LEGO Room Collection Walkthrough Tour Of 2017

Hello everyone! JAYSTEPHER here with
my next installment of my Lego collection video. This collection keeps
growing and growing. Lots of containers and parts to see. So here is my coffee can full of
1 by 4, 1 by 6, and 1 by 8 flat tiles. A container full of studs. And we have a container
full of Minecraft figures. Here’s my various plate collection. This is so handy to find
a certain size of plate is to have them in each bin. There’s a bin of tires and slopes. Another bin of flat tiles. Bricks with bow, fencing, and grey tiles. So when I overflow a bin, then I sort by color. Here we have some fender wells. Jumper plates. Profile bricks. Here’s some of my brick collection. Train tracks. Leafy pieces! Now I have my 1 by 2 by 2 corner plates, 1 by 1 plates, and Friends dolls in their own containers. This bin is about to overflow. Then I’ll sort by color. Now let’s head over to
this side of the room. Here is my minifigure collection. Not a whole lot. My Star Wars minifigures, Scooby-Doo, and Minecraft. This large tower is full of
various bricks and plates. This is my junk drawer. It’s hard to open up. So I’m not going to attempt that one. This one is full of Technic
bricks and plates and other various elements. Random pieces. Arches. 1 by 8 bricks. I have a large drawer full of
those that I still need to fill up. 2 b6, 2 by 8, and 2 by 10s. I have 2 by 2 and 2 by 3 bricks. I need to sort these out by size and then by color, and my slopes. These are the 45-degree variant. I had to pull out some of my other slopes. This bin was overflowing. That’s a lot of random parts. Here are my two small Stack-Ons
full of Technic connectors. I rarely get into these. I haven’t really explored
Technic that much. These Stack-Ons are
full of random pieces. I’m not the most organized Lego collector. If I find a drawer, I just stuff it in there. Have ome flat tiles. I even managed to sort out the gold and silver in their own drawers. These were overflowing pretty bod. Here’s one full of mainly
transparent pieces. I’ve been sorting by color as these are starting to overflow. Now we have these Stack-Ons. This one here, on the top-left, is full of pieces I rarely used. I’m planning on downsizing my collection and putting some of this in storage. Here’s some bricks with knobs. So I’m, indeed, pulling
out some of the greys from the rest of the color. So I’m pulling everything
by color at this point. You all remember the tile collection. Just about every color in the rainbow. This has taken about 20 years to collect all the various colors and shades. This Stack-On is basically
full of bricks with bows. A drawer full of Brick Separators. Here’s a random bin full of
pieces that I haven’t sorted yet. Here we have some various
containers full of 1 by 2, 1 by 4, and 1 by 6 bricks. I’m not a fan of this teal colored drawers. This large Serilite on the left, I have a large drawer full of plates, 2 by 4 bricks, and random bricks and elements. A lot of this stuff I don’t even use. I do use the 2 by 4s. I remember when I was a child, my collection of 2 by 4
bricks wasn’t that large. I have just about every
color in that drawer. Here’s the Deluxe Class A Motorhome and the white dually pickup truck. Here’s the Park Restroom. As you can see, even the sand green is of different
variant colors and shades. On the bottom we even
have more elements! Here’s my slopes. The 45-degree slopes and the 30-degree slopes. These are sorted by color because I do use these a lot. Here’s my window collection. I made the dividers to
put inside that drawer. Some Power Functions. I’m going to take these out
of this drawer eventually. New dark red. Doors! Lots and lots of doors. I’ve been collecting these
45-degree 1 by 4 by 6 frames. Minifigures. This drawer is difficult to open up. It is full of column bricks. I’m not a big fan of these. So they do sit in this bottom drawer. I do have a wait load problem. This is actually slowly crushing
the bottom drawers of the two Serilites. So I’m planning on building
a better shelving unit that goes all the up to this top shelf. Here we have a small Bella container. 1 by 4 bricks with four knobs. Cupboards and containers. Even a pink boat that doesn’t want
to sit inside when I close the drawer. Bricks with stickers and prints. Yes there are some
stickers on those bricks. Inverted slopes, round bricks, and Palisade bricks. This Serilite is full of plates. This is full of 2 by 2,
2 by 3, and 2 by 4 plates. This drawer is starting to overflow. So I’m going to have to
pull these out by size. Finally I have some tackle boxes full of various elements. On the left, food items. I have buns, hotdogs, dishes, and even ice cream. Looks like a little grocery store. This container on the bottom is
full of minifigure hair pieces. This one is full of accessories that I desperately need to go through. I’ve been getting a little lazy. This container is full of animal figures. This one deserved to have
a container of it’s own. Finally I have a small container full of bathroom accessories such as aerials, panniers, gold faucets, lifebuoys, signs, and vintage faucets. These always come in handy when
finishing off bathroom projects. Let’s take one last look at the collection. It has grown a lot. I do actually use this bed as a work table. No one has slept in here in years. I hope everyone enjoyed the room tour for 2017 in 4K! Thank you for watching!

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54 thoughts on “LEGO Room Collection Walkthrough Tour Of 2017

  1. Awesome!!!!
    I love to build and I love lego!
    I thougt i had a lot of lego but it's nothing to your collection.
    Nice video!👍

  2. can you please show us your animal collection closer, it deserves a whole separate vide, you have so much animals, but couldn't see all of them, it really would be great to see the whole collection

  3. My original collection was bordering on the quantity of yours. Now that I've been recollecting, I've decided that I will only keep enough spare pieces to what will fit in a 7-drawer Sterilite tower I have. I got to the point where I was constantly buying random bulk lots from eBay and enjoyed looking through and sorting the pieces more than building stuff. Now, if it's not going to be in an assembled creation, and I don't have room in my Sterilite tower, I'll either sell or donate it. That's my plan anyways. Nice collection, we can all aspire to have a bathroom-accessory drawer.

  4. With a room like that, I feel like your channel should be much better and I mean that in the most constructive way possible. You have the resources to make some amazing mocs, but your channel is mainly tiny set reviews and endless hauls with not much to show for it. Maybe your time is limited, but I think you have a lot of potential and I am looking forward to what you come up with!

  5. This is amazing! I've watched a few of your turorial and review videos, and I've watched the 2015 collection video as well. I am just completely amazed by both your competence and skills, and for being so detailed and everything. It is simply stunning! Keep up the good work! PS: I hope you normally keep lids on those boxes to keep the dust out 😉

  6. Ok you are a Lego brick hoarder.
    You dont have a Lego city . You have enough pieces. Yes you do. Build a city.

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