LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 911 RSR & Turbo 3.0 review! 75888

hello everyone this is the lego speed
champions 911 RSR and 911 turbo 3.0 set has a very literal name doesn’t it well
let’s get straight to the cars there have been numerous variations of the
Porsche 911 or vehicles with that name in the many decades they’ve been
producing them however this one comes from the run between 1975 and 1989 quite
a long run indeed that was arguably the most iconic of them all as a as a group
now there were many variations within this specific run this is a first
generation turbo so it would have been 1975 to 1977 with they even say in the
title the 3.0 engine and it has just a few aesthetic specificities that kind of
make sure you know it is from that that three year span including the lack of a
sticker placed here to represent a little bit of trim that would have been
added this is also a pre intercooler model with the way that they’ve done the
rear deck there and it also has just a single exhaust outlet there for the 3.0
version so nice attention to detail shaping here I think he’s really good
it’s it’s a nice build I appreciate the the use of the the Technic pieces up
front to hold the headlights would have been nice to get a matching color for
the axle pin that goes through there that’s holding us all together but I
mean all things considered this is done pretty nicely with a minimum number of
stickers they went with really really Lippe wheels would be nice to get some
dark-coloured centres there maybe at least with the bushings and the axles
the actual Technic axles going through but I appreciate what they’re trying
there they used some older wheels with the speed champions tires that have the
same inner diameter but just the tires have
this width here nothing opens up on this except for just the driving compartment
the wing I mean it can be removed but it just leaves you with a notch there I
guess you can make this into a a non terminal model if you want and of course
you just lift this up interestingly when you lift up the windshield sometimes
it’ll bring with it this brick beneath yeah just what it is not the
greatest-looking interior but not bad you know common dates the figure just
fine overall the building for this is pretty
straight forward on the racing side from the modern era the current era this is
actually the second attempt the speed champions design team has taken at a
modern 991 series 911 RSR and this one looks so much better
than the previous one from the finish line set that they did earlier on I mean
the proportions are just so much better it’s it’s so much lower it’s less boxy
it’s more sleek the the shoulders are lower so much lower just everything is
significantly better about this new one just shows how how much experience they
have gained and how much they’ve been able to benefit from the introduce the
introduction of new pieces I mean it’s just so critical when trying to make
specific replica designs of real-life things especially at small scales to
have pieces available very specific pieces available you don’t have those
pieces available it really really limits you so this uses all the the newest
parts that we’re familiar with including things like the quarter round tile piece
there one by one they’ve also got the white color for the one by two by one
modified slope with no stud on top used here they’ve also used the 1 by 2 plate
with rounded corners a little bit of shaping right in there
and this introduces a piece that I had never seen before used for the lower
deck the actual spoiler not the wing but the spoiler down beneath this is a new
modified 1 by 2 plate piece here let me take that off actually and it has a high
angle spoiler with Center connection and the two outermost stud lengths are
completely opened underneath so we will surely see this being used in a number
of things in the future as well I think the diffuser at the rear looks
really good they’ve used the modified 1 by 1 round plate with bars sticking out
to give you the little exhausts outlets there and just like they used one of
those on me the 911 turbo yeah just great part uses all around yet it’s
still not difficult to put together it’s still something that you can put
together by just following the instructions in the most straightforward
manner there are no real tricks there are no parts where you need to balance
things or where you feel like you need three hands or anything so that’s a real
testament to the the just the talent of the designer here and to the standards
that Lego constantly enforces upon themselves to make sure their products
are just workable and and buildable and approachable by a wide age range and get
into the driver’s compartment very easily here and that has a nice color
scheme on the inside of it even doesn’t have any things that look kind of out of
place with the colors I guess yeah you got a little bit of yellow towards the
front but that’s it’s just the tiniest thing I think it looks pretty nice for
what it is inside and out goes together well oh yeah I think that the sticker
application here is absolutely perfect they could have gone with more to make
it a little bit more detailed to have a little bit more of the absolute you know
replica of the the livery of one of these racers but
I think that the number of stickers here is is high yet very very reasonable and
very appropriate for the vehicle I did actually this time remember to take a
little bit of footage of this without the stickers applied and what do you
know it actually looks good just plain as well it kind of looks like a
pre-season or introductory you know reveal version of a of a race car before
they apply the actual you know sponsor it up graphic tup you know paint schemes
and and vinyl schemes so if you want to build one like this fortunately you can
without changing out any parts you don’t really need to change the colors at all
I think it looks pretty nice just like that as well as with most of the speed
champions offerings this set also includes one extra set of wheel inserts
and these will specifically work on the speed champions wheels therefore it’ll
only work on the RS are in this set the sets I’d build is kind of small but
stout it’s well built and I think it makes for a nice little bit of backdrop
it has a fantastic feature built into it I mean most of this is just you know
stuff to give you a little bit of an edge of a track but I love the lap
counter it is perfect it is absolutely perfect you just rotate this and it has
stickers the hair so you can get one lap – laps three laps four laps I think this
is the best that Lego has ever done with any sort of counter feature they’ve done
various counter features some of them statics some with things that you move
before but I don’t think any have been this good it looks great and it works so
simply it’s such a simple build I don’t know why they didn’t do it before but I
love it I think it’s really really good they also give you this pit board that a
minifigure can hold up and even that has a little counter number moving feature
built into it that works great and uses multiple stickers so here you have kind
of the order that you would expect these to be running but
you can swap things around if you’re just having some imaginative play and do
that again really really simple but works perfectly yeah you see that on the
back but I think that’s okay and it’s not too thick and it can actually be
held by the figure I mean it needs to be you know partly on the ground but it
scales well another well done little thing here are the three figures up
close with the classic driver on the left to the modern driver in the middle
and just a bit crew member I guess or engineer on the right the two on the
right have the exact same torso and all of these torsos are our gender-neutral
so you can feel free to you know swap heads around between them without
anything looking awkward they have no prints on the backs of V or
tops of the helmets I’ll just take those off and let’s see
what the prints look like on the back here as well stole again just good stuff
yeah that’s just a fantastic display of progress from Lego you know when you
look at the before and after for essentially the the same car what they
did previously and what they’ve done now with this set with the use of the most
recent pieces that have been added to their their inventory collection they’ve
been able to make things look significantly better than before and yet
the builds are still solid so progress is just a wonderful thing to see I think
that both of these cars look great I think personally that the RS are looks
better with its proportions being a little bit more accurate but the classic
911 turbo is possibly a more displayable more collectible thing I think that it’s
pretty close just a little bit a little bit pinched in the head I would say you
know it would have been nice if maybe the center could have been a a 5 wide
build but they don’t make pieces 5 wide for the windscreen which is kind of the
issue there and 6 wide would have been too much would have been too much of a
pedestrian looking vehicle so in all good work better than even before and I
hope that Lego will continue to introduce more
small really useful detail pieces they are really the keys to making more
interesting and more realistic small builds that our minifig
compatible and this is just more proof of that that’s it for my thoughts about
this set though feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below and
I’ll talk to you again soon bye for now you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 911 RSR & Turbo 3.0 review! 75888

