LEGO Shop @ Home haul 📦 #240

hey folks I received this package today
that I had ordered from shop and I opened it and started taking the
packing material out and then I realized what am i doing
I should be recording this especially because definitely quite a number of
people have been asking about the sets that are in here so this was the
pre-order of the overwatch sets when they first announced those they did
something a little different letting you preorder them directly from the site in
advance so that they would ship out to you on release day and then you know
arrive after that whenever you know whatever stuff could get to you so this
is this should be the full series of sets
I like this packaging actually I’m just looking ahead like wait this is a front
that’s not the front I remember seeing this is a friend also cool I like that
yeah this should be all of them including another diva and Reinhard I
got a second one of those for two reasons one I want to try to do
something additional with this and two I didn’t know how long I was gonna take it
in room remember how long it take and didn’t know how quickly this stuff would
actually ship out from that Lego pre-order so it was better to have one
in hand here’s the big one watch Point Gibraltar that’s that’s the picture that
I’m used to seeing for this one but I like this better I like the style better
it’s it’s different this is a little bit more plain and I don’t know is is just
recognizable as stuff that Lego has done quite a bit about that ah Dorado
showdown three figures in that one so I have played overwatch for probably an
hour or two yeah probably about two myself yeah I think that’s about right
just enough to familiarize myself with it slightly in person but I’ve also
watched you know videos of people actually
playing it stream replays and such so I have some familiarity but not that much
I’m not a not a subject matter expert that’s for sure
these things has anybody ever actually collected them all they say to collect
them all does anything special happen when you collect them all I mean do you
stack them all up on top of each other and then shine a bright light through it
and you see a QR code that you can then scan or something well anybody has any
earth knows of anything special with that but that’s just that for this
little haul completely expected Kenna I didn’t remember or I wasn’t aware of how
long it would take to go through that pre-order process it was fairly painless
and the website actually worked and everything and yeah just arrived you
know based on the shipping time of the selected shipping method so I will be
reviewing all of these for sure I believe the first one that I’m going to
do is Deva and Ryan Hart I know that’s gonna be a popular one because of them
because mechs but I believe it does have an issue this is interesting to me it
looks really good has the full transformative feature but it’s in a
completely different scale completely from all of the rest actually maybe it
even I’m just thinking yeah we’ll see yeah we’ll be reviewing these I have
them now I have a lot of stuff and I have one more major haul coming from
shopton basically all the stuff that I did not get in that January 1
haul from Target is gonna be coming from from Lego I purchased it from them it’s
coming by snail mail so it’ll take a while but I’ve got plenty of stuff to
work on until then but that will be another very large haul not as big as
the January 1 1 but shockingly least based on price it should be more than
half the size which is still pretty I’m gonna get back to work bring you
some more actual proper videos and I’ll talk to you in soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Shop @ Home haul 📦 #240

  1. 4:24 Jang, these are proper videos. I enjoy seeing that you've bought stuff and anticipating what's coming next.

  2. I wanna be Tracer! 1:44 I'm already Tracer!
    What about Widowmaker. 1:44 I'm already Widowmaker . . .
    I'll be Bastion. 2:09 Nerf Bastion!
    You're right so Winston. 1:18 I wanna be Winston . . .
    I can still be Genji 00:25 Already called Genji!
    Then I'll be McCree 1:44 I already chose McCree . . .
    I have an idea. What's your idea?
    3, 2, 1 . . . you should've picked Mercy! 1:18 I'm not gonna be any kind of support! We ended up losing, and it was all your fault. Winning is what I live for . . .

  3. Just wait. Notthejang is going to use the fact that Jang denied collecting them all to defend his argument that Gnaj is a different person. We all know that Jang has collected them all.

  4. Not really digging the simple/3D box arts, but the sets themselves are pretty well desgined. I've only built the dva and macree sets so far, and like em both.

