LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna review! 75892

hello and welcome back this is my review
of the lego speed champions McLaren Senna it is the third McLaren car to be
introduced in the speed champions line in it’s one of the first speed champions
cars to be released for 2019 the very first thing that I need to do here in
this video is establish exactly what we’re looking at now as best I can tell
from everything that I’ve seen this is not based on just a a simple basic
McLaren Senna this is actually directly inspired by the carbon themed edition
from everything that I’ve been able to see I might be mistaken on this but I’m
pretty sure it’s based on the carbon themed edition which is a basically raw
carbon-fibre bodied thing of amazement with a lot more orange accents they’re
actually an orangish yellow than the standard vehicle and I think if you
spend some time if you would like to spend some time looking at images of the
the carbon themed edition of this and kind of go back and forth it’ll help you
to to understand what different elements are what different you know what
different parts are supposed to represent on the real thing gives you
more of a direct alignment if you’re looking at this as a you know as as an
attempt at a replica now I’m just gonna say right from the start I feel like
this is not a very good replica of a McLaren Senna no matter what theme that
that you’re looking at and I know that many people will disagree with me on
that or will take issue with me daring to criticise the look of something that
looks so cool but looking at it as a replica I think that the nose basically
right there looks awesome and is as accurate as I could possibly ask for and
then some from a Lego thing I think that the tail
section back there yeah very basically everything you see right here is great
it’s just wonderfully done so much better than I could
you’d bring in more of this little center divider here that starts to kill
it for me at least the windscreen is placed in the right place relative to
the front axle I think but I just don’t see enough of the distinguishing
features of a Center this is just stuff to kind of establish where I’m coming
from and if you stick with me then good for you I’ve got a lot more to say about
this that’s a lot more positive because all that that I just said aside I feel
like this is one of the greatest Lego cars ever especially for for its size
it’s it’s definitely one of the hottest looking Lego cars I’ve ever had my hands
on or that I’ve ever seen in person I’m the build for it is simply amazing
it’s it’s it’s incredible I really liked the little mini cooper the classic Mini
Cooper that they did which has a really unique build this also has a very unique
build this introduces more and uses more cool techniques more interesting part
usages that I’ve seen on anything of this size from an actual produced you
know mass-produced official Lego set ever I mean it’s it’s that good if you
want to check out my build of this you can see my build over on my builds
channel but if you’re interested in buying one of these things based on what
it looks like you might not want to actually watch that build video because
you might want to just discover some of the techniques in in real time just as
you go through the instructions there are some real surprises and I won’t
spoil too many of them here unfortunately looking at the thing is
going to automatically spoil some stuff for you and it is kind of my
responsibility going through this as a review to also consider the build
techniques and part usage but I won’t go too far with it the most interesting
thing in in how it’s built I believe is the use of an upside-down short
windscreen down down here where’s my where’s my hair Oh
down here that’s an upside-down windscreen one of those little one brick
tall windscreens little little sliver one that is typically used for smaller
than minifig scale cars it’s mounted upside down in there I won’t spoil how
it’s connected but it’s it’s it’s perfect it’s absolutely perfect there’s
still room to put a minifigure in there you can seat a minifigure inside of this
thing but that’s an upside-down windscreen which gives you those those
large side door windows that are on the real thing as well now I think that the
sticker that’s used there yeah they do rely on stickers quite a bit in this set
unfortunately the sticker is not quite doing it the upper part of that this
upper beam here really needed to be much much thicker I feel that the height of
that the gray section right there needs to be significantly greater to really
capture some of the uniqueness of the of the look of the real thing I also really
really really have a problem with how much orange is here on the real thing
even on the carbon theme one if that’s what it is they only put orange just
along the sides and it’s it the orange is dominated by the the centre grey so
here you’ve got the orange going all the way back and I did bring in an extra
piece into the studio so just by carrying the natural base colour of the
body has established here through I think that that actually does much
better this is actually Wow is actually my first time putting that piece on and
just brought the piece with me and looks so much better to me now Wow
wow that really helps tie everything together I did not realize just how much
the excess orange on this piece was ruining for ruining it for me that
really helps to me to tie the nose back to the windscreen so now instead of
having this the suspension of disbelief zone right here that really messes with
them my mind I now see Senna going all the way through to here and then it’s
just a little bit of area in here that that kind of falls apart the sides
though and a valiant effort was made to get the side scoops in there it’s just
not dark enough in that space again I feel like the sticker is messing it up
maybe it’s mostly the stickers on this entire set that are messing enough that
honeycomb needs to be significantly larger it should have gone all the way
up in here should have had a lot of darkness in this this whole area to
establish that that huge scoop and then like I mentioned already this was
thicker and if the gray sticker for the top of this was able to be made the
full-size are just significantly larger in some way to allow that gray to go
from the nose to the base of the windscreen just leaving the horns on the
