LEGO Ninjago Ninja Tuner Car 71710 review!

everyone this is the lego ninjago ninja
tuner car for season 12 and I have questions so let’s take a quick look at
everything we get in this set and we’ll see if I can get some answers first of
all big car is big this is ten studs wide right here and then it gets a
little bit wider in the center section or forward of the center section maybe
to about 12 studs then it goes out to about 14 at the wheel is something like
that and yet ironically the whole thing is designed to hold just one single
figure these things back here are supposed to be wings and they can
actually be deployed I’ll show you how the action feature works in a minute
season 12 is based in a game world so this is not supposed to be a real
physical car it’s supposed to be a digital car that is used by avatars and
game characters inside of that game world so it’s something that they’ve
come up with it’s intended to be kind of retro futuristic hence the colors and
the weird styling of it because it’s supposed to be a tuner car they tried to
go for the whole sticker it up look and if you have spent some time like pause
right here you can you can see a lot of references
within these stickers a lot of interesting cool little things that
they’ve given Easter eggs to probably what I like most about this set is that
it has a game controller as the controller front car has kind of a
steering wheel Jochen probably has acceleration
controls on the triggers or something that white modified tile or modified
plate there is the seat for the driver and the driver just sits there normally
and there’s also just a little bit of space for some cargo back here and
there’s a specific thing that’s intended to go in there let me go ahead and show
you the main action feature the main transformation this being a car
obviously it’s intended to roll and they’ve got thinner profile tires on the
front than the back although the overall diameter is similar so it kind of sits
fairly flat to the ground but these wings are intended to be deployed
outward as I mentioned earlier by turning this this white knob here turn
it to one side and outcome some wings to the other side come the other wings
and that’s intended to allow this to fly I’m assuming that these would like
vibrate or something and it kind of flies like a dragonfly although it’s
weird that all the wings are back here and there’s nothing up front but you can
get around some of that you can do the whole Back to the Future car thing
rotate these wheels down you can do it either part way think of them as
repulsors you can actually rotate them all the way down if you want you can see
them as repulsors or thrusters or something else that just works in the
game world and that’s intended to be your transformation so now this is a
thing that flies alright seems legit hmm yeah I mean personally I’m not seeing it
but that’s just me you can rotate these down more this doesn’t do anything it’s
just kind of loose there for some reason so nothing to really see there that’s
really pretty much it I guess one other thing I should point out is that the
axial opening on this is intended to be used with a collectible item but you
don’t have to use it with a collectible item I’ll show you this later you can
just turn it right so there you go that’s the car Oh as a fan of cars and
automobilia in general I have to mention that you can give this thing negative
camber at least at the rear but unfortunately you can’t do it at the
front without doing modifications some additional parts get in the way would
have been cool if you could set that at the front and rear to make it look
Stansted this is one of I believe two sets in the wave to include this figure
which is a new character named just Scott kind of a mystery character we
don’t know what he’s going to be doing what his part in the whole plan is you
know how he’s gonna fit into the enjoyment world if he does at all or if
he’s just in the game if he’s just a game player his undershirt has a B on it
from you know like controller buttons his jacket has L J on it and his cap
just says s for Scott he’s got his health bar back here because he is in
game in the in-game world and this is just a
recolored and reprinted piece that was initially introduced in the hidden side
theme there’s his alternate face where you can
see the entire thing for what it’s worth a lot of metallic blue printing on this
which i think is pretty cool it’s something that they don’t use all that
frequently and I think it it just looks nice printing in general on this figure
I think looks pretty good here’s digi Kai and I had to zoom out
just a little bit because the ninja end up being a bit taller than regular
figures with all of their equipment on he’s got that game controller hilt used
has an actual hilt this time which i think is fantastic
a basic katana style blade in there and he also has two regular katanas well I
say regular but they are in the bright spring green color which does not glow
in the dark no matter how many people try to say glows in the dark it does not
unfortunately it kind of glows in the day though the head prints there looks
pretty good but the print on the torso and the legs is missing some opacity
especially in the white you know it could have been whiter could have been a
little bit more consistent and I think the alignment of the print on the hip
does not go well with the printing on the legs there maybe the leg printing on
this one that I got is just a little bit too high here’s the alternate face for
Kai as well unfortunately he does not get a regular human you know non
digitized face that looks serious so that’s just a different expression for
him here this figure is referred to as a red visor I know not at all an original
or creative name but it’s just it’s a red visor and it’s a generic bad guy
grunt you know just plain foot soldier expendable unit actually appreciate the
printing and design work that they put into this one especially on the face the
fact that you can actually raise the trans neon reddish-orange visor to see
the face underneath there cut the red light saber hilt used as a scope on this
blaster this one has two red katanas and wait wait wait
this is getting out of hand now there are two of them there are two red visors
include included in the set not just actual visors but you know the units for
o4 stands for file not found error you know you see that on webpages every once
in a while used to see it a whole lot and this one has the same build for the
body just slightly different accessories that’s a plain black shield or the one
on the right yeah there’s what one of them looks like
with a bunch of stuff removed so you can just focus on the prints that are
actually they’re not the highest quality on the face but I do like the design
quite a bit and there is an alternate face I did not see that coming at all
