LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 2017 sets pictures!

Hello, just2good here, and Yahoo has revealed pictures of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary
Direct to Consumer set! This will retail $200, and Yahoo of course has these low resolution
pictures. Seriously. If LEGO is giving you an exclusive reveal, you can at least post some high quality pictures. This ALWAYS happens too. Sorry, mini-rant over. Thankfully, the minifigure pictures are good
quality. You get Captain Jack, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer
Magda, and Officer Santos. Also revealed are the only other two Pirates of the Caribbean sets for 2017
– the Captain Jack BrickHead and Captain Salazar
BrickHead. So, what do I think of the ship? I love it, honestly. This was the only set holding me off from doing my most wanted sets of Spring 2017
video, and honestly, this might be number one. Maybe I want it so much since it has been
a while since I’ve built a LEGO pirate ship, so I have been thirsty for one. The design is ghost like and ruggid which
I really dig. And, since it’s $200 and not, say, $350, I feel the size and design are affordable
for me and worth it. The minifigures look great too. I really like how Salazar has a new hairpiece, and how Jack Sparrow is updated! The BrickHeadz are okay but not my favorite. Jack Sparrow looks a bit off, but I love how his cloth down there looks
like bacon for some reason – that will be a useful 1×2 tile in LEGO City
MOCs, and since Salazar isn’t a recognizable character, it will be hard to sell a BrickHead based
off him. Anyways, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 2017 sets pictures!

  1. The set is really great looking, but how many undead ships are there in Pirates of the Caribbean? I feel as if there are at least 6. They could try to have the main evil ship or whatever maned by an organic crew for once.

  2. Do you have a cold? Take a rest if you're feeling ill! Anyways, this is a great set but I would prefer if we got more sets

  3. i think the new boy that is questioned by salazar in one of the new 2017 trailers, is that little boy that was with elizabeth in the end of the worlds end movie, but grown up, also love the new jack minifig by the way

  4. I kinda want that set. I'm way beyond my age for Legos, but the ship actually looks cool! I have all the old sets, save for Whitecap Bay and London Escape. I gotta rebuild my old sets! I especially want to rebuild my Queen Anne's Revenge! Whereas my brother has the Black Pearl!

  5. I don't see the zombie shark and the zombie shark was in the trailer I wonder if we get another set cough "Flying Dutchman" cough

  6. I bet every one would prefer a Dutchman… Would've wished more wrinkles and cracks were put on Salazar face, also would liked the black, slimy teeth he had in the trailer. If I get this set I might make a separate, custom head for him to make him more accurate.

  7. If Barbossa was in this set, with a new hat/hair piece and updated face print i would have bought this set…. but the lack of figures really has turned me away from it!

  8. Interesting, what happened to that leaked shark figure? It looked legit and it's even in the film as its shown in the trailer. Could it be possible that we are getting another set?

  9. we need the flying dutchman! it is the only expensive set ($100+) I would actually buy! I really hope Lego makes the set sooner rather than later, or never.

  10. I know, I know, the Black pearl has already been made… However, the Pearl sold for a low price because the scale and detail was not enough from the real Pearl, the fans were not happy about that, also, the Dutchman… wasn't even made, and it was really wanted by the fans! Lego!!! What were you thinking?! XD I'm sure that I am not the only one that wants a more detailed and bigger Pearl being pricey than to have a little black ship named the Black Pearl, a revamped set would be over the roof! and the dutchman with it would be the cherry on the top! 😀

  11. Tbh, I'm really disappointed with this set. The build is great, but not very practical. I really wish we could get more sets from this new movie, cuz this one is kinda boring to me. Not bad, but not exciting either.

  12. I love this set! And I'm not only saying this because I love pirates of the caribian and have all there sets! The build looks GREAT. The ghost figs look cool also. Having all the sets from the previous movies, I think this will make a great addition. But I'm wondering if the build will be to complicated for younger kids. It's probably made for a more older age range, judging on the design with the "rotting base" as a main feature.

  13. That ship is gorgeous. It's the Flying Dutchman we never got. I may just modify this to look more like the Dutchman. I really hate those Brick Heds. It seems like Lego's attempt to jump on the "Funkp Pop Vinyl" craze, which, quite frankly, has already died off. I see TONS of them warming shelves at my local Target and Toys R Us.

  14. *HOLY CRAP!!!* – there's *a lot (10 or more)* LEGO cannon and cannon base pieces in the Silent Mary LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set!!!!! :O :O :O 😀 😀 😀

  15. Out of everything revealed, this is the only set to catch my eye, still needing the assembly square but this is a must buy!

  16. This is true nonsense, Potc has so much potential and all they release is this.. 0.o Then again most of the sets released in previous years were cool, but as always LEGO sells them for far too high prices. Really a shame, perhaps they're running out of plastic lol

  17. I have not even seen the movie and I want this set!! I like the skeleton theme with like the rib cage on the bottom! Awesome set Lego!

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