canopy the main canopy top and
also the front and we’ll get inside of that but I want to focus in on something
that is new for this model that’s the way that the pie slices on the top are
done traditionally each one of these little sections would be a separate part
that would open up and there would be gaps between them with the new one this
one here you have entire sections that open up so that’s one section there this
is one small one which is an anomaly for this model and then there’s another
large section here that opens up and also at the front you can take the
center rectangular area move all that together open all this as one and open
all this as one so you get really good access to the interior and the interior
is actually usable this is the most open space I’ve seen on the inside of one of
these since the very first one that they made back around the the turn of the
century has a nice open lounge area with the game table right there and they’ve
used sicker –zz for the backs of the kind of leather style couches there and
plenty of space to pose figures standing all around here you can actually put a
figure let me just grab one pretty close to the edge surprisingly to the outside
edge and close up the top that is one thing that folks asked me about so I can
actually close up the top fully right there and it’s just barely that’s just
over his head about a millimeter over his head so you can put figures all
throughout all of this space standing up you just need to keep them away from the
absolute outer edges of it of course they can sit down in the seats
this one’s able to rotate around and also angles so you can change that up
got the nice computer system set up right there with some stickers you can
put figures in there if your thing are small enough and you can pass them
through and you know to suggest that they’re actually walking around this is
the closest we’ve gotten to a navigable corridor going out to the cockpit you’re
not able to get all the way there but there’s at least a suggestion of it so
and you are able to put figures down in there as you move back around the back
this is like the galley area that they’ve set up here sorry about that
there we go it’s very very simple definitely a bit
lacking in detail there but at least it is open and usable space just to show I
think I can get it to about right there that might be a little bit that’s just
yeah it’s just past so if I move him back just one there we go
so he can stand in that far in sorry I just knocked this off but this is just
clipped on so you can’t pull these off entirely if you want but this is all
usable space where you don’t need to worry about packing up your figures you
know if you’ve got them in there this is also the hidden smuggling compartment
which is down below you can pull a couple of pins and drop that out if you
want but it’s it’s just not the not the simplest easiest thing a couple of beds
set up over here the two studs at the end are set up to allow a figure to lay
down and be held there again they will stay in place and this is the hyper
drive unit so you can suggest that you are doing a little bit of work on it I
use a single sticker on top has some trance light blue pieces underneath to
make it look like it’s glowing a bit and there is a wrench nearby for your repair
needs the whole thing definitely could use more detail on the inside but at
least the space is available which is a bit of a luxury these days on the
insides of a lot of things from Lego not just vehicles and ships but even
buildings there’s also space to pose figures to be operating the laser
cannons so all this opens up and there Spock is
down in there they’ve got a little sled that you can pull out and put two
figures on this and those are the controls so one face is up one face is
down and it’s pretty accurate to the way this would actually work so you can just
put them in there and then imagine that the minifigures are actually operating
the cannons that works pretty well oh I almost forgot there are also spring
loaded shooters you can see the tip of one right there there’s also one on the
other mandible and you fire those by just sticking your finger in this hole
on the top and finally all the way down below there is a ramp that can be
lowered but you know how they say it’s the thought that counts
well I feel like there wasn’t a whole lot of thought put into this because
there’s no way I’m any figure can even think that they are going down that you
can put a minifigure on the wrap from above and then lower it but it it’s just
not believable at all so let’s look at the figures this is a Millenium Falcon
with no Han Solo to pilot it so the main character now is Lando Calrissian and
it’s old man Lando Calrissian at that so the vertical thing that looks like a
staff weapon of some sort it’s a cane it’s a walking mistake they made it work
you know this outfit just everything about it with the color and especially
that torso print and the color and everything just looks so much like it’s
from original series Star Trek I don’t know what’s going on with the blaster it
has a small element added to the end of it we’ll see what that’s supposed to
represent in the actual movie this moves around very easily it it holds on there
decently well but I worry that a lot of people will lose that piece they do have
one spare in the set but it’s not a very common part in that color so do be
careful with that the Cape is set up with two pieces one for the huge collar
and one for the main piece it’s double-sided very nice deep deep rich
black around the back with the I guess as dark as your around the front nice