    As for the brick stickers, a fat stack of them do nothing other than being a reminder on how much money one has spent on toys. I was able to collect a full set in little over a month due to being a sucker for promotions 😫

  5. I think it’s worth it. The thrill of watching another amazing YouTube star who had collected them all surpassed my expectations. Collect. Them. All. I think you could fax or print them.

  6. Great vid! Are you going to get/review the corner garage any time soon? It's not so much about wanting to see a review (I have it already😁) but I was wondering if it interests you at all. Have a great day!

  7. I have managed to get all the different colour Lego brick stickers but have no idea what the purpose of them are 🤨 side note what type of cameras do you use for your filming?

  8. I've been avoiding any overwatch sets until you have got them. I've been waiting to hear what your feedback is to see if they're worth buying.

  9. Hopefully there will be some Technic. You bought the big Technic Bugatti Chiron a while back, is there a review coming for that? Technic is one of the most popular themes, according to a massive toy chain in the UK the Chiron is the number one top seller and Technic occupies about half the top ten Lego bestsellers. So it's massively popular but many big Lego reviewers seem to mostly ignore it aside from the odd set here and there. I know Sariel gives his opinions but that's only one view point (that's unspoken, you have to keep pausing the video to read), how many reviewers review Ninjago, Starwars, City and so on. Technic is as popular as any of those themes and has contributed to the companies success for over 40 years as well as all those parts you need to build those big "regular" Lego sets (try building the ucs falcon while omitting all the Technic), so I really think Technic deserves to be here as much as any other theme. At this point, with so many large Lego reviewers ignoring so many Technic sets while reviewing every single minifigure that comes out in fine detail, it just looks like "it's not real Lego" snobbery that's inappropriate given how much Technic has contributed to your hobby over the years. Sorry for the rant!

  10. I'm not an Overwatch player, so these sets won't appeal to me as much as the fans, but I'm still gonna watch the reviews.

  11. i love these sets except of the terrible face print of mercy in the watchpoint set. it makes her look too dead with the faded print on the black.

  12. You have been busy sir. Thanks for taking the time to film and upload this between all the builds you have going on. Happy New Year btw!

  13. I'd recommend watching the animated shorts on the Overwatch channel if you want a better idea of some of the characters' backstories and personalities — they're really well done and add another dimension that could help to familiarise yourself with the world a bit better!

  14. I woke up 6 am on a day off to go buy the and Reinhardt the day they came out but turns out the store opened at 11 so I was waiting for 5 hours

  15. I only ever get the blue lego stickers of those collect them all things. I’m not convinced the other colors exist haha

  16. Just went to Legoland Orlando today with the kids. They have this all laid out. Plus they mentioned they’re moving the entrance back past ‘the Big Store’ so people can shop there without having to buy a yearly pass.

  17. Wow! That's very well played! Getting all of them like that. Some really nice looking sets so look forward to your reviews! You're going to be sooooo busy!

  18. I'd love to see that rocket ship type set. No idea what the name is but its one of the main sets I might be interested in from this theme.

  19. After you collect them all, you need to mount them on top of a six foot staff and shine the light of the morning sun directly through the bricks onto Jangcity to reveal the location of the secret plot device.

  20. he shouldve titlied the video w/ something w/ overwatch b/c I got my hopes up it might be technic or something. :/

  21. Collect them all. Collect the mall. COLLECTTHEMALL. Which one is it?

    Collect them all
    Collect the mall

  22. Why don't you get any review sets from Lego?
    I know they send those out to reviewers from time to time and with the traffic your channel generates, they should be very interested to give you free sets to review.

  23. Nice haul man, really looking towards to those reviews.
    Edit: will that Overwatch shuttle form part of your Space Force base?

  24. I’ve never gotten a red one. I have the other three colors stacked on my computer and they’re waiting for their fourth member.

  25. You just collect them all! And when you stack them in the proper order, a voice calls out saying "you collected them all"

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