  1. Second car's spoiler piece is from the 2017 Juniors Cars line I didn't get. Any thoughts about the 911 RSR & Turbo 3.0?

    Compare to the 2015 Porsche set:

  2. My gosh, what a beauty the Turbo is! I find myself revelling more in classic cars rendition rather than the modern ones.

  3. But… “ where” do you get these, I see you mark the price and tried to check the description, you make me jealous

  4. the spoiler piece is NOT new this piece was used several times in lego cars. Especially for the lighting McQueen.

  5. I love it when we get a glimpse into your life other than your love of LEGO. For example, you’re definitely a car guy and I appreciate the wealth of knowledge you have of formula 1 and cars in general. It was the Ferrari semi truck set that got me back into LEGO as an adult. Also, when you showed us the Big Bang Theory set, I could tell you hate that show just as much as I do, and I loved hearing about that lol

  6. I love the back half of the modern porche. Shaping is fantastic. The front is okay, but the headlights sharp angle still irks me slightly

  7. It's really cool that you took the time to learn in what years these porsches were made. I really like attention to detail like that.

  8. This model of the RSR is different to the 2015 model. The new one is mid-engined whilst the older model/set is rear engined.

  9. Ooh $30 –> £40. Eee yikes. That is a new low for terrible exchange rates. (Nearly double the price if you have the misfortune of living in the UK)

  10. Hello, JANGBRiCKS!

    Very important question here:

    This set looks great! But the thing that worries me is that it hasn't been released in the USA yet, which is where I live, and you have it. How did you get this set in your hands?



  11. It would be so great if they made the modified 1x2x1 slope they used for the headlights here but with a stud on the slope. They could then use actual round tiles for headlights instead of stickers. 🙂

  12. These are get looking additions to the speed champion series. I cannot wait until they arrive in Australia. Great reviews

  13. Just built this set. I love it. I particularly like the fact that the green car does not have the typical car base Piece to build the car around. BTW, love your nonbias Lego reviews.

  14. Lego has never been able to make a piece that would perfectly represent modern day Porsche 911 headlights. The piece on this year's 911 RSR headlights was the closest one. If that part could be round instead of just plain slope, it would be perfect.

  15. I think the 911 Turbo 3.0 would look closer to the original with 1×1 black round plate inside each wheel. Fuchs wheels are also part of the distinctive legendary design 😉

  16. Picked this up Friday, the green 911 is so nice. I was back at Toys R Us a few days later and they were all sold out, so grab it while you can.

  17. Man, I'm so glad they didn't use a blue pin on the classic Porsche. I hope they will make more classic cars, like an F40 and a Countach. Now that'd be a two-pack I'd buy in a heartbeat.

  18. I bought the Porsche 919 earlier today, well, 2 of them for £15 from an Argos store near me, they have this set going for £35, so I’ll get that in a few weeks. Thanks so much for the reviews, really appreciate it.

  19. This is a BEAUTIFUL set! Reminds me of my old car, how I miss it 🙁
    Hopefully they keep making Porsche, would love a 928S like my current ride, a 914, a 550, a 356 and a Cayenne possibly.

  20. I got it today. I love the 911 3.0

    I no joke tripped over my feet when you showed the difference between old and new

  21. Right now Porsche Turbo is available as separate set 75985! I think only color has changed to white (which is better choice for classic 70's Porsche)

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