LEGO parts haul from 📦 #203

hello everyone once again I has a bag
not a box this time I has a bag inside of this bag I definitely expect to find
Lego stuffs and to get that bag open it looks like it’s been used in a couple
times now which is fine at least it was taped up properly all around the edges
so I’m confident that everything is in there even if it got beaten up worse on
this trip to me in this life this bag still looked like it was going to hold
on to all the stuff inside pretty well so packages can be ugly and they can
still be safe for stuff inside that’s that’s what I care about to open this
bag because it is kind of messed up I has a knife so I will be using this
knife here not my favorite knife but has some
redeeming qualities and it came fairly sharp from the factory so that’s good
slices nicely looks like you got a it paperwork here I’ll just take that out
and it’s inside I know one of the things that’s in here for sure up from brick
link same thing here thanks all in one bag anything here movies VIP sets not
seen a review from me on this just yet you will see a review from me on it
because the second one that I got I’ll be reviewing one of these I got a spare
because I want all these stickers I’m collecting more and more Lego set LEGO
version of Lego set stickers and printed pieces and I want to eventually do a
larger Lego store or something just to take advantage of all those parts have
so many and they keep making so many more that I feel like it would be a
shame to not you I’ve used a bunch in my Lego store that
is in my mall and has been in my mall for years now but one more this is a
rock was owned was it heavy not sure whatever they did a bunch of teams back
then and I tend to confuse the names but when I do the review of it look it up
just haven’t looked it up this time really interesting figure there and no
just a fairly straightforward take on the small submersible design but some
interesting prints and color schemes use there and then just a bunch of animal
oil pieces in here because I went to this store for this in particular data
good low price i didn’t want to keep spending the big bucks at lego to get
more and more but they’re the set they had meant some wedge plates older wedge
plates of lips new designs had these on my my wish list at rick link just
general wish list for a long time so i think i have a few of those now and some
decorated pieces with some difference interesting designs useful designs
hopefully it’s a alder gray piece with a little bit of metallic printing on it
not a lot of great interest these are part of process of slowly collecting the
first ever lego space set trying to do it by parts i might just break down and
get the real deal at some point but for now i’m trying to do it by parts that’s
more printed and or sticker pieces here ooh like that in blue i have a bunch of
them in that regular gray but not in blue yeah so just some little stuff and
then off to the side from another parts all I’ve got some other pieces they just
happen to have more of these masonry bricks I’ve used up a bunch and need a
lot more here’s yet another of these so two for two there some more corner
pieces and the little white modified stud or tile with mini-pig all sticking
up very useful base of Angry Birds style of balloon but in gray very useful for
planetary defense for something jump packs just really cool pieces that I may
use for plant planetary defense for stuff for you know for actual as they
were intended for jump packs or I may use them for something else more likely
to use them or something else because they’re just like the attachment points
they have in the textures that they have on there and these oh-oh-oh
ones get away from me got it you get away from me
never yeah okay that’s that so some cool pieces especially printed and or
stickers parts a vintage ish small set most importantly another of these for me
specifically for sticker sheets used towards a future build that is going to
have to happen that’s it for this haul talk to you soon you

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