LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion set review! 75987

it begins this is or depending upon when
you’re watching this video was the very first set that Lego released in their
overwatch theme and line overwatch if you’re not familiar with it is a video
game it’s a online multiplayer team-based first-person shooter kind of
futuristic sci-fi setting though there’s some traditional kind of stuff in it
basically you get in and you shoot at other people and you try to capture
objectives and stuff and this is one of the characters that you can play as
it also has quite a bit of backstory being a robot as it appears that is left
over from a war between humanity and robots and there’s story behind that as
well we used to we used to make these things and we use them as slaves and
they revolted and all but now you can play as one and now thanks to a
partnership between Lego and the maker of overwatch Blizzard the wonderful
company that’s been around for quite a while making lots of very good games you
can get a LEGO version this is the very first one that they released because
this is intended to be a limited edition or a special edition thing that you can
only buy directly through Blizzard itself so I bought this off the blizzard
website has the whole blizzard exclusive well tag at the base plaque which
unfortunately and unexpectedly is a sticker on that 2×4 tile not a print
it’s a little bit expensive get more into that a little bit later on talking
about value and such has a couple of pins in the feet that’s great because
those attached to this very simple base they just go into the little slots there
and makes this very very secure when it’s on display its intended to be a
display model it’s much larger than minifigs scale and yeah it’s just
intended to be something to kind of start the entire series and be
collectible that mostly fans of the game will be interested in it has a pretty
good build and went together fairly quickly not too many pieces
but has some articulation with the legs being able to go forward and back so you
can pose it in different ways you have ball joints down at the ankles and the
shape of the feet looks a little bit weird but it’s actually pretty accurate
the whole thing from a distance looks pretty accurate and many of the small
details look pretty good some of them aren’t that great but I think that given
the limitations of Lego itself I think they did a pretty good job that right
there it’s supposed to be exactly what it
looks like a cardinal a little bird it actually has a character itself as a
name it’s Ganymede is its name and the fact that the bird is on the shoulder of
the robot is how you know that this is a friendly robot because I mean yeah if it
wasn’t friendly it wouldn’t have a pet bird right there’s a little bit of
continuity issue there because you just have the red light on the front red
usually means bad seeking out to destroy humans you should be blue but this is a
very specific skin so in the game you can get different skins for your
different characters basically different outfits different looks and such this is
a skin called Omnic Crisis so in the Overwatch world these robots were called
Omnics and there are different types and this is how he looked back in back
in those days of of war against the humans and you know now it’s just
something that you can just apply to your characters. Has a big old Gatling gun
on the back and a small gun on one arm so this is kind of his primary weapon
just a regular you know person’s person infantry shooter but in game this
character has nice waist articulation there it’s able to spin all the way
around in game this character is able to transform two different ways one
transformation is into a tank with treads and all and they just don’t have
the pieces here to make treads because all this needs to fold up the legs need
to fold up and combine with the arms I believe if I’m not mistaken right and
they form treads and it’s it’s just not something that you can do here but you
do have this Gatling gun minigun multi-barrel gun and the way
that it transforms in games it brings this around to the front everything kind
of collapses down and then this is this faces towards the friend you can’t move
but you can put out a ton of firepower you can’t really do the transformation
here this is very disappointing to me there was a little bit of confusion
about whether you could do it or not online in the completed actual official
model you really can’t these things here these are supposed to form shields
they’re supposed to come in real close you’re supposed to be able to bring this
whole thing down close to the ground you just don’t have any articulation in the
legs here and you’re not able to rotate these around I mean you can do like this
to swap their overall interaction gets a little bit messy here but you do like
this but you can’t bring them in close enough so one of the coolest features
that you kind of want to see in a moveable model not a perfectly static
model is something that you can’t really properly do with this now you can bring
the head you can turn the head around like this and I had earlier come up with
a little bit of a squatting pose I kind of did the trick a little bit a little
bit better than the default but still it’s kind of a mess you want this to be
able to to get into a proper pose and if you just search up online just search
for overwatch Bastion sentry mode you’ll see exactly what this is supposed to
look like and you’ll see how these are supposed to be phasing forward and yeah
it’s just it’s just not really it’s just not really happening here so that is
definitely a disappointment to me but I mean I’ve shown you pretty much
everything there is to see here about this now let me try to get it back a
little bit closer to something original yeah there you go something like that so
you can pose it a little bit but yeah it’s it’s mostly intended to be just
something that you can put on your desk and look at and enjoy the fact that now
it’s it’s made by a Lego it’s really really targeted to
words gamers more than leggo know existing LEGO fans they sent out a bunch
of these to gamers first and to gaming sites and that really just shows you
what they’re trying to do you know they’re trying to bring in more gamers
as potential future Lego fans you know where there isn’t as much overlap as
they would like just yet so yeah it’s it’s a cool idea not the best execution
I personally would have preferred a more expensive just limited edition
collectible that was larger had more pieces and was able to transform at
least into sentry mode the most frequently used transfer transformation
from what I’ve seen the little stand is nice but for this price and for the
exclusivity I would have preferred a nice printed plaque for the front of
this the box that it comes in is absolutely basic you know it’s just
standard standard para accidentally just knocked him over sorry about that
standard fare you know it’s not a fancy box or anything doesn’t have fancy
instruction manual I even got the little thumb tap to push out so they’re they’re
not being too serious about this you know it’s not supposed to be something
that will gain great value over time with it’s it’s limited edition form and
all its really purchasable by anyone I I definitely think that it is expensive to
LEGO fans who know the value of LEGO sets in general I think it’s going to be
expensive to a lot of overwatch fans as well except for the top streamers who
just have millions millions of dollars so they don’t really care anyway or they
get all the stuff free but you know for the number of pieces that you get here
at the price apart Reggio is not great for the size of what you get here the
price depart ratio well the price to volume of stuff ratio is not that great
this isn’t really premium stuff to look at as a as a collectible is a serious
collectible it’s just a low-end collectible it’s made from Lego it’s
kind of cool but yeah it’s it’s just an introductory piece this is not going to
be indicative indicative of the quality of overwatch sets in general
most of them are going to be based around mini figures which are scaled
completely differently you know this whole bastion should
shouldn’t be much taller than that and you’ll be seeing a full range figures
that will be put out will see what they’ll do in terms of settings to put
them with but as of the time the recording of this video we haven’t seen
too much this has just it hope that you’ve
enjoyed this look at this thing and I don’t have much else to say about it so
I will move on thank you for watching I’ll talk to you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion set review! 75987

