LEGO Star Wars 2017 R2-D2 polybag found!

Happy New Years, I’m Brother From Another Brick, and I’m covering in for just2good because
he is out with a cold. Yesterday, the Brick Fan revealed an interesting new
LEGO Star Wars 2017 polybag – it’s a brick built R2-D2! What’s weird is that the build is not minifigure
scale, but rather in its own scale. just2good told me that he likes this and that it’s a great switch up from the traditional
micro ships that tend to be LEGO Star Wars polybags. Also, he’s not sure if the prints in the set
are new, like the larger dome with an R2-D2 head print, or the 1×1 tiles in the middle. Either way, it looks great. We currently have no information on how to
obtain this polybag, but seeing how the numbering is in the 3 0
6 x x series, this will probably be in a minifigure based
promotion. Previous sets in that series include the Scooby
Doo DVD promo, Disco Batman, and the First Order Stormtrooper from May
the Fourth last year. just2good doesn’t think this will be the next
May the Fourth promo as it lacks the badge like last year’s had. Anyways, what do you guys think? You can check out my YouTube channel linked
down below, as well as the Brick Fan article.
just2good will return as soon as he feels better, so yeah, I’m Brother From Another Brick, and goodbye.

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