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Welcome to ToyStation guys! Cam Cam also welcome all of you! Hihihi dear friends, today we’re gonna play Lego toys I think Lego is a toy that most of you like right? In the world, not only children but also adults love to play Lego Of course, Khoai Tay is not an exception So today on ToyStation, we will play a set of Lego Creator hihihi Lego toys are awesome brother , sometimes just watching the video about Lego is already so good ok Cam Cam now pls move aside ok i would like to introduce you, this is Lego Creator 3 in 1 This means that one set can be assembled in three different models This set’s code is 31057 This is the front of the box, we see a very nice helicopter here At the top there are helicopter models This is the side of the box… and behind With this set, we can assemble 3 models as follows
The first one is a very nice helicopter A seaplane and a sport sailboat, wow so great ok now I will open this box That’s all. Because it’s just a small set so we do not have many pieces Let see , we have 3 guide books because of 3 in 1 3 guide books, 1 big bag and 1 small bag ok now i will choose a model for us to build first hmmm we’ll build this seaplane Let’s see … ok full of steps, let’s get started It is true that with such a small number of parts, we do not need to seperate color However, I still keep the habit when playing lego that I will seperate color so when we play some larger sets, it will help us a lot Let’s get started ok now let’s build a seaplane This is the first model of this set, a seaplane This is a Lego set that is very suitable for those who is new to Lego Because it is not too complicated and it doesn’t take too much time to build And the price is cheaper than the other big set of Lego About this seaplane, there is a nice propeller Can spin very smoothly tada Underneath is the details of two landing parts so the seaplane can land on the water The wings are white, slightly more stand out The tail detail can fold up and down like this tada The cockpit is a dark transparent lego piece Unfortunately, this is too small so we do not have interior inside But if you want to, we can completely remove it and put on a minifigure to sit on here as a pilot hahaha ah this minifigure is an astronaut but I take it as a pilot Looks pretty funny… ok The convenience of this Lego set is that the size is quite compact So it can be diisplayed in our working desk and although it’s small but the structure of the seaplane is quite good, not easy to be broken it is very durable Now I’m going to take it apart to build the second model ok I’ve just finished the second model, this is the sailboat model Cam Cam how do you feel about this second model? hmmm I think that this model is so so but not very nice Uhm, me either, it is even simpler than the previous one We can see the shape of the sailboat but no detail is very special This sail is also ok, this side is decorated with the details in the middle, looks quite good although this side is put in some details but I think it is not very good And the only function of this sailboat is that we can fold this sail back and forth It must be possible to rotate this way, but it is probably because of too few detail ok in my opinion, this is a so so model hihihi Now we will build the third model tada ok I think I have found my favorite model already The third is a combat helicopter This model uses the most parts And I think this is the main model of this set The plus point of this sample is that
all the propeller can spin tail propeller And the main propeller, of course I like the yellow 1×1 detail here we will attach to the head of the blades So when we spin it, it makes a nice yellow circle effect The rotary is very simple, it’s just like this It is easy to attach and remove but it is unbelievably effective Small details on the wings can also fold up and down Can be folded in this way or vice versa haha this looks a bit weird I think this way going to be the most beautiful The next plus of this model is the cockpit, we can open up Because this is a small set for newbie
so in the cockpit we do not have many interior details Anyway, it’s nice to be able to open the door of the cockpit Finally one of the details I very like in this model That is the engines under the propeller
It only takes about 8 tiny pieces to make a very good engine we can fold up and down like this
both sides According to the prototype, it will fold all the way up And bonus details are in the back, two exhaust pipes can be pulled out And this is also a very solid build, not loose on hand Even dropping from a moderate height still ok If we have to give a minus point, it is underneath we do not have wheels Or something for the plane landing But it’s not really important because this is also very nice on the working desk Here again, 360 degrees of this helicopter As I said in the video, this is a small Lego set It is very suitable for newbie and a great plus of this set is 3 in 1 If we talk about Lego theme, we have so many sets like this Not to mention the larger sets How do you feel about this Lego Creator toy line and Lego toys in general Please comment below to let me know I really like Lego, brother, never getting bored ok Cam Cam, I have a lot of other Lego sets So this is the end of one more episode on ToyStation If you like this video, please give me a thumb up It is also a way for you to support Khoai Tay so that I can make more videos Please share with your friends and do not forget to click the subscribe button to become a regular member of ToyStation Khoai Tay and Cam Cam would love to meet you in the next interesting video about toys goodbye eveyone! Bye bye you guys!

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