Lego NXT Roboter robot Hillclimbing

We are here at the basement of a school in Switzerland. And in this storage room, there is an installation that I call “hillclimbing track”. It is inspired by bike hillclimbing contests. Like here in Rachau, Austria, for example. The contest task is to climb furthest uphill. At the bottom, there is carpet, while up here it gets tricky with a piece of bent cardboard. We are doing this in a project called “Roberta”, “Learning with robots”. These NXT sets by Lego are our starting point. They have a programmable brick, where servo motors can be attached with different kind of construction material. Stage 2: Contest with 5 vehicles 1. El Compacto: Homeward bound with elegance! 2. Last Minute Prototype: Changed his mind… 3. The Spider: Only the edge of the cardboard could stop it. 4. The fabulous caterpillar: Winner of our contest! 5. The flexi-caperpillar: 2nd place was all he got! Thanks for watching!

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