Lego School

Get up, you’re gonna be late for school! Good morning class whats up with all the sad
faces today? Billy, can you write the date on the board? Today we are going to learn about the Roman
Empire. It all started in the year 27 bc when… Hey! Go back and waaaa!!! (class) ooh Good morning class today we are going to work
on the quadratic formula. Huh, where’d everyone else go? I hope everyone studied for the exam! Yay!!! Time to go to bed, tomorrow’s gonna be another
big day.

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100 thoughts on “Lego School

  1. Hey, i like youre motion Video. Very COOL. Look at my Lego Stop motion Clip . Have a nice day

  2. This is a good video but I got some notes
    1.Billy wrote the date wrong
    2.No children should run in the hallways
    3.Children shouldn't fool around in their desks
    4.Everybody should listen
    5.No throwing food in the cafeteria
    Last 6. No throwing paper at people
    Everybody should follow these directions

  3. Before in monday he wake to eat breakfast then bath in friday everybody teacher teach for everybody math then made science gem in lab then taking test than ate lunch made food fight then play outdoor Playground everybody run away in class 3C he do test next everybody go home in the end Jim playing racing then go to bed

  4. In friday he wake up for school day first in class 1A everybody learn math everybody go to science lab to made gem then fire in class 2B he taking math test than ate lunch then make food fight everybody play in Playground then run away in class 3C everybody do science test then everybody go to home in the end Jim playing racing on TV then go to bed

  5. My fav part (I have three) the when they run the hit the teacher, and when the teacher said boa bla bla bla bla and the food fight good job making these!

  6. I love animation and Lego that is my two favorite thing and you are awesome and I have a questions can you show me how to build a Lego bus please

  7. In real live I don't like school butt this makes school more fun, thanks for that, this is really an awasome video.

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