side or even if there is way to do just orange stickers for the side since this
is a fairly advanced model I think that that would have made this amazing Wow so
going back to the default build the way it’s intended to be and the way that you
build it right out of the box please understand that any time that I
criticize something like this it is out of care I know a lot of viewers really
get upset when I provide critique especially if it feels strong because
viewers know that Lego designers are very very good well I know that Lego
designers are very very good I know that they’re great in fact they are masters
they are better at Lego work than I will ever be in my entire life I do not
critique them out of jealousy I don’t take them out of being mean I critique
stuff that they do I critique stuff that’s in front of me because I care I
care about the source material I like cars I’ve always liked cars and I want
this thing to to look amazing and when it doesn’t or if there are things about
it or anything things about anything that I see in front of me in the studio
that don’t make sense to me or that aren’t ideal or that don’t match up with
the way that I expect them to be or the way they should be based on source
material I’m going to call that out it’s not out of hate it’s just out of
honestly doing my job here as a as a reviewer so just continue on to the back
as I already mentioned and near the outset the back of this is really good
it’s a little bit thick here but it has to be at the top of the the wing let me
get you down lower you know at the thickest point it is the full height of
a brick not including a stud on the top so it’s you know two plates and a tile
thick but that was necessary to get this to be strong enough to hold itself
together you could actually take off one layer of that I believe and it’ll still
hold itself together kind of but they couldn’t have sold it like that the
designer actually got in a very nice approximation of the the swan neck style
mounts for the wing there which is very good the use of these triangular
elements on the side I believe is wonderful all this shaping in here is
very interesting to me they got the diffuser there nice that there’s some
orange showing around the wheel inside of the wheel wells also the orange
outline by the way that we see here with the actual orange wheel with the black
insert is intended to represent the lettering and line work on that Pirelli
PZero option tires for this thing you know it should be yellow it’s like a
second orangish yellow again so yeah there’s just a color substitution that
was done here to try to get it closer which is fine and then these these
lights that use what was I think first a Nexo Knights spear point element you’re
done in red those are very well done well placed is very nice and another
element that was transparent and originally introduced in Nexo Knights is
used up here for these lights these are XO Knights trans neon reddish orange or
oranges red axes and they’re inserted in an
interesting way that’s actually far less tricky than I was originally expecting I
thought there’s going to be some interesting angling of
parts to hold it in I didn’t know how it was all gonna fit but again I won’t
spoil that for you but the pieces are there they’re plain to be seen
and it did it did go together nicely and it was enjoyable and it was a good
little surprise again I really like the front end of this thing just like I like
the back end and one thing that I have not mentioned just yet is this outlet
here behind each of the front vendors this section this hollow down area
that’s very good has some nice depth nice shaping with the wedge curved
curved wedge the curved piece of 1 by 2 by 2/3 with the 45-degree cut on it
coming down to the two-sided 1×1 panel yeah that’s just that’s very very good
detail again considering the interior one other thing I should note before I
take you inside is that this top of the canopy roof area here is actually a
sticker previously on speed champions they’ve they’ve done prints but they
switch to a sticker here which I think actually turns out just fine but it is a
little bit of a downgrade compared to what they had established as their their
standard and yeah so the interior is pretty simple but it’s it’s fine and a
figure will go in there of course he sits pretty straight up and down looks
very good in the car I guess Weiser came up just a little bit just fix that yeah
yeah his his head is just at the right level which is great yeah you get just a
good view of him in the front as well that’s that’s excellent placement
looking at that figure more closely he matches up with the color scheme very
well and I like the medium silver print on him especially you see that on the
legs with the honeycombing and also the stripes it’s also on the torso there
yeah there we go I can really see the shine of it so it’s not the brightest
silver which is good I think that if they use the brightest sower would have
looked a little bit tacky but a really good looking driver that really matches
this vehicle excellently very well done printing out a little bit of silver on
the back too didn’t realize that along the sides on the upper part of the torso
no alternate face for this one which is just fine but you know this works and
then there’s this thing as a side build this is supposed to be a fan in a wind
tunnel so you do your wind tunnel testing with this it’s so incomplete as
a wind tunnel fan that I would prefer to look at it as a dyno van where it makes
a lot more sense now you just need to build yourself a little dyno stand or
pretend that there is one and then you can roll up to this and you know keep
some hope some airflow over the car while you’re testing it in in place and
this has a little gear on the back to let you spin it up now why did they
include this cynics would say to bump up the price of course because Lego only
cares about money they don’t care about their fans they just threw in this thing
that nobody wants so that they could increase the price technically an
argument can be made that that is true I don’t know if that argument can be won
but it’s a lot easier to look at this from the perspective of the folks who
are doing most of the work on sets the designers and to realize that they are
given a budget for every single set and at the end of build of the main thing
