LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer sets list!

Hello just2good here, and Hothbricks has shared a list of the Summer
2017 LEGO Star Wars sets, thanks to annonymous source Jootgo. The sets are as follows… Two battle packs from episodes four through
seven, a Quadjumper, a Deathgang Playset, an Imperial Hovertank, a Vader Transformation set, an Advent Calendar, and two more Freemaker sets. Also, Brickset listed a set 75179 as Rebel
Hangar, from the New Hope… hmm, is it this cancelled Yavin 4 set,
which I covered in my Cancelled Sets 2 list? Okay, let’s take a closer look at this list. The two confirmed Episode 7 sets are the Quadjumper
and Death Gang set. The Quadjumper is a ship that appeared in
the Force Awakens for like, five seconds before it was blown up, when Rey and Finn were escaping Jakku. I wonder which characters will be in the set,
as the vehicle itself had such little screentime, it amazes me that the set has an MSRP of 60
EUROS. The Death Gang set, however, sounds like a great choice. This was the seen with the Rathtars – which you can see how those look along with
the Kanjiklub gang from the Force Awakens LEGO game. There’s some oddities here. For example, the set listed as an Imperial Hovertank set… didn’t we already get that from our first
Rogue One wave? And two Summer battle packs? I guess that makes sense since we are only
getting two battle packs in the January 2017 wave. versus the usual four that they put out in
Winter waves. Then there’s two more Freemaker sets, which may disappoint some, as the Freemakers sets from this year got
a lot of hate. I don’t mind so much, but it’s odd to get two sets on those as opposed
to more Rogue One sets, which it seems like we’re not getting anymore
Rogue One sets, unless the Imperial Hovertank is from Rogue
One, but that, we don’t even know, is the case. The surprise of the Rebel Hangar is also very
nice, I’d imagine it’s a retail exclusive as the
original source was from Brickset. It’s funny, the most normal sounding set here is the Vader
Transformation set. I have the one from 2005 and I really loved
that set. This new one will be a cheap way to get the
update Darth Vader I’d imagine, which I appreciate. Anyways, what do you guys think? Thanks to Hothbricks for the information. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer sets list!

  1. so in other words "tell that to kanjiklub" meme is getting a set. lego is just making sets of all the popular star wars memes

  2. Wait, didn't they just make an imperial hovertank? Well I guess they made an x-wing a year after the previous one

  3. darth vader set would be interesting if lego will include 3 or 2 medical droids maybe a emperor palpatine and maybe shocktrooper maybe not

  4. I hope the Vader Transformation set will have a small button that when pressed will play the cringy:"NOOOOoOUUhhuuuHHHhhh".

  5. I might be the only who really cares, but no prequel/Clone sets? The only battle pack with clones that's currently out is the geonosis battle pack(which is awesome), and only like 2 other sets have clones of any kind.

  6. hey just2good, I really enjoy these videos that update us on the upcoming lego starwars sets! I like your other videos too, so I'm not trying to be rude! but keep up the good work man and thanks for being a really good Lego youtuber!

  7. my guess is the tank mentioned is probably a TX-130 "according to wookipedia" which is cool! especially for such a low price

  8. You said you don't know if the Hovertank was a rogue one set but it is I have seen the set and there are shoretroopers which are only in rogue one.

  9. If they want to make a great set, they should make a Mandalorian Starfighter from Star Wars Rebels with a part of the Camp and with the Minifigures Kanan, Sabine, Fenn Rau and 2 Mandalorians. Who agrees? 😀

  10. Anyone think they will rehash the Battle of Endor for the battle packs or feature Imperial Scout Troopers in another way? I ask because I am contemplating purchasing said scout troopers and speeder bikes via Bricklink but do not wish to do so if Lego is going to release a newer, better version of them.

  11. The actual Tank is called Imperial Assault Hovertank and the new one Just imperial Hovertank. i hope the set is different

  12. I think they Should make more sets from the new Stuff. The winter wave has so many remakes. They should do more interesting Sets about Star Wars Rebels and more Sets about TFA. Or some stuff that was never made. Here are some ideas:
    1. Fenn Rau's mandalorian Starfighter
    2. The Battle on malachor
    3. Rebel Blockade Runner based on Rebels
    4. A new Tie fighter Collection
    5. Imperial landing craft based on rebels
    6. The Finalizer
    7. the inside of maz kanatas castle
    8. the battle on starkiller base
    i have much more ideas. i really think they should make more sets based on rebels because when the clone wars came out they made practically just sets based on that from 2008 – 2011. And these were always the best sets. Anyone eho agrees? 😀
    (sorry my english isnt the best)

  13. SW LEGO sets I'd want
    1. CIS battle packs
    2. TIE Bomber micro-fighter
    3. Shoretrooper battle pack
    4. Another Alderanian trooper battle pack (the blue guys with neck guards)
    5. A GCW Hondo Ohnaka set (maybe add those dark-trooper inspired sentry droids)
    6. An easy cheap way to get non-cartoon Phase I clones
    7. The Chimera
    8. Battle of Dathomir w/Grievous, droids, and Nightsisters
    9. Non-cartoon versions of CW vehicles
    10. Bespin guards battle pack
    11. UCS Mos Eisley Cantina with complete patrons
    12. Full-sized TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber sets
    13. An easy way to get Imperial marines/Death Star troopers
    14. AT-ST micro-fighter
    15. UCS Geonosis arena w/ jedis, clones, droids, geonosians, and arena beasts

  14. It would be nice if the Vader transformation set came with Vader and Palpatine. it's so hard to find them in a cheap set

  15. I think the freemaker sets are the disguised star scavenger from the finale and Zander's ship that I can't remember the name to but the there could be a battle scene

  16. By the way, I noticed the quad jumper in the rogue one rebel fleet! Maybe it is including minifigs from rogue one!

  17. Its not an imperial hovertank. It is actually a Republic hovertank from the Clone Wars. Its on brickset. No pictures though.

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