LEGO Star Wars 2018 Summer sets pictures!

The LEGO Star Wars 2018 Summer sets have been revaled! This is the seventy dollar throne room, there’s the 140 dollar sandcrawler set, the 80 dollar x-wing set, and the 20 dollar Anakin’s Starfighter set. These are all from LEGO’s Twitter page. And what do I think, more specifically? Well, the Throne Room set is OVER PRICED as
heck. This was the set I was looking forward to
the most, and to hear that this build is 70 bucks. Come on LEGO, really? It only has 492 pieces and that shows. I mean, the guards are fantastic minifigures. I’m excited to get that version of Rey, with that hard to find hair piece. But I doubt I’ll buy this at full price. The Sandcrawler is fine, I like the UCS one better but oh well, I missed out on it. And eh… 140 bucks for it isn’t the worst, but still not too good. The X-Wing is pretty good for 80 bucks and
731 pieces. Anakin’s Starfighter is a fine cheap set, just not much taste. Anyways. What do you guys think. Will you still get the Throne Room for 70
bucks? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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