colors looks like a Bela Lugosi era vampire they’re old-school Dracula and
there’s the print on the back of the torso which is pretty good in quality
and his alternate face Chewbacca is Chewbacca there are no new changes to
him for this season he’s got the printed legs down there the torso has no print
on it whatsoever because it doesn’t need any
he’s got his old-school bandolier on and everything so this is just a pretty
straightforward second-generation Chewbacca with the
fireable stud shooting bow caster Finn has really good printing for the torso
especially and also decent work for the hip and leg pieces but needs a little
bit more opacity they’re just the legs don’t pop as much as the torso does
which you know it’s just really really finely done he’s got his man purse there
don’t call it a messenger bag it’s a man purse come on just be honest about it
that’s a gunmetal gray colored blaster again and his hair is grown a bit gained
a little extra texture and he also has an alternate face here is “Boolio” he’s
new for rise of Skywalker and it’s a very interesting looking figure I just
think it looks cool and I think it’s pretty well done
now this one has very good printing from top to bottom it’s helped out by the
slightly lighter color you know it’s more difficult to print nice colors
against a darker base plastic but this is just well-done front and back
head-to-toe doesn’t have any printing along the sides or anything the head is
dual molded have some pretty good shaping around the sides like around the
neck and under the jaw the horns are a different type of plastic it’s not the
softest most flexible type of plastic but it’s like the material that Lego
usually uses for small Barb’s and things so it does have some flex it’s not
likely to really stab you and not likely to be broken off c-3po I think this is
the first c-3po that I’ve personally gotten that is made of all just the
newest of gold-colored pieces for a while they were in a transition phase
when they went from one pearl gold to a newer pearl gold to the newer one is
better looks more gold like and is more consistent and that results in just
overall a good looking figure a lot of people still would like to see a dual
molded right leg for him but he doesn’t have that and he does have both gold
arms back that is correct for this time in the series and the eyes are painted
on there with just a little bit of indent for the suggestion of a pupil no
red eyed version of him yet but for what it is I think that this
is a well enough done figure you could always ask for more but it’s not bad and
it’s a lot better than they’ve been in the past r2d2 we’ve gotten pretty used
to this version of r2d2 by now and I personally have gotten pretty used to
the head print being as I always say wonky every single time look at how
angled it is see it’s nice and low at this corner then at this corner it’s
nice and high like choose one and just go straight across I never ever get an
astromech droid that has perfectly horizontal printing all the way around
they’re always at an angle and it’s very frustrating to me I’ve seen some folks
who have gotten good ones so I know they exist but I’ve just had consistent bad
luck and last up this is do one more small cute maximally merchandising ball
Star Wars droid this just has an anti stud on the base it’s very small so you
know it’s not all that much you can ask for it it does not roll it has an atty
stud on there’s gonna be a stud on the back you could potentially use this to
create some custom things you can insert a bar into that you can put a tile on
the back right or whatnot but this is just the way that it’s designed to to
look and has some printing going across the top now the print on this one is set
up pretty well and just for the sake of scale so compared to an hour to unit you
know this is very very small and compared to a figure here are the
leftover pieces from the set including one extra spring-loaded shooter bolt and
also extra stud for the stud shooter the bow caster those two are intended to be
included in the rest are truly spares so that does it for the quick review
segment of this video for folks who are in a hurry thank you very much for
watching I’m now gonna spend some more quality time looking at this thing and
also comparing it to a previous version because in my preview video I got over
500 comments in the first day well over 500 so thank you very much for all of
that feedback most folks wanted to comparison between the new falcon and
the old falcon so let’s talk about or at least the previous one so let’s talk
about what’s changed well you know what’s different what’s better and also
what’s worse and i accidentally did this what’s better what’s worse I didn’t
necessarily mean that because not everything is better about the new one
at least in my opinion first of all sighs a lot of people asked
about size saying that the new one looks smaller
it does look smaller but it’s actually very very similar in size the width is
essentially identical the length on this one is slightly shorter it’s shorter by
about three studs or two centimeters I think is what it came to which is less
than an inch so it is a bit shorter but not all that much the main reason that
this looks smaller is that the the dish portion of it the major top circular
area of it is smaller so if you just measure from here to here that is quite
a bit less then feed the overall size of this it looks more like you have a
smaller circle here and that’s because of the way that the edges are cut off
major major difference well they’re two major differences three really and you
can go farther than that but one of the big things here is that the new one has
