LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer sets pictures!

Hello, just2goood here, and revealed on the Dutch shopping site SinQel are official pictures of the new Summer 2017
LEGO Star Wars sets. This also gives us a first look at the final
version of the Bounty Hunter battle pack. It’s sad to see Zuckass has been replaced
by Bossk, but at least he has new foot printing. Still, I wanted a new insectoid in Zuckass… In general, this wave doesn’t please me too much, but I do like particular sets like the Rathtar
Escape, the two battle packs, and the Vader Transformation. The only one of those four I may not get is
the Rathtar Escape, which retails for $80. I think it’s a good price but the design will
look sloppy next to my other Force Awakens stuff since
it has a different style from them What is interesting with these pictures is that they still use the dishes as stands
for some of the minifigures… which we know isn’t in the final sets. Either way, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer sets pictures!

  1. Oh man, I love the Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike set, definitely getting that one. I'm surprised about how much I like the Freemaker sets too. This is a really good wave in my opinion!

  2. I would've replaced Dengar with Zuckuss, just saying, since we got him in eclipse fighter, bossk's fantastic though

  3. They should really ditch the free maker adventures stuff :/
    Everything else looks great, apart from the Rathtars.

  4. That Republic Fighter Tank is the only must-have set on this list. But I might also get the two battle packs.

  5. 4-LOM and IG-88 were 2 of my favorite characters in Complete Sage, so that battle pack is a must-get for me. Probably pick up the Vader set and one of those buildable figs as well.

  6. I'll definitely buy the The Force Awakens sets and the Bounty Hunter battle pack – but not on release day.

  7. whats sad is that they have never corrected bossk's FU$&#NG color!
    oh, and for those of you interested in the CCB Stormie and Scout…look fast!

  8. Eh, the wave is good, but I really did not see the need for the Quadjumper. I really like Vader's transformation set though, the freemaker sets are meh, battle packs are pretty good and the build-able figures are excellent in my option

  9. star wars is he only theme I get and I'm probably only gonna get the vader transformation he beatles packs turbo tank and maybe quadrojumper

  10. Finally a new Aayla figure. The only one was the one from the CW Turbo Tank and she fetches quite a high price. I had to replace her head dress cause mine got lost it was around 30$ for the piece alone

  11. Bounty Hunter set is great, but it's too bad Zuckuss was not included as originally rumored, that would have been all of the classic bounty hunters in minifigure form. I'll still grab it though for 4-LOM.

  12. i think zuckuss should have been in the set instead of dengar because he was released last year and he's exactly the same in this set and maybe bossk's legs should've been dual moded

  13. Ngl, aside from the battle packs, the CCBS speeder bike and maaaybe the hover tank this wave seems like a huge miss for me, most of the sets while very nicely done are uninteresting scenes/vehicles with bad pricing. At least this means I can buy the new pokemon mega construx and some marvel sets now that I'm skipping most of the wave.

  14. mark my words: they will reveal more (probable rebels) CCBS figures at star wars celebration. They did the same thing 2 years ago. they have to……. i need ahsoka and rex!!!!!

  15. Overall a great wave, my only complaint is that I wish we could have had Commander Bly instead of a Phase 2 Gunner Clone.

  16. In my opinion, the Republic Fighter Tank will definitely de-value the Aayla Secura figure that came with the Clone Turbo Tank (8098) because they look almost identical.

  17. I didn't like the rathar escape, but it has grown on me. Plus, I have the falcon, so I can add Ray, Finn, and the 2 Kanjiclub figs to make an awesome scene.

  18. Vader Transformation and both battle-packs I'll definitely get. The free maker sets and Quad jumper are silly choices in my opinion and I'm not a big fan of the rathtar scene so I won't be getting that. Hovertank is a possibility; I loved the old one. Overall, a pretty good wave, but Lego- please just dump freemaker and choose more relevant TFA sets!

  19. I'm still disappointed that they never made the rumored rebel base set. But we just need those freemaker sets, right? And the ship that was shown for two seconds then blown up immediately is just top priority, I guess.

  20. Overall good wave to me. Prices are steep as ever so I probably will only get the Bounty Hunter pack, but still fairly good.

  21. I love those buildable action figues, the battlepacks vaders transformation and the fighter tank. might get all of those sets

  22. No offense Just2Good, but I think ur a little too late on posting this video. I've already seen other YouTubers post the "Lego Star Wars 2017 Summer Set Pictures". but I have to give u props, this video has better quality then the others. So that is something positive out of ur video. Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

  23. That Bossk looks like a very Exclusive minifigure that will be really expensive on Amazon and eBay.

  24. I heard rumors saying the Vader transformation set will be 50-70 dollars. I REALLY hope that's not true. It's a 20-30 dollar set.

  25. I'm going to end up buying some of these sets, like the TX130 tank and the bounty hunters, but I'm only that interested in the Vader transformation since I never got the original one. I also wouldn't mind a new Palpatine and Vader since the last ones I got were in 2002's Final Duel 1 set.

  26. Why'd you say Bossk replaced Zuckuss? The original set description said it came with 3 minifigures, and that the author couldn't tell whether one of them was 4-LOM or Zuckuss. If anything, Bossk is a bonus, and a great one at that.

    In the end, I'm very happy with the Bounty Hunter Battle Pack and I'm definitely going to get it.

    I was certain LEGO was going to change Bossk's skin to Olive Green and I was right! I totally didn't expect for them to change the torso to Bright Light Yellow, though. After looking at pictures from the movie, I can see why they made the change.

    I was doubtful, but still afraid that 4-LOM would use the same head as in the preliminary images. I'm very glad I was wrong, because the minifigure looks great. The others are cool too, but Bossk and 4-LOM are what have me interested the most.

  27. I thought you already made a video about the pictures for the summer 2017 wave where you expressed your thoughts about them, and you found them from toy ark.

  28. I'm really happy they re-created that blue Jedi girlI don't know how to spell her name Nicole most version was creepy but thisVersion looks good

  29. I'm really happy with the bounty hunter pack. Bossk is my favoriete inclusion. We only got him in very expensive sets and he always looked odd to me there, he know finally has the right colours.

  30. The ONLY time I will ever want/get a buildable figure is that scout trooper and speeder bike… It looks incredible!

  31. I'm really not a fan of the buildable figures (the only one I ever bought because I thought he actualy looked decent was Grievous) but the scout trooper and speeder bike set actualy looks pretty good.

  32. I would buy both versions of the fighter tank to compare hem, and for the new Clone Gunner and for Aayla Secura.

  33. my b day is may 4 star wars day lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  34. My brother wanted the old clone tank but he couldn't cause it wasn't out when he wanted it so now the new ones out I. Can get it for him

  35. Umm… zuckuss was never going to be in the bounty hunter pack… at least not to my knowledge. What does he mean?

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