LEGO Spider-Man Vs Mysterio

It is I. MYSTERRRRRRRRRIIIIOOOOOOOOO Who Never heard of him. You got any poWER? I can do magic!! Hey kid, pick a number between one to a hundred. Ok add 5 to your number subtract two from that now subtract number you have now from the number you had at the beginning Got it. is it 3? um Who are you? oh god he’s horrible, malicious, cruel.. hE kNeW mY nUmBeR!!!!!! you didn’t oh. BUT I DID!! Mysterio will be known as the greatest hero that ever lived better than Iron Man better the adventures heck even better than you and Nobody can stop me nobody because I am Mysterio. My fishbowl, I can’t see There can be only one next Ironman BACK IN BLACK by AC DC plays I know in the movie Peter said Led Zeppelin but it’s actually AC DC. yuh Did somebody say next Ironman Hey spider-man No, no, no. No. No, I am The Next Iron Man. Not you. Nah, I totally am. Plus, I haven’t seen a single Spider-Man Movie. Oh, well, I haven’t seen a single war machine mov— oH wAiT tHeRe Isn’t OnE!! SUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUUBUBSCIRRRRRRRRRRRATDADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADDADDADADADABUBYBUBYBUBYBUBYBUBYBUBYBUBYBYFIREBACKFIRBACKFIREBACKDULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULUULULULUL EXPENSIVE PIZZA

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11 thoughts on “LEGO Spider-Man Vs Mysterio

  1. My Ranking in my favorite videos

    1. Spider-Man vs mystery
    2. Avengers vs Godzilla/Lord Tanos
    3. avengers New Years party


    Also congrats at 100 subs bro, ur content is amazing I could watch ur vids for hours

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