these whole sections right you don’t have the individual pizza pie pieces
that come open like this the way that the last X number of them have and I
don’t still have the one from the solo movie sorry about that so I’m not able
to compare to that I just personally was not interested in holding on to that one
but this is the version from 2015 which is you know much closer to the exact
same thing they were looking at here so the old one had all these individual
hinges so I can pull one of these off and you know it’s just bars going into
clips to hold these in and that left gaps between each every single one of
those had a gap their gap there if there’s enough light in the room then
you can see inside as well this one has very little of that gapping issue at
least as viewed from the top now there are still some gaps that can be
from the top you’ve got this gap right here and also on this side not quite so
much there’s definitely one right here which is a little bit annoying to me
personally but most of the stuff I mean there’s a little bit here but that’s not
that bad you know most of the the main surface back here is done pretty well
sealed up pretty well and they just used really really thin really narrow wedge
plates to accomplish that a lot of people asked how is it done hopefully
looking at it up close we’ll let you see how they’ve put them end to end so a
right wedge left wedge going back to a right wedge just alternating back and
forth and ultimately those are connected mostly with hinges hinge plates on the
underside so you can see those along the edge of here and then there’s a row of
them going down the center that ultimately just hold them together and
that’s what they’ve done here here here and here all those are done the same
there’s also a gap back here and there’s zero a little bit of you know
suggestions of gaps some of those are covered a layer below as viewed from the
top but overall you know they’ve solved for the most part a major problem major
complained of a lot of fans of Lego and fans of Star Wars about the old ones
that have all used the same basic design having all these gaps and a lot of
people just did not like that I mean look at that
by comparison especially up here at the front you know it’s not as bad at the
back not as bad but around the sides like that center section is not too bad
but here that is bad when you compare it compared to what we have now compared to
what we know we can get now from Lego yeah new is significantly better but the
new does still have an issue a major issue with with gaps and it’s a new one
if I flip this up if it is if it is placed on a desk or lights let’s say
like up on a hutch or something you know where it’s at a higher level you have
this huge gap underneath and it’s accentuated by the fact that there’s a
black plate use right there it’s it’s actually not as thick of a gap as it
looks like but they’ve got darker pieces here a darker colored piece back
there and it just really really looks significant it’s not as bad on this side
but it’s still there so there’s a trade-off less gap äj– from the top a
lot less look at that but from the front that’s not so good especially on this
side this side bugs me even more and it has a different attachment method this
one’s only attached over here on the corner again just hinging the same built
basically the same same basic techniques to accomplish all that but yeah it’s
it’s just different and I wish they had built up the underside under here to
tail in some of that gap another major change on this one compared to the old
is look at the shape of the mandibles so this all comes in along the side almost
perfectly just you know start it’s it’s round gets to a tangent and then just
continues that tangent straight on that’s the way that it’s supposed to be
this is much closer to the the proper shape of the Millennium Falcon same
thing happens or here it’s cut with the the cockpit which has to be this size or
there abouts in order to fit at least two figures in there but the old one by
comparison had the narrower mandibles they’re longer in they’re sharper and
the edge especially over here where it’s extra noticeable is not a continuous you
know it doesn’t just continue from a tangent actually angles out so that was
quite a bit different and a lot of people have pointed that out and have
not liked that and you know I didn’t used to mind it that much it was like
yeah let’s Lego doesn’t have to be perfect they’ve got the basic shape here
but now – I’ve seen the new one oh it’s so much better that’s what I want to see
for sure so that is a significant change another thing that is significant to
some not everybody will notice it at first it’s the placement of the cockpit
get these aligned up a little bit a little bit better so again that the
mandibles are a little bit longer here the overall length is a little bit
greater here I’ll just line up the there we go
Linna with the docking ports and the cockpit is farther forward on this
here it’s pulled back in and the angle of the corridor out to the cockpit is it
was much closer to this this is horizontal bisection line that gives us
as viewed from the top so here it’s like this and I can’t add it back so from
here they moved it back again I think that just helps with the overall look
makes it look a little bit more accurate I am gonna move on from the shape and
size comparison shortly but I didn’t want to make sure that for the many many
folks who wanted to to really focus on the comparisons between these two I
would be able to see these from different angles and here you can really
see the difference in gap over here also that the cockpit is lower on the newer
