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hello everyone this is the 2019 edition
Lego Star Wars droid attack on the Wookiees gunship set we got the last one
five years ago technically 2014 I also reviewed that
one this here is not that much different outwardly it’s mostly an evolutionary
update but it does use some newer pieces and some newer techniques and I think
that one of its action features works better as well this is a pretty mean
looking thing with a very nice build a very efficient build it feels like you
add a lot to it regularly as you go through the build process it doesn’t
take too long to complete it but it feels very satisfying to me and it does
use a lot of interesting building techniques and like said newer pieces in
the Lego inventory to create interesting shapes like this little miniature
mandibles here if you will that use the the I still don’t know they the except a
most accepted term for this shape here but it’s it’s a wedge slope piece it’s 1
by 2 by 2/3 curved and cut from one side but you know it’s also on a modified
stud piece with the bar on the side and you know the stuff just all comes
together well to create an interesting shape and an interesting angle these eye
cannons are able to rotate around pretty smoothly interestingly you have this
little bit of looseness every 45 degrees as you rotate this around it gets loose
but it’s not going to fall out easily so it just feels a little bit a little bit
wonky a little bit cheap for a moment there but you can get it into a spot
where it’s just right you can also just rotate the orbit here a little bit and
get it to to not be in that spot this is on a ratcheted joint so it’s a lot more
secure though it’s not able to hit as many as many angles specifically like
the top of the head here that’s built up very nicely shaped up very nicely and
you can open that to again place a pilot in there even though this entire ship
itself is a droid and would be able to fly itself you know let’s don’t let you
put a pilot in there if you want to use that feature if you don’t want to use
that feature just don’t you don’t have to you know hate on the
designer the Lego designer for doing something non-canonical just don’t use a
feature and then you’re you’re in good shape I usually like this this little a
little miniature assembly off to the side I don’t know I think that’s a
targeting pod but I just like the shape of it and how it goes together you
attach it from from the underside so you build it like this and then you fold
this over and it just feels good to me all the shaping is good there are a fair
number of fairly large stickers used to add some detail and texture to this I
feel like those are important stickers without them it would look more plain
but it would still be acceptable these out here on hinged ratcheted hinge
joints II changed the angles of those I really like the look of this in here
these pieces were these round pieces were originally introduced as a mold I
think the first time they were used was on the creator expert VW Beetle and here
they’re in dark blue and they just look good and they fit perfectly into that
space and I also like that small assembly inside of there it doesn’t do
anything I just think it looks cool that’s all and then on the underside you
have stuff that actually does do something these are a little landing
skids that you can bring down and you can just retract them they really don’t
do much because I think most of the time you’re gonna be landing actually on
these and there’s nothing up front to hold this up when it’s on the ground so
most of the time when you have this just sitting down it’s actually going to be
leaning on two if not three of the cannons rather than an here I wish they
had something retractable up here that could be used I guess perhaps you could
turn these down that’s something I hadn’t thought of before use those as
little landing pads up front possibly so as far as action features are concerned
you have your stud shooters one here one over here and then you have these banks
of flip fire missile shooters with the remote actuators that will fire off two
of them at a time just hit that from the back and it’s it’s more convenient and
more effective and more consistent than flicking a single one with the back of
your finger at a time fire up two of these and it also works
much better than the original almost bomb drop like feature that they
had on the on the first one or that the last one of these that they did back in
in 2014 and again of course if you don’t want to use that action feature you
don’t have to but I think that the missiles themselves look pretty good
from most angles I mean worst case scenario if you don’t like the feature
at all you just want to see the missiles under
there you can leave all this off it’s very easy to keep it out of the you know
out of the construction but that’s pretty much it in this set I think that
it’s well done for what it is I personally was never a huge fan of these
craft but as a Lego toy even ignoring the source material I think that it’s
good because the build was good it has a nice balance of large pieces to small
pieces the process of putting it together is really satisfying it just
really feels like you’re making good progress the whole time and everything
just fits nicely just feels right to me so I’m happy with this design I think
that the designer did a very good job overall checking out the figures here’s
tarpals tarpals tarp Tarr full tarfful the wookie yes with complete with his
flintlock musket they’re classic I actually liked that figure I’ve never
been a fan of of tarifold just his look for some reason but I think this Lego
version is really good the mold is really what does it for me for his
specialized head and body overlay piece and the print work is very good it’s
very crisp and well registered I think that’s that’s a very good tarfful there
and then a proper little Yoda you know I think Lego has gotten the Yoda head
right you know even George Lucas himself had trouble getting your right and
eventually he got it fixed and you know Lego has gotten theirs right I only wish
that this did include a a cloth piece for him you know just just
as an option you can always leave it off if you don’t want it on but if they
don’t include it in the first place then you can’t had it you know so I think
that’s the only thing that really would have made this better but overall I’m
very happy with both of these figures surprisingly so for the one on the left
because I really am NOT a fan of of the character or at least the appearance of
the character in general and haven’t been a fan of most toys of him and then
for droids we get to aat drivers from the Clone Wars series which is weird
these are clearly exactly that based on their markings but here they’re
presented as Kashyyyk battle droids because of the green I’m okay with that
but you know for folks who want to be super strict to the to the Canon it’s
just not right it’s just not appropriate but hmm yeah so a new new variant a new
variant of battle droids and get two of them in this set and they go with the
color scheme of the place they’re supposed to be attacking and you can
always put them into a DS if if you have them and you prefer to go with the more
accurate deployment leftover parts are these and there’s some useful and
interesting stuff here including but not limited to that stud piece which is
actually gunmetal gray of course they do also include a couple of extra regular
studs for your stud shooters I would value this set at about $40 just just
looking at it and even though that gives it a close to 10 cent price to part
ratio theoretically and it does have a large number of large pieces which
should give it a higher priced part ratio it does have a lot of small pieces
as well and just ultimately when I look at the total amount of stuff that that
you get with this looking at the thing in person how short it is back here you
know is not a lot of depth there stuff that you get out of this space or
anything I think four days is about right for it the suggested retail price
for it is fifty so you know a little a little bit up from there but with the
increasingly standard secondary retailer discounts I think you should be able to
get it pretty close to a reasonable price so that’s pretty good
for something that’s designed well and as I think reasonable minifigures
although the battle droids are a strange choice I think they look fine and yeah I
think it’s just a fine set it’s not fantastic but it’s pretty good they
definitely should have pushed down on that piece and that piece more he bugs
me a little bit in this picture but overall the set is pretty good if you
want to see the build for this you can check it out on my build channel and
I’ll link to it right now cuz that’s it for this video thanks for watching

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