LEGO Ninjago Movie gifts from Warner Bros. unboxed

here ready I has a box and for the sake
of transparency I’m supposed to tell you right here from the start that I got
this box from Warner Brothers for content creation purposes what if we’re
going to be transparent here let’s be transparent because the person who
approached me offering to send me this box it’s actually from a marketing and
promotions company not Warner Brothers and actually represented his or her self
as an agent of Lego corporate conspiracy anyway Warner Brothers the major partner
major backer major everything behind all of the major motion pictures for Lego
and the key thing here is that they sent me this box I didn’t pay for it
I don’t even know what’s inside but because I didn’t pay for it you know
that I’m not going to be reviewing the things that are inside however I can
show you the things that are inside and I can certainly use them and I will be
doing just that I have not opened this box I have no idea what’s inside other
than I have an expectation that there will be at least one lego ninjago movie
related set whoa whoa huh this is interesting that’s kind of cool actually
I always do something different with the with the setups for these boxes that’s
actually a cool seat to use as a backdrop or something I am in it we’ve
got these all around right to the side open mmm maybe this side does not open
but the other side the other large side has an opening flap yep that’s pretty
cool I like it okay but it’s not about the box is it let me get this back
around to the other side this thing is pretty large and unwieldy and it looks
like it’s got a little paint chips that are getting on my nice white
service fee flow here greetings from faraway land from Warner Brothers even
notation up a long time yeah let’s not be half of understand yeah we’re not
telling you what to do with this but make sure that people know that you
didn’t pay for it good I like the big push for transparency and
honesty and it’s coming ultimately from regulatory agencies and legal
departments who don’t want to get sued for paying people to say things or
getting the appearance of paying people to say things when you know supposed to
be honest so that’s that’s all whoa okay that’s all good and I’m already
seeing lego movie sets in here a lego ninjago movie lego sets in here but I’m
also seeing a bunch of stuff that is nothing like what I was expecting
okay this is actually a cool little grab bag of all sorts of stuff this is one of
those LEDs which I’ve never had hey there we go do both legs light up I
think I see a light coming from the others yeah like both legs light up I’ve
never had one of these before I’ve seen them in stores but I’ve never I’ve never
even touched one so that’s cool my very first one a you
can actually turn the the hands on this as well and the head the headgear does
not come apart of course because it’s like kinda like a cheat at keychain but
that’s cool I think I’ll find a good place to to display this but this is
this is a match as well so this is also Lloyd the green ninja and this is an
alarm clock beep oh this is yeah I think these hands will actually going to break
that yeah his arms will come up and the hands turn as well I have also never had
one of these ah it lights up too I did not know that
this is a little bit separate here I wonder if there’s actually a full-on
minifig type of head underneath there what if this can be removed fine if it’s
probably kind of a standard that they have for making all of these but this is
pretty cool wonder if you can attach anything to do so and it’ll also stand
up as well I didn’t even realize that I thought that the legs this whole time I
had no idea I thought the legs were for static on
these so these actually have a lot more poseability than I thought and then this
is a shirt it’s in a size medium not a kid’s medium because it shouldn’t be it
looks like an adult small that’s considered a kid’s medium these days
that says some things anyway this is cool looks like a pretty nice quality no
print on the back but my wife might actually be able to wear this I’ll try
I’ll try it it might be a little bit small for me though but I think it’ll
definitely work for my wife this I I don’t recognise which phone this goes to I’m assuming it’s an iPhone case though
I know a couple people with iPhones I think one of us is going to end up
rocking a knee a perfect yeah a Neah case so this is kind of a hard
outer shell and a silicone insert for it for some shock absorption should
actually work decently well alright I think that’s going to get some use this
I have already reviewed you have seen this so if you haven’t seen this you can
check out my video review of it it includes a training version of coal in
his new lego ninjago movie form with his new crazy hair and this is just a simple
activity booklet you know just something something to put in front of especially
younger kids faces to get them to actually use their brains you know and
not just be looking at phones books are still a good thing especially
when they’re enjoyable to go through as well being able to read and stuff like
that it’s all good so especially for for the youngest kids I think this is
probably not the best age range I would take this down a couple of years for for
starters at least maybe even 2 4 plus definitely the material I think is
appropriate for 5 plus at least maybe not all of it would be understood but
that’s ok push yourself forward a couple of these mystery packs there may be more
in here but a couple of them and I like the series if you haven’t seen my my
review of the entire series of the Legos in general movie collectible figures
definitely check that out there 20 of them in total and I like a good number
of them not all of them equally this is cool I don’t even know how this is going
to be made available as yet oh you know what I think this is going to come with