one and here’s the view around the back you know I I really used to love this
use of the flexible tube around the back here it just seemed like a perfect piece
to get that nice consistent glow kind of suggestion but the new one is just so
much brighter and more appropriate in its height you know it really looks like
an engine Bank back there and I think that this is an improvement it’s it’s
not a hundred percent of improvement again looking at how things are going
with the gaps here at least you have less gaps around the side but you do see
this this weird angling or it angles up and down here compared to the old one
that was a little bit more consistent but did consistently have gaps at every
single pie slice this in general is just covered up better from every angle now a
lot of you have asked me about playability with this new ship the
actual swoosh ability to the ability to do this right here to pick it up and fly
it around am I worried about this falling apart and also how does it
compare again to the last one well I can tell you for sure that this is more
sturdy and then the last one I’m just expecting to fail here because I’m
running the camera now but this is definitely more sturdy than any of the
ones that they’ve done before because here’s the big look at the underside the
main Technic frame the chassis underneath is stronger this
time to use more box more boxes more rigid boxes all around where the other
one had more gaps where he had nice longitudinal coverage but then side to
side not so much so this has definitely covered up much better you’ve also got
sandwich with larger plates that are used well to hold those Technic boxes
together and just generally speaking this is pretty strong the things that I
worry about most for playing with this for swishing it around are these panels
these small panels at the back because if you are grabbing it from the from the
back with your huge figure hand back here if you’re not careful that thumb is
gonna come down and pop off a small piece like that it’s not a big deal but
it is something that you do have to consciously think about I believe I
think I automatically do think about it but this is a fairly safe spot right
here put a thumb up there and you know the bottom whatever fingers you have
under here can go pretty much anywhere you don’t have to worry too much but
this is able to take some good pressure from the top you see a little bit
bending there but you know put more of your pressure or you can just grab it
from the sides so these docking ports like this is a a
side to side area of strength I don’t know what you call that it’s it’s almost
like a like a beam going through it like that’s your your eye beam there that is
super strong so you even you know younger kids can grab this with two
hands from the sides just focus on these not on these parts here which are able
to move around and ultimately be popped off as entire assemblies right but focus
on the sides and this is super strong it’s actually more strong there’s less
to worry about here this is this is good this is I’m actually twisting it right
now and nothing is happening this is very good for playing I can grab it with
one hand from the side you know do stuff like that you go upside down yeah it’s
gonna open up and if you have any figures that are not secured in there
they’re gonna fall out but secure that you know attach those studs and you’re
actually in pretty good shape with this thing
overall it’s it’s dang strong it’s dead it’s clearly designed for durability and
to be messed with like this to be played with which is fantastic because a lot of
the time especially bigger Lego things really aren’t designed to beep best with
to that degree let me compare it to the last one already I grabbed it from here
and I’m already feeling flecks in there that’s interesting I thought it was
stronger than that so here this is good so you do definitely have that strength
on the the 2015 version down down the center part so here this is good this is
nice and strong in the back not quite so much like I can see the Flex and you can
see it too right and it just doesn’t feel confidence-inspiring
right there looking at the underside of this one it can be turned upside down as
well now you see yeah you’ve got more of these gaps from front to back it did
have some of the sandwich King but it’s just not as good it’s not as strong I
can flex this much more easily but you are able to grab this from the sides I
don’t see any major problems with durability with this either personally
but I feel like the new one is stronger overall and can be handled in more
different ways yeah I’m not confident right there with that grip I can feel
things flexing on the top and on the underside so that brings me to the
biggest question the most scary question which has been asked by a number of
viewers and also by just me is this the one is this the Millennium Falcon 2 own
I’m not gonna compare this to the ultimate collector Series 1 because
that’s a ridiculous comparison the ultimate collector Series one is
fantastic it looks amazing it’s by far the most realistic depiction
that that they’ve ever done and probably that you’ll ever get from Lego least for
decades to come house I would expect it’s amazing it’s fine art in Lego form
yet actually buildable from instructions with regular pieces and no no illegal
connections or anything I’m not going to compare that to this
because that’s not for the same people this is for normal people I would say
who aren’t rich and who don’t have a ridiculous amount of space to display
one single Lego set in their house I think the size is even more of an issue
