LEGO Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu review! 70670

hello everyone this is the lego ninjago
legacy Monastery of Spinjitzu it is a callback to the early days of
the series and a very nice one at that it can be configured to give you a fully
enclosed space with the walls touching at the edges but in reality the way this
is designed is in two major pieces so you have the back section in the front
section that are separate looking around the front you get a small representation
of a cherry blossom tree you see some gold accents around a little bit of
roofing around the edges with some nice but fairly simple built a shrine style
entranceway with a nice archway and these built up doors plate in brick
based doors which close up pretty nicely I think you can get them a little bit
closer together than that but you know it looks nice in its completed form and
you pretty much get a symmetrical design around either side and around the back
there are a couple of ninja training play features as well as stickers that
give you the posters or paintings showing updated modern era historical
references this training station feels like a subtle nod to the game fruit
ninja because you’re supposed to be slicing through fruit they’ve actually
set this up so that you can break these off easily you’re actually gonna break
off the stands beneath them they’re not attached very well and then there’s one
additional blade over here that you can hit and you get the little exclamation
point to show that you’ve it you’ve successfully connected the other
training set up has a version of the training dummy with spinning blades so
you can spend that upping it also hit these blades top and bottom you also
angle them differently so these hook ones can be angled out to require you to
come in and then jump out you can also change the angles of these things you
can you know configure it around a little bit kind of to your taste and
both of these can be easily removed or they can be angled differently attached
at different angles depending upon how you clip them in to the vertical bars
that are on the main parts of the build and with
those removed it just becomes a lot easier to check out the stickers and
though they are stickers they do look very cool again these are modern ear are
these are posters that would not all have been here in season one when we
first visited this location as based on the events early the flashback memories
slightly updated memories that were covered in one of that miniseries the
one that showed up between seasons 9 and 10 the rear section of the set obviously
has a lot more bulk to it this is where the vast majority of the pieces go and
you get some more interesting builds back here as well on the ground floor
this first central area gives you the Tea Room and I like these small
decorative builds on the sides with a coffee mug and a red lightsaber hilt
each you get for those around the periphery some suggestions of lanterns
you’ll see those around different spots around the place and some nice little
tea cups that are made from two pieces each so each one of those has an
upside-down modified 1 by 1 round tile with the vertical bar on it and then
that’s going into a hollow stud piece and there’s a little action feature
built into this a little trap if you’re coming up in here not supposed to be
here this can move out just the the stairs you know I just slide out a
little bit if you want to do it right you can use a knob around the back of
this I’m just gonna grab it with my other hand you can see my hand is back
here you just push that through and you also get access to a little swinging
knife function that’ll go back and forth over to the right we have storage and
display for the nunchucks of lightning and the size of quakes each stand or
holder is subtly adorned with the appropriate color for the element for
that weapon and there’s also a built-in trap for this one if you jump up on the
plank in front of this it’ll surprise you with an attack of a golden chicken
that’ll fly out at you here’s how that looks around the back and most of this
Technic build right here is just to help hold things together so
the doorframes which are only attached by a couple of studs down here don’t go
flying off if you get too rough with this feature but feature itself works
pretty well it just moves the doors out of the way side to side while
simultaneously moving this basically catapult up and then ultimately if you
do it quickly enough will just launch the chicken or whatever is in the little
basket there straightforward the Technic stuff up above really just acts as a
guide so that when these doors come back in they always land properly over on the
opposite side of the build is a small drawer unit with on top of it Hey
bonsai tree with a very simple bill that actually works kind of well and this
integrates in a couple of the newer gear elements including this one here in a
nice dark grey so it doesn’t stand out too much obviously this is part of a
trap again so the idea here is that you would be looking for another of the
golden weapons and as you go towards it try to open this up the blade is going
to swing around or could swing around at you in this direction it does reveal the
sort of fire there but I don’t know I think this one isn’t set up quite
perfectly possibly if you angled this 90 degrees out it’ll be a little bit closer
to hitting you also this blade doesn’t really want to stay horizontal because
it’s on a technic pin that doesn’t have any friction so it always wants to end
up like this here’s how that looks around the back
and obviously there’s not a whole lot to see here except for the fact that the
desire to take care to close up the sides a bit so you don’t have big gaps
the uppermost levels have nice part usages and nice detailing around the
edges and also a couple of large stickers used on door sized windows to
give you some of the appearance of extra shape and detail but really the space up
there is rather small around the back is the display and storage for the shuriken
zuv ice and that’s just it nothing up here you
can’t even really fit a minifigure in that level and there’s no real space to
put a figure up top either around the edges there are no balconies that are
really usable and you can’t really move around the upper levels of the roof all
that well you have a couple places where you can hold on with your hand like here
and up here but you don’t have any good places to put your feet so it’s not
great for proposing things that are you know attacking around the edges are
trying to sneak in you do have places to put your feet at this level though and
below because of the way this is designed again you can close things up
really nicely and you know have that that real interior courtyard space but
if you want to open it up you certainly can you just end up with these large
gaps and I really wish they had included something to fill in these gaps just
even a single section about this size and just that simple or even more simple
in that you know the minimum number of pieces just to give you a little extra
depth to make it look a little bit closer to round I think that would have
helped out a lot here but it’s not that bad I mean the level of detail is good
enough here and they’ve kind of established a plain space here at
honestly you know in in in the show a lot of the space between here was fairly
blank anyway so it’s not that bad other things you can do also include you
know setting it up like this so that you know it looks like it’s an opening into
a much larger space in this give your room to really get in there and play or
display either I needed to save some real quality time for the figures
because there are a fair number of them in this set here obviously we have Kai
Jay Zane and Cole none of them have weapons in their hands right now because
they’re supposed to go and collect the golden weapons that are provided for
them these are retro inspired retro styled yet new g4 the four and also a
