LEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion | Scooby-Doo Toy Review

Hello fellow LEGO fans! Today I’m
reviewing the lego Scooby-Doo set mystery mansion this set is number seven
five nine zero four it contains eight hundred and sixty pieces and it retails
for about ninety dollars in the United States there’s a link in the description
where you can buy the set online many thanks to Warner Brothers consumer
products and Lego for sending me this set as well as the entire scooby-doo
line for free here’s a look at Shaggy he’s got a hot dog or sausage as an
accessory he’s got a nice smiley face on this side
and a sad face on the other side here’s a look at scooby-doo so this set has him
in the standing position and he’s got just the basic scooby-doo face on it not
the frightened scooby-doo face so just a great standard scooby-doo shaggy also
has a motorcycle with a sidecar for scooby here it’s really cool to get this
motorcycle piece and as your very cool looking color a nice little backpack on
there to store things the Scooby that comes in the set doesn’t actually fit on
the sidecar very well you could put Daphne or Velma there or you could take
scooby-doo from one of the other sets where he’s sitting down I took this one
from the one with the plane and the Headless Horseman and Scooby fits
perfectly besides Shaggy and he also has goggles
to help with the wind so that you need different scooby-doo set but then it
looks really great with Shaggy and Scooby on it know here’s a look at Velma
this set is the only set that Velma comes in so if you’re a Velma fan like I
am this set is a must-have did a fantastic job translating her into Lego
she’s got a scared face or just her sort of normal Velma face both great for
finding clues and saying jinkies here’s a look at Daphne so again they’ve
done a really great job translating her her torso and printed legs translate her
outfit perfectly her new custom hairpiece is exactly like her hair from
the cartoon this version of Daphne has a camera for taking photos of the monsters
and figuring out clues that’s great and she also has a reversible head with a
scream face on the back here’s a look at the Black Knight the Black Knight is one
of the most important villains in scooby-doo the very first episode of
scooby-doo featured the Black Knight and he’s showed up in a lot of different
scooby-doo episodes since then across the different adaptations and franchises
underneath the helmet got this great minifig head with just two creepy eyes
that’s a great piece for a lot of custom minifigures so that front is great to
have and on the back you see him unmasked under the armor plate you can
see his torso has actually got a suit going on rather than a suit of armor
so that’s a nice touch to show again that it is not actually the Black Knight
once he’s unmasked but yeah this is a great interpretation of a classic
scooby-doo villain here’s a look at the vampire just a great classic vampire
look the cape is red on this side and black on this side again it’s a two-part
cape so it’s got that pointy collar just looks like a great classic vampire but
of course it is really this part and last but not least let’s look at this
Ghost here what I was most excited about was this ball and chain piece because I
have not previously have seen this piece or have this piece so I’m really excited
to have that ball and chain ball and Jane the ghost is the new style ghost
from the Monster Hunter series couple years back the more pointed top and
slightly different face in the front it’s just got a plain
white torso and legs so nice to have just plain white torsos and then of
course you can unmask it to see who’s really behind the ghost now let’s take a
look at the mansion itself this is a nice big playset what I really like
about the mansion is how its at strange angles like the awning above the door is
tilted to an angle the sides of the mansion stick out it’s really got that
vibe of the old scooby-doo mansion’s that they would enter where its
dilapidated there’s boards over the windows the window panes that our
stickers are crooked really definitely looks like a creepy old abandoned
mansion of some kind so that was a really nice element they’ve also used
some cool techniques to give this some interesting architectural features
really like the glass windows above the greenhouse here and the slanted roof
they did over there all the little spires and stuff sticking out are a nice
touch to give it that real creepy mansion feel this separates into three
separate elements if you want to so it is somewhat modular that you can take
off the side elements here’s a close-up look at the greenhouse section of the
mansion over here you’ve got a little tree with some dangling vines door with
a doorknob light over the door this is a nice touch I also like the way that the
windows here are uneven on the different sides so a little variety and how the
windows are laid out and that they included some broken windows on this