then than the cost for that one but for something that’s reasonably sized
and I’ll talk a little bit more about value at the end of this video here as
we talk about costs specifically but as as a model as as a build I say
absolutely yes this is the one to get if I if I personally has a Star Wars fan as
someone who in what was it 1981 touched his first physical Lego it’s not that
Lego Star Wars product you know Star Wars toy and it was the original Kenner
Millennium Falcon if I could only have one that Lego has made to date you would
absolutely be this one no doubt no doubt no question it’s just the best looking
it looks the most like the real thing and it’s easy to convert this at you
don’t even have to convert it you can just leave it like this and call it an
original trilogy one is it a little bit too colorful maybe but I like I like the
the differences in color you can do colour swaps if you want make it all
just plain grey but the real thing does have you know the real models used in
the movies even in the original trilogy did have different colors they weren’t
all just gray or you know off-white or anything like that but certainly if you
want you know if you want it to look a little bit newer you can swap out some
colors and it will very quickly look much better even just changing out the
red and the dark tan which is the handful of pieces which are very common
and easy to get much more common than the wedge plates will take you to a spot
that’s much more I think in line with what people expect in their minds i from
original trilogy but this is just it’s just well done and this is good I hate
the gaps at the front now but from most angles
this does look significantly better than anything they’ve done up to this point I
personally will probably look to put something in there
stack up some plates or something especially over here to fix those gaps
or at least to help with those gaps a bit and then I think there won’t be
anything that I like less about this one exception interior I mentioned that this
has the most interior space that I remember seeing has the most open
interior space I’m gonna do one more comparison now you see how open this is
and it’s very good that they allow you to actually stand figures in there in
many places however the last one had more interior detail they had more stuff
in there most of it is just junk but it is detail on it it does feel a little
bit more lived in and live a bowl to me just with all this stuff and also that
the hyperdrive unit on this is so much nicer you know having both stacks there
and this the center section that’s that’s way better I don’t think they
needed to make it this complex but I prefer this any day over the little
single stack that they have on the new one which is just not as good but
everything else I mean the detail of bed there is just so simple here this area
is okay but I mean the part where you actually sit is not so good and even
over here this chair is so basic there’s a single
sticker for the computer console there so this definitely feels more than four
years older to me in its level of design and accuracy and end care there’s more
overall detail here less usable space the last thing I’m going to talk about
is value here so this is $160 u.s. which is $10 less than the last Millennium
Falcon the Kessel run one the solo movie one thank goodness for that because that
was just too expensive but that does make this one ten dollars more than the
2015 force awakens one and that’s less than
the expected difference attributable to inflation alone in other words if you
left the 2015 force awakens Millennium Falcon on a shelf with no price on it no
sticker on it it should cost one hundred and sixty two dollars u.s. today this
costs one hundred and sixty dollars so given that I can’t complain about the
price relative to the previous one still well to the force awakens one still it’s
a lot of money without question it’s a lot of money for a toy whether you’re
gonna use it as a toy to actually play with or are you gonna use it as a
collectible to look at maybe a tional ii open up and play with a little bit you
know or a lot it is it is a lot of money to be sure but i think that for what you
get here for an improved product that is a good product that is the best one that
they’ve done like this to date i think that it really comes down to lego being
expensive but as lego goes as Lego products go this is i think i think a
fair deal i’d love to see a cheaper absolutely I’d
love to see pretty much all LEGO sets cheaper Lego is expensive you pay for
quality you pay for our design work you pay for Lego profits just being honest
it’s okay profits are what allow us to buy stuff
profits are what allow you to have the device that you’re using to look at this
video right now you know world runs on money but within the realm of what we’re
talking about here I think that this is fair given that it is essentially the
same price as the 2015 one simply adjusted for inflation similar number of
pieces similar selection of minifigures and better design as always I recorded
the build of this set so you can see it in real time form with really good sound
over on my pure builds channel or if you don’t have that much time you can check
out the speed build which is still available to be sped up even further if
you want to use the video speed feature on YouTube
I will link to both of those right now thank you
very much for watching hope that I answered a bunch of people’s questions
and if you have any more feel free to comment down below I will talk to you
again very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 2019 Millennium Falcon quick review + comparison & more! 75257