new mold for the head piece the head gear each of these is dual molded so the
two colors that you see there are two colors of plan
stick no worries about any inconsistent use of print and you get two faces for
each of the ninja as well so these are all there they’re attacking angry or
mean faces and then here are the more pleasant or happy faces then here we
have lloyd complete with his current movie inspired green eyes nia all the
way set up as a water ninja so definitely not season one there there’s
woo in more of his classic robes and the one bad guy included in the set is
whiplash feel very sorry for him because it’s just him trying to sneak in and get
all of the golden weapons which I’m sure is just not gonna work but again retro
style the retro inspired G and prints for these which all look very nice to me
I like them quite a bit not the biggest fan of this newest head piece I
understand it I understand its design it makes sense to me but I’m just not
subjectively a fan of its shape or again we get a couple of alternate faces
better look at those prints I guess and a better look at these other faces as
well now all good stuff with the prints for
sure at least in my opinion very good stuff these so-called handheld battle
platforms or a new design for 2019 and I think they’re a very good play feature
they feature two new pieces for 2019 to make them work this platform itself
which also is able to accommodate a tire on the base and the clip that that goes
into so let me just pull these apart so I can see this is a separate thing here
as step you know friction little spring clip that snaps right in there and what
you’re supposed to do is put a figure on top of that and then do Spinjitzu this
can just let me just show you it’s like this they are able to move around and
they can hit each other and stuff and you can figure out different techniques
for for attack to spin around different well I actually got a good bit thrust
straight through there I mean the these these really work they actually
you know will cause hits and stop you can you know go back and forth you have
two people actually playing it at the same time they can definitely have a lot
of fun with this and it’s difficult to knock the one of the other figures off
with one of these attacks but I mean you can knock them back like that and if you
know if you’re violent enough with it certainly you can get them to folk art
but yeah that looks like that was probably a win it’s definitely easier to
to knock one of the skeletons back just because of the shape of the pieces they
have less friction but I mean this this is a nice little little thing that
allows you to have some little engagements fairly easily and it’s it’s
very reliable the parts don’t fall apart easily you know they’re just yeah it’s
just nice little additions if you want to use them you can and if you want to
customize them you can add more to the top of the platform there have a have a
figure sitting down if you want hidden let’s see if I can get this set up this
way you’ll be doing some some different fancy techniques will this work get the
arm up yeah definitely I know I don’t work like that you know if you use your
imagination a little bit use some additional pieces and come up with some
different possibilities for this let me see one last thing I put them just on
one foot that’ll make it a little easier to knock one of the figures off I think
it’ll be a little bit more of a fair fight if you had I figured versus figure
like a minifigure versus minifigure but yeah it still holds on there pretty well
there’s pretty good pretty good clutch power there we go finally got that one
to come off but yeah I think these are a good play feature leftovers they’re a
lot of leftover pieces not a whole lot of super valuable super interesting
stuff but you know you do get some of these pieces which are pretty useful a
bunch of weapon stuff that’s good this is a good piece right there that black
one these light saber hilts in red got to get the pneumatic
tee piece in black good this is a short bar a three long bar
Gold another hilt you know some basic stuff but some definitely useful stuff
especially the the weapon items once again I have recorded the build for this
set and you can see that entire build process if you’d like to over on my
build channel and there’s a link to it in the card over on the right side of
the video or left side should be on the right one in the pinned comment and also
one at the end of this video that you’re now watching so in a final analysis is
this a good set I think it is I think that the build was nice it has some nice
techniques but nothing too crazy nothing it’s you know difficult to generally
follow along with with the instructions the whole thing looks very nice on
display I think that it would display very well with the temple of airjitzu
for example which you know to to be able to be next to that it is kind of high
praise in and of itself although you do have these gaps on here which I don’t
like they say you can you know push all that
together that’s the one thing that I really wish they had done better with
this if they had just included just a couple of wall set segments just just
really small ones it would have been absolutely ideal but fortunately that’s
easy enough to do and it does look ok without those it doesn’t look you know
tool to empty the play features in in and around this are good they’re they’re
actually useful and they look nice as well I integrate in very nicely you get
a good selection of figures as well to be in one single set and especially when
you consider the price for this hey that’s pretty good
that’s really good actually the value here is is very very generous it’s very
nice I cannot complain at all for the the volume of stuff that you get in
total and the amount of play possibilities with this and the
selection of figures to get the full ninja team yeah this is this is a good
stuff as it was great that they actually put this on the market and that they
were able to to price it so reasonably I guess speaking of the figures one thing
there that could have been ten bears enhancing the selection of bad
guys I think that just adding in some additional skulking warriors with no
shoulder armor no no hat no helmet no special printing for the torso are just
the most plain ones with just some simple weapons just you know the
cheapest simplest weapons just just a small handful of those maybe I don’t
three of them just generic ones really would have helped to make an attack
against the monastery I think that would have made it an absolutely complete
playset I actually would would have preferred those just basic little
warriors off to the side over gap fillers for the walls here because I can
do without that but you definitely can always benefit significantly from more
figures especially for kids who are not gonna be getting a lot of different sets
and aren’t going to be able to collect a whole bunch of figures from multiple
sets to put them together yeah it’s nice to the offer up of a playset that’s
that’s this full and to have the full you know versus scenario available for
it but beyond those those two things you know those are those are the downfalls
of this which don’t take it down very far at all especially again considering
the price and the value so this to me is a success of a set and I’m I’m very
happy that they made it and I’m glad to have been able to review it for all of
you hope that I showed you everything that needed to be shown just looking
through see if there’s any little thing I missed hopefully hopefully I’ve got
everything at least everything that was important if you have any thoughts about
this that you would like to share with myself and more importantly with other
viewers please let your thoughts be known down in the comments below check
out the build over on my build channel if you’d like to I’ll be back with
another review as soon as I can thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu review! 70670

