LEGO release day haul — it’s small, yet also big 📦 #237

Hey everybody, it is September 13th 2018 at least on the side of the world and evidently that means it’s a major Lego release day so odd day for that to happen but regardless it’s a pretty serious one I took the trip all the way out to my quote-unquote local Lego store which requires being on the road for a couple of hours or thereabouts but it was pretty important to get the products as quickly as reasonably possible so I can start to build stuff and bring my full reviews inside of here I have multiple products a lot of people knew that this was coming out soon came out today for VIP club members comes out to the the rest of the general public on October 1st but you know the vfp system the Lego VIP system is completely free so it’s not like it’s any sort of exclusive thing you just sign up you basically just need an email address I think you need to be an adult or to have an adult’s permission at least probably need to be in at all I don’t remember the exact terms but yeah it’s really easy to sign up and it’s free and you just let you get stuff on the data is released like today so I already did my my initial thoughts video about this shared my initial thoughts in you know in in detail based on just the photos that we saw which basically covers the stuff that can be seen on on the box I’ll be building this up carefully slowly taking my time and then giving it a full review from a fresh perspective I’m not gonna go back and look at my thoughts video to you know try to reference things or see how I feel relative to that all of you can do that if you if you choose to to just compare see you know how different things sound you know coming from me well between the two but yeah I’ll give this the the full complete treatment and I will also do a quick review version you know a nice really really really really short in-person review version over on my alternate channel so if you don’t have a lot of time to listen to me ramble about studs on the side construction and playability and accessibility for getting your hands in and all that kind of stuff you can see just you know the bite-sized version that tells you all the important things but this was not the only thing that came out today also I got this that’s it just hit something off to this I don’t worry about it not yet so just these two things the winter village fire station it’s this year’s major creator build for the winter village series and this was only just announced I want to say four days ago three or four days ago something like that and it’s already released and available for anyone to purchase it again as long as you just have the VIP card really easy to get this looks pretty charming haven’t given my thoughts about it yet I will not until I actually have it built and yeah I’ll give this the full full build and full review treatments as well see I’m already seeing some things on this but I didn’t notice initially I didn’t take a close look at it when it was first announced but I’m already seeing some things on it that I like in terms of the build techniques and such but that’s just that I wanted to share that let you know that I got these two things if you’re wondering why I haven’t reviewed them yet it’s because I just got them so I need to build them and then I will like I said give them the full treatment and this one will also get the quick review treatment also ran into a fan who is also the father of another fan at the store they are building a lego city together which was very nice to hear I think it’s really wonderful what the Lego medium is able to do for individuals you know a lot of people get a lot of different positive effects from interacting with Lego for different reasons and you know at different ages and when people also share those experiences with others that’s great and I think the absolute best is when family members work on stuff together or just enjoy it brings you together socially it helps to develop bonds and it’s just fine you know the just there’s positivity in Lego itself and then when you bring multiple people together working on Lego together I think that’s that’s just kind of a the ultimate goodness that you can get out of this hobby so I’m going to go build this who knows perhaps my wife will end up building this one later today perhaps it will be me depends on how the schedule works out but I will get to work on that and once the stuff is ready that’s when it will be published review wise not before I will not rush it but I will talk to you again as soon as reasonably possible so bye for now

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