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    (If you buy something I may get a tiny monetary kick-back that'll just help keep the channel going!)
    I definitely spent a good 30 seconds on the inside of the set's cockpit (not much to it as usual, spots for 2 figs plus a jumper for little D-O), but it seems that brief bit didn't record at all 😞. Sorry that's missing.

  5. Wow, there are some massive gaps in this new version! Sure they’re minimized from the top view but from the side they’re just horrible. The overall shape of the new one is a definite improvement though, especially with the cockpit location. However I like the colors of the older one better.

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    Could you please do The episode 9 sets and minifgers collection video like you did before to get your full thoughts of them after you built all the sets as a whole.

    Thanks Jang again your best LEGO reviewer out there and you deserve more subs to your channel.

  9. Hey Jang, you should do a compilation of the worst astromech prints you’ve gotten on your second channel.

  10. The new one is miles better than the old designs. I always hated the old design and it bothered me so much that they did so little to update and improve it until now. This new one will be my very first system scale Falcon, it's so very well done. I love it, thank you LEGO I've waited 2 decades for this!

  11. Looks really good! I think I'm going to modify my 2012 Millenium Falcon to some of the improvements shown in this model. Will you show the modifications/improvements you do to this in another video?

  12. Looks really nice! But MF without Han Solo? That's a bit strange for me… (even I know, that it's ade for the Ep. XI)

  13. Excellent review as always. This is the first LEGO Millennium Falcon I am really tempted to buy, even though I own 17125 pieces worth of LEGO Star Wars sets (according to Brickset).

  14. people complaining about Lego making ANOTHER Falcon…
    me looking back at those gaps from 2015, THANK GOD we got another Falcon, sure it's not perfect but I'm happy with what they've done

  15. Don't like it personally. Granted, it's a small step above the Solo Falcon (Blue and white) in terms of looks and desirability, but still really quite ugly imho. I would never display this in any collection tbh.

    It's also suffers from lots of weird color choices for the paneling. Too many shades of grey used makes it look like a fisher price toy. Meh, the overall model design looks fairly cheap and dated…. I just don't appreciate it at all.

    There's only one Falcon worth getting imo. And it's UCS. It's the only choice for a half serious collector.

  16. I have the original 2000 version and the 2004. I spent a lot of time customizing the 2004 version. Adding a better interior, ramp that figures can use and more realistic quads. Even widened the mandibles out to match the shape better. Wondering though if it might be time to upgrade.

  17. A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT! I still have the 2011 version and the new UCS version , this needs to replace the 2011 model on my shelf!

  18. My god it’s been well over 3 years since i watch your videos , it’s so entertaining like it used to be , great to see you keep it going !

  19. I don’t post comments often but this time i gotta say that to me this is your best review to date, i really like the fact you compare this version with the previous one, i almost want to buy the new right now
    Anyway, great job, like always, but better 👍

  20. I'll post the same thoughts I shared on another review. The biggest drawbacks on this set for me are:

    1) Minifig selection – I have zero interest in these minifigs. If they had made this an RotJ set with Lando and Nien Nunb, then that could have been interesting.

    2)Mix of light and dark gray hull pieces – the Falcon is pretty uniform in color; having large sections in a darker color just does not look right. Maybe I could pick up a used one on Ebay without minifigs for a decent price, and swap out the dark gray pieces, but that would still be pricey and a bit of work to fix what should have been done right in the first place.

  21. Just gotta say thank you for the top quality content you are making! The new previews and opportunity to ask questions for the review is really great!
    Keep up the good work!

  22. I might’ve gotten this if they’d released it during the clone wars era but I just can’t see myself supporting Disney Star Wars in any way anymore. The franchise just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  23. As much as I like the new design for covering the top of the Falcon, I think I still prefer the look of the older, gappier method; partly because of nostalgia, but also because the gaps add a nice extra bit of unintentional greebling and character.
    Previous Falcons look old, rugged and reliable, while the new Falcon looks like it's just come of the assembly line; sleek, yes, but also plain and inexperienced.

