LEGO Party Banana Juice Bar minifig & package reviewed! 5005250

hello everyone this little set is called
party banana juice bar yes a very festive name and a pretty festive theme
this is a gift with purchase set so free when you make certain purchases at
Legoland physical locations and I believe at some point it will also be
offered up from the Legos just regular Lego stores including hot line but it
hasn’t been offered up yet as of the time of the recording of this video I
believe it was also supposed to be sold at Toys R Us mmm
alright beam Toys R Us yeah party banana juice bar hey let’s think about good
positive things yes a very festive package on this one that looks to me a
little bit know a lot more displayable and collectible capable than most of
these cardboard packages that they’ve done have have been– got the
celebration for the 40th anniversary of the minifig they’re just another little
little reference to that and yeah some nice printed things on on the outside
that represent actual Lego items yeah I just feel like this is something that
looks good enough and looks close enough to what it’s supposed to be that you
could actually hold on to this maybe even display it with some real Lego
stuff speaking of real Lego stuff that’s why I’m interested in real Lego dude
inside I like how when you take this guy out of the package he comes with his
boom box there it’s just already in his hand it’s not even separate and
requiring that you take it out on its own this is again very festive looking
very positive very happy looking look at his tape deck there wow that is uh
that’s that’s some throwback stuff right there I mean it’s a real cassette deck
and he’s got it all neon DUP I mean this is just late 80s right there yeah it’s a
that’s that’s late eighties I didn’t expect this but this is actually a
different banana peel piece then we got in the
collectible minifigure series because this one doesn’t have the logo on the
front of it look at the comparison there see pretty obvious once you see it I I
just didn’t notice it until I had it in my hand here so that’s cool makes it a
little bit more generic and a little bit more useful as a piece and the dude
underneath is completely different from the collectable minifigures series one
that’s great it’s actually way more detailed look at that he’s got print on
the hip there he’s got print on the legs and all the way down here on the feet
his torso is printed his arms are dual molded what that’s pretty cool for a
free gift with purchase little set the quality of the production here is pretty
good opacity of the prints I think is fine I kiss his face it’s a very genuine
smile on there looks really happy and I mean look at the printing on both the
arms and dual molded legs as well what good printing on the back of the torso
and plenty of it no alternate face that’s that’s one thing that they
skimped out on just a little bit but I’m okay with that I mean he comes with the
big banana suit I’m okay with them just giving us one face for this but this
that’s just I guess the one thing they could have done better
if there was anything they could have done to make this more cool more awesome
more fun than it already is in my opinion we’ve been to include it in
alternate face but gosh it’s just so much better than the collectible
minifigure version of a banana suit guy and I think this is an exclusive version
also of the boombox there and I like printed accessories from Lego in general
I tend to like to collect those I like the idea of them you know stuff for
minifigs to hold stuff done in minifig scale so I think that’s that’s great I
it probably a lot of folks would expect reggae music to be coming
out of those speakers but I I don’t think this guy listens to reggae I think
he’s more into Calypso or Trinidad and Tobago kind of music this is cool this
makes me smile the whole thing does even the packaging you know they’ve tried to
do this thing of packaging that you might consider saving and most of the
time I just say forget it just throw that away why not just give us a poly
bag instead poly bags are perfectly fine and kind of even look better in many
cases because you know this just has these just have the small little little
strip of paper on the outside and poly bags just I don’t just seem more
attractive to me as retail items but this whole thing is good you may have
seen some blemishes on the banana costume part on the back of it up close
just a little little scratch looking things those are indeed scratches they
can be burnished off carefully but didn’t come off easily when I was just
trying to scratch wall so you may see some of that on some of these it’s just
from the parts dropping into metal bins usually or going over corners of
machinery but I like the set on the whole really really like that may figure
I think that that this completely blows the close to a woman you figure banana
suit guy out of the water entirely and it’s just great so I’m
really happy that they did this in the first place and doing it as a gift with
purchase is great I hope that this ends up being easy to get for a lot of folks
who want it thanks for watching the video hope that you enjoyed this as well
and I’ll talk to you soon you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Party Banana Juice Bar minifig & package reviewed! 5005250

  1. Yeah, as Jang said, it have everything that can be printed and double molded on one minifig. Only print missing is second expression and side leg printing. I wish they would be this thorough with Avengers figures 🙁

  2. Here in Canada we still have Toys r Us. It is being bought by Fairfax out of Toronto. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think I all so read that they may try to re-open some of the US location… this could be just a rumour though.

  3. He looks like he belongs in Jamaica or some thing maybe him and the other banana guy could run a fruit juice stand in the city.

  4. I love this banana guy, he’s way better than the CMF, especially because of his shirt and the lack of the word “banana” on the costume!

  5. I need this promo! I love collecting these cardboard things and this would be a great addition to my collection! I live in Chicago so there is no LEGO land close to me… only LEGO stores and Discovery Centers. I hope this shows up as a promo on LEGO's website. Then I'll be sure to get that. Great video too Jang!

  6. Man I remember when all your videos used to have this same bg music. Weirdly nostalgic… (this figure is pretty cool btw)

  7. It's a great figure, but it always amazes me that a company who makes brick building blocks uses cardboard houses as part of the deal.

  8. Hey Jang, me and my dad have been wondering if we can email each other for questions about your setup and other stuff. I can give you my email if you reply back. So please reply and thanks.

  9. TRU did it to themselves. I have no sympathy for TRU leadership actually. My local TRU provided bad customer service. It's unfortunate that many ex-TRU staff who cared about their customers are out of jobs.

  10. What do you think will happen to what was supposed to be toysrus exclusives sets since they went out of business do you think the will become online only or regular sets instead?

  11. Love the banana prints on the shirt of the new Banana guy, and the flipflops on his feet. I need to find a way to get me this one. Might have to replace his juice bar with a brick built one to have on my city beach. I'm sure he listens a lot to "the Banana Song".

  12. Man you are becoming too whiny, Its a free Minifigure and it already contains so much goodies, new banana costume, dual molded arms and legs, amazing looking torso piece, Great accessory stereo set, cool slipper printings….
    Why are you griping about lack of double sided head-piece, Lego has already done an amazing job. I just get the feeling your expectations towards Lego have become very high, and it is slowly showing and influencing your newer videos.

  13. Do you have a Twitter? I want your opinion on a MOC I spent a ton of time changing and making better.

  14. Jang, remember what your opinion on the similar Easter bunny set/free gift? It seems like LEGO improved their figures quality.

  15. How many of these little cardboard hut sets are there? I know of

    Easter Bunny
    Chicken Suit Guy
    Gingerbread Man
    Caveman and Cavewoman
    Banana Suit Guy

  16. Hey Jang! I'm watching some of your old videos and this one popped up. I completely agree, this banana guy is way better than the CMF one. BTW, the Meijer store in my town have had these for a while. First they were asking $6 each, then a few weeks ago they were down to $3 each. This week they are unloading them for $1.50 each! I've picked up a few. Have a great day & Keep 'em Coming!

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