  1. Official size reference to show you what kind of scale this set is built at: (Bastion on the far right)

  2. Hey guys, check the channel of republicattak out, he has gone through the greatest nightmare a lego fan can have, I ask you to try and support him

  3. having seen the size of smaller characters (Lena/Tracer, Jack/76 etc etc) If lego used a Nexo Knights battlesuit build for Reinhardt, it wouldn't look bad at all, and it would still be an acceptable size for a set

  4. Still waiting for mine to arrive … and i'm super curious as to how the actuall Overwatch-line will look like (and also how horribly overpriced they will most likely be).

  5. It wouldn't have taken too many more parts to be able to transform but they would have charged more for the set.

  6. Yeah as an Overwatch and Lego fan I am more interested in the Mini-fig sets. If this is the only way I could get a Bastion at all though…I would consider getting it or a variant of it another time.

  7. Lego is against violence and sexualization, and their next set is about to be a professional assassin with big boobs and big butt.

  8. #republicattack this man had his Lego’s Stolen we all where crying let’s help him to get back his legos shaer the word

  9. I don't know if some of you guys know what Toys R Us is but it's coming back as a strip mall then after it's going to become a store

  10. I love the idea of overwatch lego sets but this is dissapointing. I agree with you, they should have thinker a little bit more and have the sentry mode somehow. Like this its not really worth the price. Hope they will do a D.VA with mecha set and do her justice.

  11. I just saw thepics for the sets, and if I had enough moey, I would buy tons of this and use this one as a standard Omnic unit, and use the larger Bastion set as a heavier unit, hopfully we can get more characters soon, love the current line up, just wish there were more bad guys.

  12. Although it doesn't transform into turret mode, can the parts be used to make it? Thinking of getting a 2nd set for that purpose.

  13. I really like this set, honestly. I think the design and how they got it to look so good at such a small scale is really impressive, and I'm completely fine with it not being able to transform. Also like that it includes a lot of orange.

  14. Why was the set based on The Omnic Crisis Bastions. I’m not complaining, I just think it would make more sense to base the set on classic Bastion.

  15. with a bit of fiddling you can actually transform him into turret mode, I created a method to transform mine into his turret mode and display it, however I am not sure how to post pictures of it in comments.

  16. I'm getting a bit tired of LEGO mechs without knees. Sure, it's for playability purposes, but still. If Exo Force excecuted that in the past, why can't modern LEGO mechs do that.

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