  24. Last Millennium Falcon I got was the Empire Strikes Back one that released right when they switched over to skin tones for licensed minifigures, and for a long time, all that followed in this scale used the same basic pizza-slice build. I just picked up this new one and the recently discounted Kessel Run version because both seem to provide a significantly new experience compared to what we were getting. Can't wait for them to arrive.

  25. Not a huge fan of the BGM.. I just like Jang's voice in otherwise silence, feels like he's talking to me rather than in a video if you get what I mean

  26. The cockpit pod is still too elongated, it still doesn't have the right number of landing legs, you still have to reach over those huge panels to play with the inside. I really hoped they would start again from scratch, this should be a flagship not a cash cow.

  27. Hay Jang , I’m going to visit San Fran in February. Anything having to do with LEGO that I should see?
    Btw , I don’t even collect Star Wars . I just like the way you review sets. Sometimes you highlight cool build techniques that help with Mocs .

  28. I hear so many comments about the good and bad of all Millennium Falcon sets. Is there a way to combine all the good things from all the Millenium Falcon sets to make the ultimate great Millennium Falcon? Would you be able to build a moc and do a video?

  29. Overall, i like this one … so this will probably the third Falcon in a row i'll be getting (TFA Falcon, the Solo one and now this). I just think they could have put in a bit more interior. And yeah, the gaps at the back and front got worse, but if they had closed those gaps somehow, it would have probably blocked the hinges.

  30. I think it’s silly that two figs can’t sit back to back on the gunner position. I’ve tried doing that plenty of times but if they have a hairpiece, two figs just can’t fit that way. I don’t even use that section too often but it’s be nice to have the option.

    Not to get too high and mighty this is funny after having the UCS Falcon 😅

  31. 11:50 Do you secretly run a knock-off astromech production facility though? I have NEVER received one of these wonky printed astromech heads in my ever increasing collection. I wish I had a wonky head too. Why can't I have one as well? You have some astounding luck there – can't tell if it's good or bad though hah.

  32. Nothing interesting except recycled MF to boost sales with minimum new features. Pathetic and yet selling at USD 160??? Pass!

  33. It's certainly the best non-UCS Falcon, given its shape in particular. However, I wouldn't say it's the definitive edition just yet. But it's pretty close.

  34. I recently got a new R2 with the microfighter pack (escape pod and dewback) and.. his head print is perfectly horizontal.. it's perfectly lined up with the rest of his body.. I was speechless

  35. all of my R2 heads are wonky. I used to email Lego and ask them to send me better ones. They actually used to send them for free. But after a while I just gave up… Kind of annoying.

  36. i dont know if anyone else has this issue with their falcon, but if you seat minifigs on any of the three seats under the radar dish, you cant close that panel. this can be fixed by moving the backs of the seats to have the figures sort of laying down just enough to close the panel

  37. This review may have sold me a 2019 lego millennium falcon. I'll be keeping this set in mind. Thanks Jangbricks this kind of review. Very professional too.

  38. I like the hair piece for Finn mostly because it can be repurposed for Black Panther but I really wish we had a decent face for Black Panther. Why does no one have facial hair?

  39. Can you make a tutorial on how to improve on the previous Falcon? In order for it to be opened with the new method

  40. I most definitely would not wanna go to space in that thing, look at all the holes! no way is it airtight!. They all died of suffocating! and the empire won! tragic.

  41. I am very salty about the fact that I got my 2015 falcon for 270$ compared to this one's 160 for a better looking display. I'm also more disappointed in myself that lego and star wars isn't my thing anymore

  42. Definitely going to get this. A few minor mods: tidy up the underside, add a few details to the interior (walls, piping, etc), and add a little dohickey to stop those top plates flapping open when I flip it over, and it'll be perfect.

  43. This model looks a whole lot better if you add an extra plate of height to the mandibles, and fill in the gap next to the cockpit.

  44. Actually it seems like a more modern version of the first falcon from 2000 just very much so improved might actually get one just unsure of the price

  45. I'm sorry but the old set with the gaps looks way more accurate than this new one. The front mandibles are to short and wide and when you put them side by side I feel like the old one is clearly better. Just my opinion😁

  46. Not liking this so much, I may buy it on sale.
    Not that I need this so much either, I have 4 Falcons… Classic, TFA, Solo and 2017 UCS.

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