that’s pretty cool so you just imagine the master control program at the
Emperor you know is taking direct control or giving it a communique
through one of these you know these these generic units and the print on the
back of that torso is pretty good as well even though much
of the time you don’t see it at all the collectible item that I mentioned
earlier that you can use to unlock the flight mode of the car or just not use
it just use your fingers is a key tana see it’s it’s a it’s a katana but it’s
also a key it’s like a digital key and they have them in different colors and
honestly this is my favorite for some reason I don’t know it just looks cooler
than the others all the molds are the same it’s done very crisply in a very
crisp fashion is the production work I think is very good of that dual molding
there and this is intended to be like a you know unknown powerup that you can
pick up and you can get an item from it so it could be considered an in-game
loot box and you can store this in the car that’s the special little cargo
space that I mentioned earlier so you’re gonna try to get that as loot and then
get away with it this that comes with a a myriad of extra weapon pieces I badly
wanted to say plethora but it’s actually a good thing here to get all these extra
pieces including three different unusual colors of katana
and then all of these extra trans neon greenish yellow colored pieces from a
full pack of those parts and the set includes something that you very very
rarely get especially these days and I appreciate it so much extra stickers
love extra stickers I love the fact that they are generic enough that they could
easily be put onto any kind of vehicle or structure or anything you want
skateboard you know surfboard use use it to tag
walls around a back alley or something just extra stickers always a good thing
in my opinion so what about value this is an over 400 piece set for $40 u.s. so
the price part ratio seems pretty good it’s a pretty large sized box and it’s
my surprise the thing that you build does the main thing that you build
actually this is actually touching the box right now fairly well matches up to
the size of the box then you do get a nice little pile of figures with a bunch
of accessories not to mention all those extra leftover pieces that are pretty
cool I think on paper this makes sense in terms of value but do you have to say
ultimately this is just a car it holds just one person and I don’t think just a
car that holds just one person that person being a minifigure at that hmm
can ever really be worth $40 so ultimately I’m more than a little bit
torn over the price of this but I’ll definitely be a lot less torn a lot more
happy if it costs less like even just 35 I think would make more sense would push
this more in the more into the direction of reasonability
because of its size you know it’s its bulk and it’s not that hollow of a thing
you know it has some some empty spaces in there but it’s not a case of it being
a skeletal thing that’s just designed to try to look as large as it can I mean
I’m ignoring this back here I’m just looking at the the main bulk of it but
beyond that okay beyond the value here do I even like this like even if it was
like 25 bucks what I wanted well probably for the figures and the parts
but as a thing to actually build as designed
probably not personally I just don’t like this I don’t like the overall look
of it I I kind of see some some hints of things that I could like like this thing
of going from from ferret over to open wheel at the back is an interesting idea
being able to bring the camber in I really like and just wish they had done
that at the front as well I think that a lot of people would be able to
appreciate that this whole thing of it being just a
single seater that’s super wide brings to me thoughts of I forget the name of
it there’s a a very low make super car that kind of looks like a fighter jet
and I believe Lamborghini also did a limited concept that had just a single
seat in the middle so I kind of see what this is going for but ultimately it’s
just so huge to hold just one finger I feel like it’s too much if you’re like
they could have done something that looks very much like this at 2/3 the
size or so and then it would have been cheaper and it would have made more
sense to me if this held a bunch of people it would make more sense to me
if it was just smaller it would make more sense these things don’t make sense
to me this whole mechanism where they’re trying to get you to put the katana in
there you don’t need to put the katana in there I’m glad you don’t need to put
the ketone in there this is much easier but I mean what does that what does that
do what does this do it’s kind of it’s just it’s just weird
not in a particularly good way if they had not built this to have this function
this feature which does require a certain number of pieces in a certain
amount of bulk they probably could have made the whole thing smaller if these
were just on plane hinges I think that would be fine and then you know we can
always customize stuff it’s Lego you know it’s customized stuff if we want to
we didn’t like this position of him or something I don’t know I just feel like
in general this is not the most successful of vehicle designs there are
a lot of things about it that just don’t work for me
so does that does that change my view of it absolutely does that perhaps bias my
view against this a bit probably including in terms of consideration of
value like I said there’s a good amount of stuff here it’s just not put together
well it’s not a good use of that amount of stuff that’s not all I have to say
about it so I will end at this time on that terrible disappointment I hope you
enjoyed the video regardless if you are unable to comment know that it is not
because of me and it is not because of Coppa it’s because of YouTube you don’t
know what I’m talking about you don’t know what’s going on there should be a
link in the video description won’t be at the first line but it’ll be nearish
the top of that so as you can you know understand what’s going on and see some
alternatives the builds for this are live including the speed build which
probably doesn’t have comments turned on either but you know check it out
regardless if you would like to and then the real-time build which should allow
comments on there so you can’t use that if you are over the age of 13 due to a
couple of complaints on youtube I do want to put that in there if you’re
under 13 you shouldn’t have an accountant you shouldn’t be commenting
on YouTube that’s for certain it’s just part of the rules but if you are 13 or
over including if you are actually 13 you can comment over there on my pure
builds channel on the build the real build for this set enough about that I’m
gonna move on to the next thing and talk to you again soon

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