LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming sets descriptions!

Hello, just2good here, and our boy Delta Customs has revealed more
exciting information – this time around it’s on the LEGO Spider-Man
Homecoming sets! The first set is a Bank Robbery set, with Spider-Man and two robbers that have
Avengers in their names… what that mean, I’m not sure. If that’s a hint, somebody let me know what is meant there. The second set is with Spider-Man, the Vulture with big brick-built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. That’s a nice surprise! I mean, we do know Robert Downey Jr. will
be Tony Stark in the film, but it’s nice to hear that he will put on
the suit. Now, while I originally heard there would
be three sets, I think there might be only two as one of
them was actually a Thor Ragnorak set, which we now know is getting two sets at the
least. Either way, Delta only described two sets, so this furthers my theory. Either way, it’s interesting that we first got the vulture
in 2016, and we’re now getting him in 2017. Of course, this will be Michael Keaton’s version
with brickbuilt wings, so it’ll be much different. And the MCU Spidey looks awesome, so I would love to see more of him. What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming sets descriptions!

  1. Well I for one am thrilled for these sets and getting the MCU Spiderman in other sets as well, is a win win!

  2. Perhaps the thieves were hired by Tony to test Spider-man's abilities in the movie, or maybe they are just people with anti-avengers shirts.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. I'd imagine the Avengers names thing is more along the lines of 'Hulk Peterson' or something, or maybe they mean Avengers which haven't yet appeared in the movies, in which case this could be an Easter egg from the movie.

  4. The names might be avengers real names. The robbers are called frank castle for example. Names of characters they'll never do in the movies.

  5. Not a fan of Tony suiting up in Homecoming. This should be Peter's fight and Tony is already disobeying the accords which he fought so hard to defend.

  6. These Superheroes set descriptions have been amazing, it makes me glad that Lego is giving equal treatment to all the MCU movies in 2017, as opposed to Spider-man hogging the spotlight (Though, you could say the same about GoTG next year)

    Bring on the Justice League sets, Delta and j2g!!

  7. Idk what "Avengers in their names" means. But maybe it would be two people pretending to be Thor and hulk because they are "missing" and they are trying to ruin their good name. So like it would be Thor Robber and Hulk Robber

  8. The reason for it saying they will have avengers in their names, is because I've heard they'll be dressed up like avengers

  9. The robber name sets mean they are wearing classic avenger masks as they rob the bank. Its there in the trailer.

  10. The robbers that have avengers in there name means in the trailer the robbers have masks that has a face of one of the avengers

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