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Hello, my name is Thomie and I’m an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL). Last year, I bought the LEGO Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series, the biggest LEGO set ever. I then received the exclusive LEGO VIP Black Card. Before that, I only had a regular VIP card, Swiss people can only obtain one from a LEGO store abroad. This year there were two exclusive offers with the black card: One in May, the construction plan of the LEGO Y-Wing, and one in December, this special display stand for the Black Card including a minifigure in a limited edition. I’m building this display stand now. So that’s this limited edition minifigure. With a black head. But she still has yellow hands. Always these simple steps to begin with! There are these bricks with these rails inside. That’s what I thought. This is where the card slides in. I’ve raised the card a little so I can insert it nicely. Oooh! Well, that’s nice! One more VIP card! But it doesn’t have a name on it. And only the Star Wars logo on the back. Tadaaaa! So what do I think of the display stand? Well, I think it’s a shame the card can’t be taken out anymore. She’s just trapped in it. I could build it a little differently. If I loose this bit up here, remove these bricks and include these instead. It looks almost the same. But next time I want to use the card, I can easily take it out. I really like it better that way! What do you think? What also bothers me a little are the yellow hands of the minifigure. They could just be replaced with black hands! So now I find it almost more harmonious – everything in black. Here we have the display stand for the Black Card including a minifigure in limited edition with a small adaptation by me. Bye and thank you very much for watching! Visit my website, subscribe to my YouTube channel or click here to view another LEGO video of mine. Did you like this video? Then I am happy about your “thumbs up”. Thank you!

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11 thoughts on “LEGO Präsentationsständer für die Black Card | Thomie baut LEGO

  1. Sorry das ich jetzt erst einen Kommentar schreib aufjedenfall super Video wie immer mach bitte weiter so und immer noch der beste Youtuber und guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2019 😀

  2. Da ich überhaupt nichts zu diesem Video sagen kann (außer: Wow, ich hab über 5 Minuten zugesehen, wie ein [optisch] erwachsener Mann Legosteine zusammenbaut! 😀 ), wünsche ich Dir schon einmal einen schönen Silvesterabend und einen guten Rutsch! 😉

  3. Sieht interessant aus! Ich habe mit LEGO nicht so viel am Hut, aber die meisten Sachen finde ich schon ganz nett. 🙂 Was genau bringt diese Karte und wie hast du die bekommen?

  4. Hi thomie ich habe jatzt mein erstes LTB Video hochgeladen vieleicht kannst du es dir mal angucken.

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