LEGO Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 Car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY 76898

every one I have here a set that I’m
gonna have to read the name of off the box because it is long it is the lego
speed champions formula II Panasonic Jaguar racing Gen two car and Jaguar I
pace e trophy fee set for my American viewers for wondering why I said part of
that kind of funny it’s the Jaguar set so let’s just take a
closer look let’s start out with the formula e car if you’re not familiar
with formula e it is an open wheel all supposedly open wheel electric racing
series that’s actually picked up quite well it’s been doing nicely it’s been
getting a lot of manufacturer support a lot of sponsor supporting a lot of
popularity in spite of a very unenthusiastic and almost comical
beginning the first race I watched that they ever did with these publicly
involved having two cars per driver because the batteries wouldn’t last long
enough for an entire race so the driver would actually skip over to a brand new
car halfway through the race just to have a new battery charge that was not a
good look but they’ve improved technology they’ve
improved engineering significantly since then and the series is doing pretty well
you know what this lego model of this car looks pretty good to me just
generally very happy with its appearance I’m generally happy with the build it
went together nicely it has some interesting build techniques nothing too
fancy some interesting things in the back but just generally yeah everything
it went together pretty well and makes good use of the parts that it does it
does have a crazy number of stickers and many of them are pretty small and I do
as usual strongly recommend that you wait until
you’ve got the whole thing built before you start putting stickers on well too
many of them because a lot of them look a lot better if they are lined up
properly once you have adjacent parts together all that said there is one
thing about this that I personally find to be about as embarrassing as that
first Formula e race that is the size oh that is not intended to be a child
figure this is not an old lego home maker set from the early 1970s or mid
1970s whenever those were out when minifigs were created to represent
babies but see in real life open-wheel formula cars like this you know the
proportions are pretty much like this and formula e cars in particular do have
relatively small wheels compared to wheels and tires compared to something
like Indy car or Formula One but you know the person sits in there in the
cockpit and you can see the space for the person there with the steering wheel
and then because of the size or lack thereof a person’s feet are like here
the the pedals are up in here practically in the nose so when you have
a minifigure that can practically lay down in just the part where basically a
person’s butt goes that’s not right the proportions here are insane well not
not the proportions but the size so this whole loop just comes up which is nice
and convenient you put the person in there just fold those feets down a
little bit better person in there and they need to go way
way down and their hands have to go up and then you bring this bag down little
safety device and yeah it’s like twice as big as it needs to be so I applaud
the proper building that’s used to put this together you know all the small
pieces interesting stuff these are new this this wedge plate piece here is new
for 2020 has been used on a few of the sets that have been released since the
end of 2019 for the 2020 series but going eight wide compared to the old six
wide the difference in wheelbase is not that great but the difference in overall
car size is tremendous and just yeah just it doesn’t work nicely I do though
appreciate how hollow it is you know all the open space that’s in there that does
involve some nice bill to get that shape there it’s just the
size that I have a problem with all right the other vehicle is the IPC
trophy which is like the tarmac racing version of any electric crossover and
you know what I have to give massive massive props so the designer of this
one the lego designer because the build in particular of that front end is
absolutely fantastic I loved it I just I was practically just enjoy just raising
my hands to the sky enjoy just be holding that as I put it
together it doesn’t look all that fancy from from here from the outside you know
obviously there’s one part that’s upside down right there that’s a one of those
squared off fenders there a lot of viewers tell me not to show advanced
building techniques from sets in my review because it kind of acts like a
spoiler pun unintentional right there and I’m gonna respect that on this for
sure because it really would be a spoiler if you want to have the same
genuine joy that I did of building this thing and just seeing the techniques and
and having them in your hands having everything come together yeah I don’t
want to ruin that for you in advance if you don’t want it to be ruined for you
but if you do want to just go ahead and see the building technique just go over