slanted piece this can also twist up if you want so that’s a fun little touch
there the Jack O’Lantern piece which is a really cool new piece you get two of
those in this set so one of them sits here and can spin around the other one
is inside next to this awesome venus flytrap mods
aka Audrey – that’s not Audrey – as you can see the neck is very posable with
the Mixel joints the head snaps open nicely that those cool yellow teeth this
is a new piece to me one by one with an angled down tooth I’m used to the two
teeth going out but a nice new piece for this and of course the little arm vines
down there so this is just a great inclusion in the set because if you feed
me I’ll grow up big and strong here’s a look at the right side of the
mansion I put the stickers that are included on
these windows here because they’ve got nice weird angles on there pains so that
was a cool feature they’ve also got these nice stickers to go on one by four
Brown tiles make them look like boarded up planks I really like the architecture
that did on this the front here definitely looks like an old mansion and
a little rundown like the feature of the tree sticking out of the side that just
adds to the fact creepiness factor on the back you can see we’ve got two rooms
on the main floor we’ve got a kitchen so there’s a hamburger there you’ve got a
little cabinet you can open an oven that can open pot and a rat in there so it’s
a nice touch that and all the scooby-doo sets they included snacks and kitchen
areas because that’s such an important part of the show on the second floor
here we’ve just got a little room that’s under the roof here but it’s got a
really important feature which is the safe where the bad guys have stored the
gold so it’s got this cool 1×1 lock printed tile on it and you can open this
up and then open that up and then the gold bars are inside so that’s a cool
play feature there it’s always good to know what’s motivating the villains and
scooby-doo that’s part of the mystery now let’s take a look at the center part
of the mansion so down at the bottom you’ve got the entrance way which is
nice and dilapidated got the columns at an angle as well as the awning with a
nice big light on it these pieces are nicely missing
something on each side so it definitely feels old and rundown a nice purple door
with a door knob above that you’ve got a really nice balcony for the vampire
who’s not a vampire to stand we’ve also got this nice play feature when you turn
this knob in the back the hand on the clock moves and the thing behind the
vampire rotates so you could put him on there or any other character and spin it
and put his arms down spin it around and he disappears so it’s like a cool secret
passage spinning bookshelf type thing which is a
very big part of scooby-doo is the weird spinning doors and stuff in old mansions
so that was a nice touch that they added that on the back side this is the where
you would walk into the house and there’s this giant swinging trap here
that can come down and attack somebody so that’s a definitely a fun play
feature of knocking people away and if you’re smart like Velma you might find a
clue under this section here a key I wonder what we could use that key for
that’s a cool little hidden compartment there
watch out Velma duck woo she avoided it right above that entrance there’s a
really important clue to understanding the whole mystery here so it’s an old
prospector holding some gold that he’s dug up so that’s obviously connected to
the gold that we saw on the safe and the other part of the mansion so it’s nice
that they put little elements around that kind of explain the mystery that’s
going on further up on the tower we can see the back end of where that spinning
door goes around to again it’s a nice cool play feature of having a minifig
flip around and at the very top of the tower we
got a coffin for the vampire so you could put the vampire and there if you
want him to really go full-bore with being a vampire it fits really perfectly
in that big roof piece so that’s that’s cool
it’s got some nice printing on it too with the vampire being asleep in
conclusion this is a really great Lego set it really captures the essence of
the scooby-doo show with the creepy dilapidated mansion full of interesting
details like a secret rotating structure kitchen full of snacks and lots of
monsters it also is the only Lego scooby-doo set to include Velma the most
important character so I highly recommend this if you are a huge
scooby-doo fan and need to have Velma and it also comes of course with some
other great figures as well thanks for watching the video don’t forget to like
this video subscribe to my channel and leave comments telling me what you want
to see me build in the future they’ve done a really fantastic job
Minifigures Velma it’s no exception in fact she is the best because she is
Velma Velma forever

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