LEGO Spider-Man Bike Rescue set review! 76113

hello everyone this is another Lego
spider-man set of recent release it’s spider-man bike rescue so let’s go ahead
and take a look at the bike first because it is the main build now there
are a number of things that strike me about this when I look at it right from
the start it is a huge motorcycle first and foremost relative to the size of the
minifigure you can see that poor Spidey is just hanging on for dear life in a
very awkward position with his legs and I can only imagine that to get on this
he has to take quite a leap possibly even Webb assisted take it up there but
beyond the issue of scale which is very common amongst Lego motorcycles that are
designed specifically for play these days I actually like the shaping of the
bike and I like the color scheme and where they put the different colors on
it the fairing looks very complete you know everything kind of flows very
nicely I like the the angle there the rake of the rear fender up there I like
always having wide enough tires on any kind of toy a motorcycle to be able to
just let things stand there to be able to just roll it along without worrying
that it’s going to fall over you know before it gets to its destination
this also is set up to be able to be angled over to look like he’s swerving
through traffic that looks really cool and it just feels fun it feels right
nothing’s gonna fall off from doing that and it just is it’s very natural there’s
also a single action feature on this side which again works really well with
just normal play because you know put your hand on this you roll it around and
then your thumb is right there on the trigger for this kind of spider shooter
as they have it set up right now you can set up different things to fit there as
long as they’re narrow enough but yeah thumb is right there shoots off one of
these spider things and they give you an extra one in the set as well you can
kind of just connect one of those to the side here if you want to have a place to
put it on the other side it’s supposed to be a web spinner you know a web
cannon web shooter doesn’t actually fire anything off though this is
kind of in suspended animation right now so if you want to fire it off you have
to just grab it and make it go which isn’t that bad of a thing it’s really
not bad at all but I think would have been nice
nicer to have something that would actually fire off from this side as well
probably wouldn’t wouldn’t work quite as well as something shooting the smaller
elements like this but I don’t know I think one of the smaller little webs as
I’ll show you in a minute they have a full set of the new 2019 web blast
elements in here but I think one of the smaller ones would have worked out but
that’s that’s that I also don’t like having the exposed Technic beams here
but it’s not that big of a deal just doesn’t quite fit the the textures of
everything else but overall a very nice looking bike it should play very well
just a little bit sad about how Spidey has to hold on to the thing and they
could have included one more actual shooting element and kids could have
used it if they wanted or not use it if they didn’t want him and this is a
really nice side build for a little power generator unit it looks really
good without kind of picking it apart you know looking at the specifics and
trying to figure out exactly why each design decision was made I just think it
looks good I like I like these panels on the sides
I like the overall shaping of the thing looks like it has good amount of detail
these are printed these these stripe patterns are printed on the 1 by 2 tiles
got some lights around the edges and this has a good action feature built
right into it around the back you start to see maybe a couple too many heat
colors but it’s still not bad but if you have these web elements not attached
then it makes it very easy to blow this up the idea is that it has been attacked
you can see the panel on the front has it been taken apart I’m assuming that’s
like a safety release lying or monitoring line or something has been
removed this is gonna go critical and you just
push there maybe do it with a little bit more for us a little more gusto than
that huh yeah there we go and these bits just follow I think they
look good just by themselves I know such simple things but yeah you know simple
enough action feature but I think this thing looks just fine not doing anything
so yeah nice to have some a little structure build every now and then it
looks pretty cool and that brings us to the next smaller thing which is actually
a figure this is carnage and he’s got all sorts of tendrils coming off of him
and going in all different directions you can really turn these around because
has that forearm connection for bar connection pack adapter if you will on
on the back you can really bring these things forward you can rotate them
around you can really repose this pretty significantly have all of that facing
forward for a direct attack yeah someone coming up in front of them all these
gonna be spun around in different ways so this looks pretty good without even
looking at the details of the print on there we’ll get up closer have to take
some stuff off but I like overall what they’ve done here and yeah turn some of
these back this isn’t pulling out I can rotate that around try see if I can have
a couple of these facing back and then have a couple of these facing down and
maybe get it to just stand up off the air it is yes my first time trying this
Anna I wasn’t sure it would work but I thought it would there we go yeah it’s
not too bad that’s that’s cool see it’s it’s up off off the ground and that’s
without even re organizing any of the pieces you know reordering them moving
around I think you can do stuff even more interesting than that
I like this overall let’s take a closer look yeah still good all that
musculature all the veins print it up very nicely they got a little bit of
dark red into the print on the torso there which is you know adding a little
bit of extra depth I like how it just continues through looks pretty well done
I mean some printing on the side would have been just icing on the cake
as it is I think it’s pretty good I think the arms being blank kind of helps
to merge a little bit better with the non printed pieces you know that that
that stick out it’s too bad that most of the time you’re not able to appreciate
the print on the back of the torso because that’s pretty good as well but
when you put the pack on that has all the extra arms attached to it or all the
extra things coming out and you don’t see that but yeah everything is done
pretty consistently and pretty well I actually feel like this is a decently
collectible figure this is Legos 2019 or at least early 2019 comic version of
spider-man with the dual molded legs they’re very nice-looking mask I think
that is one of the better-looking ones just in my personal opinion that they’ve
done so far Jorah soap isn’t my favorite i would say but the printing on there is
is good it’s just unfortunate that the blue stops or abruptly around the sides
they’re not not a whole lot can be done about that with the current production
techniques looks a lot better from the back I think the the torso does the the
amount of blue and we’re all and overall a pretty good figure
I do like and then here’s one more spider-man or depending upon the
timeline that you’re looking at spider-man to be it’s Miles Morales
another well done figure this one has attached to his hands right now a couple
of the extra web elements from the web of blast pack that comes with each of
these spider-man sets for this season and you can set those up in different
ways those are configurable in different ways because they have bars attached to
them and you can also connect some of them with studs and things but just
focusing on the figure itself very good printing on this one I think it could
have been just a little bit more opaque with the printing on the torso but
otherwise looks looks good looks strong also looks collectible to me but I think
the only thing that this really could have benefited from is a set of France
just subtle in the the hip and leg pieces especially the
hips just get a little bit more into that would have made this closer to
perfect also in the pack of web pieces you get this web handcuff set that just
fits over a minute figures hands so if you have a figure that can be handcuffed
then you can use these this set is unashamedly aimed towards younger kids
keep that in mind it’s not supposed to be a collector item although it does
come with some collectible stuff I think that the bike the main thing that you
pay for here is probably the weakest thing in the set I like that for what it
is better than I like this although this gets a lot more play value or gives a
lot more play value for sure I mean I’ve seen kids take vehicles with them
absolutely everywhere so it’s good that it has a good solid build probably one
of parents will probably want to think about leaving all this at home and also
leaving the projectiles off from the stud shooter on the other side the
figures are just really good really really good in this I think that
collectors will really appreciate those my personal favorite is the carnage here
not just for its prints but all the stuff that’s attached to it and all it
sticks out and it’s so configurable very very cool and I think the price is very
reasonable for the amount of stuff that you get here and for the number of
figures that are included and how good they are you know if you happening from
me thank you for watching hope you enjoy this hope that this helps you to come to
your own conclusion about this set whether you like it or you don’t
I’ll doctor you in soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Spider-Man Bike Rescue set review! 76113