and see one of my build videos for this I’ve got the real-time version and I’ve
also got the speed build both of them I think show the techniques well enough
probably the real-time one gives you a little bit better detail but yeah just
look for the part where I’m building the front end of this vehicle here cuz it’s
great yeah I can’t say enough good about that one of my favourite building
experiences to date for just a small a little bit of something this one has a
ton of stickers as well did not enjoy putting the stickers on this it’s
impossible to put them all on with no gaps I like to minimize gaps and like
those right there just unnecessary I mean I get it I understand why they’re
there and everything with the spaces between I just wish they would dude I
can die cutting a little bit differently for some of these more advanced models
just you know let us us assemblers us model
builders do a little extra work and have to be a little bit extra careful in
taking stickers off the sticker sheet but then allow us to have a much better
result so this is the best that I could do is not too bad it definitely can be
worse but can’t be too much better unfortunately now all that said these
two pieces right here these two 1 by 6 tiles are printed but again one of these
weird printing things where they had an opportunity to do a whole two pieces in
the entire set that were identical he came up with a new print just for that
part and these don’t even line up like I could have done that better with
stickers ironically prints are appreciated but if they’re gonna be not
even as good as stickers then I don’t know plus how much did that add to the
to the price of this I just don’t know I’m assuming it was
pre budgeted and everything it was just weird to me overall again this this went
together great especially in the front the back also the center of it not so
much it’s incredibly solid you would expect this to be rather hollow with as
large as it is but most of the back is just a just a block of bricks that are
all put together and I personally don’t like the shaping of this around here
the real car thing cross over whatever you want to call them you’re just gonna
call it a car is so round so round back here so round all the way around but at
least there’s some angularity to the front but back here they just weren’t
able to get that me and tried to go round around the the roofline there I
appreciate that attempt but it’s just not enough this is just so so Square it
off back here anyway that’s sticker on the top there and you can’t put two
figures in this you can put a driver and a passenger in it and there’s not a
tremendous amount of space for them because the great block o bricks begins
right behind the drivers or behind me the seats which aren’t even really seats
you know they don’t even have backs to them so that’s a little bit a little bit
awkward and gosh this thing is heavy so heavy so
many pieces went into it at least you know that you get your money’s worth in
terms of the the massive parts and the number of parts I mean it’s all parts
but I do wish there was more room inside of it especially just given how big it
is oh yeah and this one is built off one of the new large sized specialized
chassis pieces you uses it to excellent effect and the formula II car forgot to
show you uses an old specialized chassis piece right there you can see it it also
gets embedded goes forward a little bit normally those are done in just a dark
grey color for like lego city cars that are forces wide or so and here it’s just
used to get the driver down really really low and have that nice small and
efficient Center space to still allow room around the edges back here here are
the figures the driver figures for the sets they look quite very different
which I very much appreciate I personally am particularly partial to
the one on the right it’s just a cooler design which has nothing to do with
Legos work I mean for the most part there’s just you know following what
they’re intended to do what they’re supposed to do for me the IP you know
the brand partner in this case but yeah I just think that looks pretty good in
general both these look pretty good but the one on the left having no print for
the leg piece just takes it down a notch in overall just amount of stuff amount
of goodness that you get nice facial expression with the single raised
eyebrow there for the woman no alternate expressions for either of these but
there is one alternate thing included for each of them hairpiece and will
continue to praise Lego for doing this every time they do it because it’s great
cost them just a little bit extra provides all that extra value for us
when we don’t want to have figures having you know their pellets on all the
time or if you do want to leave their helmets on then use these hair pieces
for something else if like but that is always nice appreciated
they also include a wrench piece that’s used as a as a helper as a tool to take
the wheel covers off either said and because both of the vehicles in the set