the I might be mistaken on a fabulous time I think this is going to come with
the lego ninjago game lego ninjago movie game and I’m not sure if I was going to
get that game but I definitely wanted to get the figure I think that’s what this
is all about so this is a kendo training coal cut coal come on I’d call on the
rain because this one over here kendo training Lloyd obviously and that’s
great so dang it how am I going to do that because I want to show you this but
I don’t do reviews of stuff that I don’t pay for so I guess that’ll just go in my
personal collection and then I’ll let you know when I when I actually am able
to buy one probably off eBay this is a watch I’ve not seen any of these watches
I’ve been considering getting a watch actually I’ve had it on my list to get a
watch it and have any pic of where I would get it from or which series I
would get it from but here we go have my first ever Lego watch I’ve been wanting
to check these out see how they worked says Kai in it they’re going to adjust
the band which okay that’s how that works it comes not even completed so
they want you to finish the band yourself there we go
and surprisingly this will fit my huge figure sized hands and there is plenty
or risk there is plenty of space to spare so technically I actually need to
remove some links from this steps actually cool I never expected this to
fit onto an adult wrist right on just adjust it a little bit but I’ll not
spend too much time on the watch but this will definitely find a home in this
world in this world see works just need to take a little it’s stopping it off
cool all right actually I’ll leave that on for this
this video here more than 1000 stickers all right see if there yet okay so this
actually has is not just a sticker book I’ve never opened one of these before
I’m actually going to read through this myself to see if they have any
interesting information that I didn’t know about possibly some stuff that will
be like background information that may show up that may not show up even in the
movie that but that will give it some more context and they have some nice
prints yeah look at this page 25 and no stickers yet okay so they want you to
put the stickers there and ours okay I just have never opened one of these up I
thought that these were all just books of stickers and that was the main thing
but they were actually set up like activity books and I will most likely
myself be using some of these stickers find some places to use them in mice
if I can Wow so these are pretty nice work these are all taken straight from
Louie – Oh full CG just means body it’s a beautiful thing different parts of the
neck there you actually see some pretty good details and stuff yeah see I always
thought that these were just books that were just all pages like this just all
stickers all sticker sheets maybe just a little bit of stuff in the beginning
this is cool I will definitely be using these as many of these as I can
especially the more generic things around new jiaying city sweet sweet
sweet sweet that’s cool awesome and based on this I think I’m actually going
to oh my goodness oh this is grade ah so I only use of things that are considered
official Lego decorated pieces and your printed pieces and stickers in my LEGO
City so to be able to get this much stuff is
just fantastic this is a gold mine there is so much value to this to me you don’t
even know and you probably won’t even be able to understand just how valuable
these two pages are to me just to have so many additional stickers that I can
use I mean some of these have faces on them some of those can be used in
different contexts but some of them have other objects or symbols and things
I am definitely now going to go look at other sticker sheet activity sticker
collection books like this from DK books and see what else they have build
because this is completely eye-opening to me these are extras completely
completely eye-opening to me Wow Wow well I mean I’ve paid decent money for
some sticker sheets actually on it’s so useful on on brick link you know just to
get certain looks I love it and more Josh incredible Wow
so for me that may actually end up being the most valuable thing something that
out of this entire box like to adding to my my life experience
totally unexpected many thanks for that this okay advertising the Lebanon
general movie game as I said I probably would not be getting for myself so sets
haha only at Walmart and little stores okay I did not realize that the judge
the flying jelly sub was a Walmart retailer exclusive I bought mine off
shop you know they go shop at home but it’s great to get a spare of
this because for my lego city I want to have more of the head pieces for this
jelly dude here also these parts are useful I’ll use those around industrial
things in my city this canopy piece will definitely end up in a planetary defense
force related thing for around the city getting more of these chains is cool in
the transparent color and this you know there’s sand blue in here which you know
I like all the sand colors Wow the green ninja mech dragon this is great
there are just so many parts in here in so many cool colors and yet the dragon
itself looks so cool of course I’ve done a full review on this already you can
check that out but it was going to pain me to no hand to take this thing apart
for its parts to use its parts I mean things that I want to use from this come
all the way down to the to a level of just that book front piece that’s used
here as a heads-up display and also these sand green colored skeleton or
droid arms on the front used for that like small
details you know so to take this whole wonderful thing apart just for those
parts was going to be difficult for me I’m going to be able to get those parts
right out of this set and those will be used in Custom Creations in the future