  1. You know what I just realized: The Spider-Slayers are the most obvious mechs/vehicles to do for Spider-Man sets, and yet LEGO keeps just making up new Spider-vehicles instead!

  2. It's not a bad set but the last Carnage figure we got was far better in terms of design and it had arm printing. Plus it came in a $13 set with that exact same Miles Morales figure.

  3. The carnage minifig with all his tendrils sticking out makes me think that carnage took control of Doctor Octopus

  4. I think it would be awesome if Lego made some sort of giant Spider-Man web set. A bunch of those long rope pieces off of two street lamps or something, joined with clips and droid arms and the like. It would be awesome.

    Also, nice little reference to Roxxon on the box art.

  5. I think that they made it to big what they could have done is recolor the dirt bike and then added a webshooter on the side

  6. This is actually my favorite Spiderman 2019 set because the minifigures are great, the sidebuild is great and the Spiderbike is great. In my opinion a Spiderbike is the most logical vehicle for Spiderman to have.

  7. That bike is simply huge! It's not bad looking, but this set works more for kids in general, but the minifigs are quite collectable, as you said Jang, not a bad set at all, it works well.

  8. I think the side build is supposed to be a symbiote containment unit, like the ones seen in Venom. That explains why there's webs trying to hold it shut. Even though there's electricity near it on the box and it belongs to Roxxon.

  9. I appreciate gray technic bushings on each wheel side, it could be yellow ones 😛 And the Carnage is pretty cool.

  10. I just wanted to tell you that i was your fan since 2010 until 2014.
    You have give me motivation to play legos. Now i am 13 and thank you. Hope you heart this comment.


  11. Can't they include a police car or something instead of a motorcycle for Spider-Man? The power generator is really cool. You can use that build in a lot of different sets. Star Wars, DC Heroes, ect. The two spider-man figure prints look like their abs go up to their chin.

  12. I have left the lego community quite some years ago.. i always used to watch jangbricks.. and after alll these years.. coming here and looking on of his vids. Is sok nostalgic.. and brings back good memories.. glad to know jangbricks is still going on with his channel. Best of luck❤

  13. Tbh I prefer the original Carnage figure. That one had more detail and looked better imo. This is a pretty good set for relatively cheap tho

  14. The Spider-Man chest design is like Alex Ross's All New All Different design from the comics. The head design is like a John Romita Sr head design which in my opinion, is Lego's best Spider-Man head print because I always wanted a Romita Spider-Man figure.

  15. The one thing I think is wrong with this set is the Miles Spider-Man. They SHOULD HAVE done his Spider-man into the spiderverse design, that would have been better IMO. I'm still getting this set tho.

  16. I really don’t get why they keep giving Spider-Man vehicles. He really doesn’t ever use or need them. Once in a while is fine, but having almost all the sets he’s in based on a vehicle is a bit much.

  17. Hey guys i have web and climbing abilities but i only use vehicles,lego will make carnage a serial killer and lobo a bounty hunter but won’t make a cw flash lego set

  18. I love this set XD im thinking about making a spider cave for like a spider verse thing so this bike will work very well for me

  19. LEGO protec
    LEGO attac
    But most importantly….

    LEGO has been making superhero bikes way to big since way bacc

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