use the standard well the new updated 2020 standard speed champions style of
wheels well you get two extra sets of those wheel covers as you can
alternately swap out and these are the rest of the spare leftovers and lastly
here’s what’s left of the sticker sheets so you can really visualize just how
much sticker application you need to do for this set this sheet is used for the
formula heat car and this sheet is used for the eye piece like I said I actually
personally didn’t mind this one so much this one was not as enjoyable both of
them really slowed down the build quite a lot too
I typically am NOT against stickers actually sometimes really really like
stickers but in this case not so much and ironically I even liked the printed
pieces that they included for this set less how weird is that oh yeah I almost
forgot there’s a side bill to this start/finish line gate thing which is
plenty big to accommodate two of these huge eight stud wide cars I think some
of the eight stud white cars will actually fit three abreast just barely
but definitely you can do three six wides side by side very easily and this
has one basic action feature you just pull the pin over here like as if it’s
on a grenade or something but as you pull it see there red light drops down
there yellow light and then a green light and you can leave this here or you
can just pull it out entirely you can also change those colors if you don’t
like that choice they do have spares of each in there so you can at least make
it like red red green if you want or something now let’s talk about the price
of this set because to me honestly it makes no sense no sense whatsoever
what’s that number say for a number of pieces 565 yeah and in the US this goes
for $30 $30 us for over 550 pieces
closer to 600 I don’t understand it’s too cheap I mean I don’t mind it thank
Blaine it is more normally priced elsewhere outside of the US which is
unfair but I can’t complain about the $30 u.s. it’s particularly awkward that
they have to speech champion sets on the market right now that came out at the
same time that are each doubles you know that each have a car and a crossover SUV
and the price is so different between the two
this one is 20 dollars cheaper for something that has the exact same well
that appears to have the same amount of overall stuff as the other set so I
don’t understand what’s going on there I am guessing that Lego is moving more and
more in the direction of pricing things based on how much they think they can
get for the sets as opposed to the value of what you actually get there in the US
I’m sure that oscillators u.s. buyers will probably be far less interested in
this particular set than any other speed champion set on the market today because
I mean Jack isn’t that big of a brand over here by any means and both of these
are electric as well one of them is a crossover and a formula e is formula
formula is getting some traction in the u.s. not a tremendous amount you know
it’s not it’s not up there with any car that’s for sure it’s not up there with
formula one but I mean there’s probably some interest but compared to the other
options it’s just not there so perhaps Lego just took that into consideration
as they have a right to do but man if thinking price is set with this many
pieces with this much stuff at $30 Wow wish they could do that more frequently
oh well you know supply and demand I guess business and stuff overall
pretty cool set pretty well done at least I would say the stickers are a
pain there’s just such a tremendous volume of
them speaking of tremendous volume that formula e car is way too big
I’ve said enough about that yeah enough set on that and the eyepiece is to
square around the back I said that when I first saw the initial pictures of the
thing and I still feel it now but I do have much more respect for the build of
this especially up front the bag is pretty good as well the sides are pretty
cool very awkward that’s so much of it is just completely solid I mean a great
deal of that is taken up with bricks like not even you know plates
overlapping and interleaving with with studs on the side brackets or anything
just bricks 2 by 6 bricks like three of them just
taking up space is kind of kind of awkward I don’t understand it but the
end result is mostly pretty good just a little blocking at the back this looks
great it’s just freaking huge it’s insanely huge doesn’t make sense I don’t
know no weird stuff going on with this series a lot of stuff that I like some
that I don’t so much overall pretty well done set for what it is not my favorite
that’s for sure not just because of the brand not just because of the the
specificities of the subject material but just all the other factors that I’ve
talked about so I already mentioned that I’ve got the build videos for this set
for these two well these three builds here you can check out those if you’d
like to and I am done here it’s why I’ll move on to the next thing and talk to
you in soon was again thanks for watching you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 Car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY 76898