that you’re actually paying for that you actually want that is intended to be the
primary sale of the you know selling point of the set if they have some
budget left over then they’re allowed to make something extra that’s why you see
a lot of little little often dumb builds on the sides of some of the most most or
some most so far have the speed champions cars they they just have had
budget leftover and I am willing to bet in this case that this actually puts the
thing over budget I’m willing to bet that there was budget for probably about
that just looking at the the part count on this thing and the size of pieces and
everything it doesn’t have prints but I still betcha there was budget for about
that much and the designer was like look I need to finish something so let me do
something probably gave a couple of options or a few options and then this
was was chosen and there’s there’s wiggle room it’s it’s a whole thing you
know Lego is is not a simple company working for Lego is not a simple thing
doing product design is not a simple thing they’re a lot of steps a lot of
departments and a lot of people with a lot of different talents who ultimately
work together but that’s more than you need to know you just came here to see a
car in here what I think about it here are the spare parts that are left over
after you build the vehicle so a couple of cool ones here and the rest of this
stuff over here is pretty plain and as usual you do get an extra set of wheel
cover inserts here’s the gratuitous family
shot I’m sure you knew was coming with the earliest over on the right feet p1
the 720 s is in the center and the new ones on the left
720s was another that I felt did not capture the source material well at all
I think it was the worst at that definitely had some good elements but in
total mm not missed the mark the original the p1 looked pretty cool and
worked out pretty well for the parts that were available at the time the new
one the Sena is just in a class of its own
relatively speaking this is in a class of its own I believe relative to all of
the ESP champion builds to date it just beats all of them so yes I have very
strong feelings about this scent I think it is truly fantastic as a Lego build
even if you don’t care about cars at all I think it’s truly fantastic as a Lego
build if you like fast cars and I think it’s pretty cool as a McLaren Senna
build if you care McLaren Senna’s and you take off this
piece and you replace it with just a plain grey one that makes such a
difference it it does still leave some in my opinion glaring errors issues at
least with the stickers in particular they just really were not able to do
justice to the source material part of that may be a large part of that was due
to limitations in size of the the die cuts that are allowed per Legos own
internal standards they don’t allow stickers to be made that go edge to edge
on pieces they just don’t and you know you’re you’re limited in and how much
you can kind of mess around with that I I suppose I in in hindsight I should
have moved this no sticker back as far as I could but then that would have left
more of a gap up at the front so that might be something that you can do
certainly if you’re able to do something custom for that you can make this look
much better those side ones also just don’t match the look of the real thing
which has a very tall relative area here the real one the real cars rear wheel
and tire looks very small by comparison relative to the entire car because the
the rear the haunches of this are so strangely shaped for a supercar or hyper
car being just so voluminous being so large and round and drooping down as
much as they do to the sides and towards the rear really takes a lot of the
aggressiveness out of that design of the car and the appearance of the real car
and that varies a little bit based on which color scheme that you’re looking
at but yeah overall a very evocative experience for me putting this thing
together looking at pictures of the real thing comparing them directly to this
including that carbon themed edition which matches it most closely getting
away from it forgetting about it coming back with a with a fresh eye and
looking at it and seeing you know just what my initial impression is again with
you know with with less prejudice and then sitting there and staring and
looking at the thing and trying to figure out some of the lines and some of
the design decisions thinking of it from the perspective of someone designing
this trying to get inside of the head of the lego designer yeah yeah just going
back and forth it this thing just really really drew me in which is certainly a
very positive thing overall and if you like what you see in this just get it
trust me you build it you’ll love it even if you
agree with any of my criticism criticisms of it which I suspect most
people won’t but that’s okay that’s what opinions are all about everybody’s gonna
have different ones hopefully thank you for watching this review though hope
that you enjoyed it one way or another and I’ll touch you again very soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna review! 75892

  1. I'm not into cars, never was, but this build here is truly amazing and I'm definitely gonna get it for the looks and building experience it provides.

    Also I'm not bothered by the length of the video, actually I enjoyed every minute of it quite a bit. I always appreciate when reviewers take their time and speak their mind, that really shows how much passion goes into what they do.

  2. Your voice is super nice to listen to, super calm.
    I am Dutch and not very good at English, so the sentence is probably not correct

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  9. Most of the Speed Champions have issues with 'Capturing' the Look of a Vehicle for me (not saying they're Bad)
    So you're okay lol
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  24. Bit late to the party but doesn't this set technically use an illegal technique? The snot component at the tail lights where the triangular piece extrudes has a 2-plate clearance but a 1 stud tall snot should take up 2.5 plates (2 studs = 5 plates). I know that the triangular piece isn't exactly 2 studs long, but I recently purchased and built this set and the curved slope piece on top kept falling off. Or perhaps it's just a production variation issue

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