the Lightning mech is here that’s a piece that I definitely wanted to use
these things are great and 10a not sure if by the time this video is up you will
see my review of this I’m not sure if it will be published because I try to do
things a little bit in advance but once it is up I’ll provide a little card to
link you over to the full review this if it’s not available then just wait for
because it’s definitely coming this is one of the one of the major sets now
this is James vehicle each each mean jazz has gotten a vehicle or craft
Kohl’s one has yet to be announced officially in full-size and the last
looks like this is the last thing in the Box here there’s another garma man mech
and I do not realize that this was a target stores exclusive I got mine where
did I get mine from I think I got it from Target was a target or a ghost or
whatever member oh this is one this is one that I actually got off eBay that’s
what it was yeah this was one that went back and forth across the country a
couple times due to a shipping mistake I did a review on this if it’s not up yet
it will be up very very soon it’s been uploaded not sure if it’s been published
as of the time of the publishing of this video here but you can check that out I
actually did not like the set myself on the whole but it does have a lot of
useful pieces including these vehicle roof pieces that I use all the time in
my custom cars and trucks so it has those the short version the traditional
version in black it also has the longer version like the taxi used I think
there’s like a Volkswagen bus style thing in the LEGO City
garage and carwash that they did one point mostly these have been done in
white I think I’ve got some in red but to get them in black is valuable to me
and also this has a number of gunmetal gray colored pieces in it so I’ll be
able to harvest those pieces from this and you will see those showing up in
Custom Creations over the next year or so which will ultimately go into the
city as well and the only even some some smaller things so I’m very thankful yeah
these pieces as well I have not used these yet yeah that’s another one over there
these more squarish fenders have not used them myself
in custom creations I want to though I’ve gotten some of them in a couple
colors but I want to figure out good ways to use those that I’ll be happy
with so I will definitely be using these ones from here wait there’s more one
last little thing in this box and that’s truly it
hey bonus stickers inside sweet Lloyd got it on evil dad from Scholastic let’s
see so this is a short story book yep pretty straightforward the text isn’t
too small see if this says recommended ages on it because I noticed that the
text isn’t too large I really would expect a larger text in
something of this level you know so little writing in it but simplified
version of some back story not going through the actual movie itself just
backstory to it and then it just have these stickers in the back which are
from characters from the movie so it doesn’t have any of the really cool ones
really useful ones for me personally but that’s that
obviously I am super excited about these stickers in here which I did not I never
I never saw myself in a million years getting excited about a sticker sheet in
a modern modern book you know I liked the one thing the Lego ideas books from
the old days showing those before but I just didn’t think they would do stuff
like that anymore in ways that I would that I would really like so this is
opened my eyes let me move this box out of the way and get kind of an overview
shot of everything oh there’s more yeah another figure thought there might be
more of those one more I’ll take it I didn’t see this stuff I have a feeling
some of this is supposed to be at the top so congratulations to tickets I’m
not going to go there okay what is this special thank you to our partners oh
okay so this is telling you where all the stuff came from so the company that
puts or that put this particular box together that represented themselves as
an agent of Lego when they’re first contacting me and that I want me to tell
you this whole stuff came from Warner Brothers they have all the contacts they
make all the contacts with all the actual manufacturers so this is showing
you where all those manufacturers are they’re their official social media
handles and such what those are and give me the names of them so if you are
interested in any of those you can check them out so you know where all this
stuff is from and then there’s this top-secret okay they actually did a
pretty decent job of hiding it I don’t know if that was their intent but it
ended up getting hidden down below open this in a way allow it to still
look like it seals if I want to put it back maybe it’s not supposed to be for
me ah so I need to go to the lego ninjago movie translator and haricot
ninja okay Ninjago language translator to reveal
your secret message and I need to decode this okay that took a little bit of time
going letter by letter searching for the symbols but it says from the top the
largest model next line used in the film is next line go lego ninjago next movie
logo containing next forty thousand six next hundred thirty seven bricks so
that’s the secret message okay the largest model used in the entire movie
is model that they use for this here now I guess that’s because a lot of the
stuff in the background is actually not made with real Lego stuff so there’s the
lot of it thanks goes out to all the folks who work together and different
companies that work together to put these things together to send out to
folks like me and other youtubers and bloggers and such all under the umbrella
of the Warner Brothers consumer products group something like that but yep
they sent me this stuff the reason that I accept it in the first place they send
it with no strings attached and actually a mandate to be transparent about it so