  1. This shows how "cheap" Lego could sell their sets while still making profit. 30$ (40€) for this compared to the 50$ (60€) Lamborghini just shows so blatantly how expensive many Lego sets are

  2. The cool thing about the Jaguar Formula E car is that you can make the other 11 teams (I.E. Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMW) by buying recoloured pieces off of Bricklink. The only major trouble is the 2 by 4 wedge plates near the cockpit; I usually substitute some 2 by 2 wedge plates as they do them in more colours.

  3. Why is the jag set is cheaper than the lambo, and close to the same amount of parts, its the branding, and licensing, jag actually ask lego to do this, while lambo was so arrogant about it they charge licensing, thats why,

  4. Lego needs to make a set with only the I pace model.. Like a big set.. It's really a beautiful car up close in real life. Hint hint Lego 😉

  5. Price is indeed odd but you might be right with your theory Jang. Seeing this Formula E car makes me look forward to new Formula 1 cars from Lego

  6. I love it when Jang reviews open wheel cars! love both Lego and Motorsport! and it's a perfect blend and appreciate the knowledge and opportunity to share Info

  7. It was $60 here in New Zealand, with some stores selling it for $67. Also, those two printed pieces were fine in my set, they both lined up perfectly. Must have been a misprint on your set, Jang.

  8. I wasn't interested in formula E car from the beginning, but scale has just completely ruined it for me. I kinda like the crossover thing but I was so disappointed when I saw it has no backseats.. Why?!?! There is so much space just filled with bricks!!!!!!

  9. Jang your speed champ. reviews are awesome thanks.I love that LEGO is making next level beautiful cars.I don’t like stickers but do like new cars that fit two figs.Since I don’t have all the money or space in the world I’m waiting for a blast from the past set. “Snake vs Mongoose”🤠

  10. I like the 8 wide cars because I’m more tempted to get two of the same 8 wide cars than the 6 wide cars also the new cars look much bigger compared to a minifig than the 6 wide cars I hope they make more good cars in the future also now you can’t display your 8 wide cars with your 6 wide cars because they look really unusual next to each other and you can’t display your new eight wide speed champions in your Lego city because Lego mostly makes 6 wide cars so they won’t fit in with the other cars

  11. Formula E would be much better if it raced on actual good tracks like Spa, Monza, Suzuka and especially at Hockenheimring (since F1 bugged out of it).

  12. Could the difference in pricing between the Jaguar and Lamborghini sets be the licensing? Maybe Lamborghini charges more to license their designs?

  13. Theory on price… VW charges far more for licensing Lamborghini than Tata does for Jaguar. Also, Panasonic has their name in the set title. Panasonic could be paying Lego for that placement. Both factors would drive the price down on this set.

  14. the pricing difference could perhaps in part be from licensing/sponsoring.
    maybe lamborghini charged a lot for a license to use their car design, while jaguar either paid to feature their cars or licensed their designs for free under the condition that the set would be sold at a below average price.

  15. Jang: There are a ton of stickers in this set.
    Me:Sure. People always complain about stickers, but race cars have stickers.
    Jang:Shows sticker sheets.
    Me: 😨DANG! That is a ton of stickers!

  16. Even at a low price. I'm not interested. Too large for city, too small to display along with the creators line, with out strange contrast. Maybe a good parts pack…

  17. I feel like the wheels/tires on the I-PACE could have been like 1.3x, 1.5x bigger than normal. The standard Speed Champions wheels look kind of silly on crossovers/SUVs.

    Edit: Also, interesting point on the pricing. If this was an Indycar set from a major team with a Corvette pace car thrown in, I wonder if the price would have been double that of the Formula-E set.

  18. I always love when you tell us if it’s a good build or not I really love when build surprise me thanks for always giving us good feedback.

  19. I wounder if the strangely low price could be because Jaguar and/or Formula E uses this as part of their marketing budget rather than Lego having to buy the licence so to speak? I just checked the official prices where I live and this set is the equivalent of $50 and the Lambo set is $75! Lego-fans should move to the US it seems…

    Also, could the massive brick part in the back of that crossover be intended to represent battery packs? Still a strange decision I agree.

  20. my assumption would be the licensing costs were higher for the Lambo set. It's also possible it's as you said, which makes more sense.

  21. It's funny as I was watching the review of the Tifosi team truck and F1 set this morning and was hoping to ask about the scale and how Lego would realise f1 cars in the new 8wide. Obviously it doesn't work.

