LEGO Pet Shop (Stop Motion)

We’d like to buy a pet. A big one, if possible. Or maybe a small one, darling? The flat, you know? I can give you a medium-sized one. We have a wide variety of small to medium sized pets We have dogs Almost dogs, red snakes classic green snakes Evil snakes Cobras, cross spiders, fluorescent spiders Tea-time pigs, other kinds of dogs And miscellanious owls. I like that dog Er- this the one? No the other one Pfffff… ha ha ha! Looky here now mr. Mustachio Haven’t you got anything bigger? A bigger dog perhaps? No, no no no no no! Haven’t you got… Anything yellow? We have a yellow horse that nobody wants to buy. I need that! But darling! What about my dog? I believe I can think of something if you… give me just a tiny tip. Do what you must You

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17 thoughts on “LEGO Pet Shop (Stop Motion)

  1. Great work! Your animations are so smooth and entertaining, the lighting is fantastic as well! Your animations are fantastic!

  2. Amazing video! I’ve checked out your channel and it is awesome, can you check out mine and maybe subscribe?

  3. I had LEGO Pet Shop ranked 4th in my overall ballot. A few other judges really didn't like the ending twist – comparing it to the slightly ironic twist ending of "Robota." But, I really liked this one.

    Although this generally isn't an aspect often applauded, I loved the color grading here. The warm tones help to give the shop itself a feeling that, to me, anyway, harkens back to Blue's Clues and Out of the Box – a homely little set made just for future nostalgia!

    The classic LEGO animal parts, too, are a treat to see animated on screen. Even the outdoor buildings are constructed in a way reminiscent to era marvels such as "Out of Time." Overall, this was a great entry! I loved it.

    The music too, is great. I'd love to see the score uploaded separately. 🙂

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