LEGO Retro Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) Exploration and Unboxing

Hey everyone! Jaystepher with Retro Spaceman Minifigure by Lego. The set contains 19 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 and up. So here we have our spaceman. Looks like he has a robot or droid. This set was released in 2014. Here’s the back. The item number is 5002812. This is one nice box. Even says “Lego System” on the side. Boy that brings back memories. Let’s open up the box carefully and see what’s inside. It is taped on the side. It’s actually taped well. I want to keep this box. It does slide open. So there is one bag of elements. It appears to be some documentation. Nice box art. Really nice. Let’s have a closer look. Here we have the spaceman. He has the classic space logo on his chest. That is reflective. He’s wearing the classic space helmet. White gloves. He has a set of oxygen tanks to help him breathe out in space. One nice minifigure. Moving on to the robot. Here we have one eye. Possibly a camera. Two antennas. Set of arms. Simple construction. One nice droid. Here we have the printed documentation. It features the classic “Lego System” logo on the front. It is bound with string. Here we have the building instructions. So the minifigure was released possibly between 1976 and 1978. I do remember getting these two sets when I was a child. The Cosmic Fleet Voyager. That is set number 6985. Released in 1986. I remember getting this set back in 87 or 88. That was fun to put together. Notice how everything’s got “Lego System”. That is one nice theme. Here we have the time line at minifigures. Starting at 1978, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1998, 2001, 2010, up to 2013. Terrific set of minifigures. This is one nice collectors set. You do get the instruction manual which also talks about various other sets that were released with the Lego System Space theme. The box has nice colorful art work. In addition, we do have the classic spaceman and the robot. This concludes the review for Retro Spaceman Minifigure by Lego. Item number 5002812. Contains 19 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 and up. This is a nice display piece. Box is well constructed. This is worth saving and displaying. Tank you all for watching!

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