  22. I picked up this set a couple weeks ago. Honestly, for $30, I felt almost dirty picking it up X3 the Formula-E car is pretty big, but the detail is great, and seeing that little 4-wide chassis piece inside this huge car felt almost poetic. The front on the i-pace was beautiful. I definitely plan on picking up more of these in the future.

    Also, I'm pretty sure this is the first lego set with a halo. Honestly it works much better than I was expecting it to.

  23. Two points.

    1: this is the second SC set which is cheaper to buy in the US than the UK and Europe.

    2: I was watching the review of the Ferrari truck/f1 set earlier this morning and I was really wanting to ask you how they'd resolve the F1 car scale in the new infrastructure of 8-wide building. It just looks so clunky. There's a finesse which isn't coming across.

  24. Hey I love your videos and reviews on LEGO , but do you think they build them this big to get as much detail in as possible, that maybe the smaller ones can’t get . I’m guessing these cars aren’t going in New Jang City ..

  25. The GT-R, Lamborghini Urus ST-X and Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY are the best looking 8 stud builds, thus far. In terms of realism, imo

  26. I just got the red car yesterday, and it's really cool. I love a two-seater car. I just hate how small the interior is. Really hard to fit guys with hair in there.

  27. "That is not a child figure"

    Jang, they are. Remember Minifigures were originally meant to represent children. That's why they have more childlike proportions, neotany. That's why there's such an issue with making builds that translate perfectly from Minifigure to Adult Human scale. 3.5 Studs per 1 meter is an accurate measurement, yet this can leave most builds looking too big for Minifigures. Currently people traditionally use a system of 2 studs per meter, which can make a building appear cramped. In fact, an eight stud wide build for a car more accurately fits a small sized car like a Nissan Leaf or Honda Civic, but would be ridiculously small for something like a truck or SUV, such as a Ram Truck or Hummer.

  28. I’m puzzled by the gear lever and hand brake lever in the i-Pace. The road car variant has neither of those things. I guess the race car might, I dunno. Seems possibly inaccurate.

  29. Swapping cars in the early days of formula-e was just a practical solution. Whether it looked bad or not wasn't really high on their list of concerns.

  30. I bought the entire wave yesterday…..160€ , don't do it people , its a terrible Idea!
    But all the cars are great and I had so much fun building them!

  31. The US price is excellent; that said the European price is also reasonable when you take into account that the new single car sets cost 20€. In the past the double car sets cost more than twice than a single car set.

  32. I wonder if it's cheaper because jaguar is subsidizing the cost as a marketing loss leader to make their electric cars cool in kids eyes

  33. Jang, I completely agree with your comment on Lego's use of stickers for these models. We need stickers that offer more coverage for these models in particular. If Lego continues to move Speed Champions into the scale model market, I could see this being a wise next step for them. These new 8-stud-wide builds are so close to being amazing scale models. They just need more accurate detailing.

  34. when applying stickers, if they are intended to represent a continuous element, I will cut the sticker sheet and use the middle strips to fill in the gaps. they are sticky enough that the little strips hold pretty well. I really hate the gaps, too!

  35. So, according to todays currency rate, this set costs 30$ in USA, 43$ in Germany and 47.5$ in Poland. This is just revolting.

  36. thx for not spoiling the building technic.
    Is it possible to show the sets shortly without any stickers?
    And as always a very good review keep going and good luck

  37. Iv got a real problem with this new 8 stud wide as it makes every one of the cars in this SC line look like a Truck or SUV to Me I 😐 can't get past it, no matter how hard I try. They don't fit in anywhere lol.

  38. The Formula E car would've made more sense in the 6-stud wide format imo. Even though they advertised the * NEW * 8-stud wide format, I don't think having one 6-stud wide car in this set would've been unacceptable considering that the actual car is scaled much smaller than normal road cars

  39. I’m going to assume that because Jaguar is owned by ford and LEGO has done a ton of Ford themed vehicles, they’re was some sort of deal involving licensing that allowed this set to be so dirt cheap. I’m certain that Lamborghini squeezed every last penny to license their set.

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