I really appreciate that there’s nothing that came with it saying we need you to
do the following type of content with it we need to you to use such-and-such
say such-and-such for such and such amount of time and all that there was
none of that it was just make sure your viewers know that this will sent you for
free so nobody gets in trouble good and have fun with the stuff so I will I will
make sure that and much of this gets used as possible stuff that I’m not able
to use them sure to pass on to folks who can and
before I close out I’m going to open up this bag put that figures together right
now why not only handful of pieces and I’m also going to open oh hey this is
actually this feels like I can say I feel like the better quality stuff it’s
a little bit shinier than I’m used to for these non mainline non set figures
but looking on the back of considered is the I believe it is made from the the
contract Factory in China still just a little bit down relative to some of the
other Lego produced stuff it’s still I mean it’s still an official figure and
it’s still good stuff exact same quality as you’ll find in the collectible many
things so this is kendo Lloyd and it also comes with his hairpiece which is
sweet because I actually like that hairpiece I like it a lot better than
the original one that they had for the show or at least the most recent one
that they had or the show and I like that that helmet piece as well quite a
bit that’s going in the collection and why not hook these since at the very
very least I want the reason for their components for stuff in my own lego city
they’re going to get open no matter all suite if there was any if they’d sent
one if there was one that I could have asked for to get house spare it would
have been this one the angler because I want the spare of that piece right there
to put into my zoo so this is this is perfect just perfect
ah and also comes with that’s a pretty cool face as well
now alternate face on it but it also comes with this three long bar piece and
gunmetal gray and also the spiked mace I guess end piece stick on to a bar and
that is gunmetal gray a little bit satin in its finish but also good pieces so
yeah this could not possibly have been better for me look forward to
integrating that into my zoo got two more these to go appreciate you sticking
with me all this time this is a pretty cool one as well general number one because she has this fantastic
vinyl sheet and gets split into two oh that’s right she comes with the boba the
bubble tea piece which is another piece that I really want a lot of so that’s a
that’s a major part that I could have asked for spares I would have asked for
that one in particular this goes down first this goes down second to form kind
of a collar and I will find some sort of use for these as well
because they’re really interesting I think they’re pretty I might actually
use them in my zoo as well in the aquarium just to represent you know sea
life down at the base that would be kind of cool right kind of overlap them like
this make a look like some nice thin translucent kind of ethereal soft coral
that’s a useful headpiece as well you know that can be used on just regular
city city folks so look for her she will eventually be showing up that face will
eventually be showing up to my Syrah sure and this hair piece is interesting
because for her it’s intended to go across the face like this but you could
also bring it around like this you know and it looks a little bit more
normal perhaps it’s a relative statement so that’s her and then I have just one
last figure to open up any guesses what this last one might be I don’t have any
guesses ah it’s Garmadon okay I’m so thankful a
spare of this piece which is interesting and gunmetal grey and this in black you
know I will find uses for these because this could look like a fan shroud or
something like this could definitely be used especially in such a striking color
that it’s not specific to anything this could definitely be used in some
creative ways I think I should look for opportunities for that I having a spare
immediately means I don’t have to worry about taking down one from my collection
start looking for options otherwise he’s pretty straightforward version of
Garmadon and I don’t run for that goes up or down thing that goes up this goes
at the top of it like so yes sweet there you go that’s the stuff I’ve got a lot
of stuff to put away some sets to open up to harvest parts I look forward to
the end of this current release season I’m getting through it pretty quickly
but once it is complete and I’ll start putting some of these extra parts to
good use thanks again to all the folks involved thank you for watching thank
you for your support which is allowed me to get the kind of visibility to get
access to stuff like this and I’m going to continue working to deserve your
support so I will be working on my next video and get that up as soon as I can
thanks for watching

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  1. Check out my reviews of purchased versions of these sets in my Ninjago playlist:
    As stated clearly & repeatedly in the video, this box was sent with no strings attached. There was no requirement that I do any video of any sort. There was no request that I refrain from review the items. Anything opinion I express is my own.  Any decision I make is my own.
    Sorry something rattles on the microphone.

  2. Is it just me or is saying no strings attached mean it's not a paid promotion?? It said it in the lower left corner in the beginning. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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  8. The largest model used in the film is the LEGO Ninjago movie logo containing forty thousand six hundred thirty seven bricks

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