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    (for the handful of viewers who saw this before, the original upload was missing a clip that dropped off the timeline)

  2. I haven't bought a Ninjago set in quite a few years, but I must say, I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Definitely picking this one up!

  3. Kinda would have been nice if that print of the marble floor on the inside of the temple, was actually on like, the inside of the box, so you could cut it out and use it for your temple.

  4. Finally i get it! We should use this "battle platforms" with new "tornado" spinners.
    But to get this platforms we have to buy this set or Monastery Training (fortunately, the cheapest one)

  5. In my opinion, ninjago is now the best LEGO line. Great mini figs, great builds all for a lower price than any Star Wars set because of licensing. Take that one battle pack from last year, the throne room. 5 high quality figures with a decent build for $15!! Star Wars battle packs come with 4 often identical figs and a very small build. You just get so much more bang for your buck with ninjago.

  6. Has anyone else tried taking the bottom piece off one of the new spinjitzu, and spun it on the Hand held battle platforms it looks really nice

  7. Its really lazy that lego just recycled the ninjas heads from the ninjago movie when they could have made new ones that actually better match the ninjas from the show.

  8. I’m not big on Ninjago, but these legacy sets are all really good, I’m always a fan of Asian houses and builds. The golden dragon is also really cool.

  9. For a cool effect put a spinjitzu spinner the new ones at least on the spinner in this set with out the slider plate on the spinner so you can spin the spinner with the spinner

  10. I know every image in the stickers. That is the sets version of the mural they have at the show that shows every season and all that stuff which is very cool.

  11. $70 for Emmet's Spaceship or +$10 and you get a whole freakin monastery, ALL the ninjas, ALL the golden weapons, Sensei Wu in his DX outfit, an OG Skeleton, and tons of traps?

  12. I wish they did not change the design and kept it original like different more accurate colors yeah I’d be fine with but they used new molds and designs

  13. I like the new skulkins but surely they can get there cloth colours right for there on theme…

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  14. I got this set yesterday for my birth day and it took me two and a half hours to build.

  15. A couple fun facts (Spoilers Ahead, be warned!!!)
    -While Ninjago Legacy is indeed tied to "Tales From the Monastary of Spinjitzu", it is also indeed tied to S10 as, the newly built Monastery is featured as Ninja HQ, the Ninja do reforge the Golden Weapons, the Earth Driller is featured prominently as a vehicle, and the other sets are featured in the murals/intro. The Golden Dragon also appears when Lloyd meets The First Spinjitzu Master after "dying".
    -The concept of a Ninjago Season is made at least 1 year before the Season itself. This can be deduced from many things such as the copyright dates on weapons like the Jade Blades or by the very fact that Lego mentioned working on a Ninjago Season for 2020 sometime during the early release phase of S9. This is of note because the attacking chicken isn't just a silly bit or movie reference but an early nod to S11. I won't spoil how but its both funny and also a neat addition to the lore behind Ninja which the team then begin keeping around the Monastary.

  16. nobody:
    literally no one ever:
    not a single soul I promise you:

    Green and Golden ninja, a legendary warrior, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, at the 11:56 mark: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS

  17. If the flying chicken was blue that would be so cool and an Easter egg

    That is a chicken joke for ya that was unintentional to begin with

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