LEGO Ninjago Legacy Jungle Raider & Kai’s Fire Dragon reviews! 71700 + 71701

hey everybody I have here two more lego
ninjago sets just the little ones that I had not gotten to up to this point both
of these are from the legacy line not season 12 I have here Kai’s fire dragon
and this one is the jungle Raider so this is from season ones from season for
us take a closer look the fire dragon set here occupies most of the screen and
comes with Kai and Garmadon the two armed version of Garmadon while the
jungle raider set comes with just lloyd now though this is a Ninjago Legacy set
we’ve already seen that they’ve brought the jungle Raider back in season 12 so
it does have a connection to season 12 which is a nice thing that they’ve done
they brought back a number of things from previous seasons into that which
just helps to establish some extra relevancy especially for things that are
on the market today through the legacy line this jungle Raider is much smaller
than the original jungle Raider but I think it actually looks pretty decent I
mean the amount of detailing and the back half of it is actually really nice
and speaking in the back half it has working suspension back there
even though it’s a little small and it’s actually independent suspension that’s
kind of deluxe moreso than need it has a simple mechanism to pull that off done
very well and even the level of springiness there I think is is pretty
good pretty appropriate nothing for the front the front tires are low profile
which is not as fun as these higher profile ones in the back which are
little softer a little bit springier and just feel better going over terrain
these work fine on hard surfaces I personally don’t like to see low profile
tires on off-road vehicles this is just ready to be grabbed and run around but I
wish they had another option for those just a small little nitpick the roll
cage is another thing that we have to nitpick on just a little bit just
because I mean this is a review right it’s not an ad I’m gonna tell you what I
think I do wish that the roll cage was set up a just a little bit differently
so that Lloyd’s head wasn’t sticking out the way it is right now because it just
looks unsafe you know I want to see his head
acted by this rollcage structure also would have been nice to not have that
bit of gap there in the front I guess that’s not as visible maybe it’s not as
visible to you as it is to me having put this together like when I brought this
down just not having it tap down below now to make a connection
there nitpicking to be sure but I do really wish the roll cage was up higher
really appreciate the inclusion of a couple of black EXO force arms in this
set though that’s very nice this uses three stickers so there’s one on either
side little one and this main one here on on the front three stickers is not
bad I think they definitely add quite a bit to this so no complaints there from
me the roll cage does come up and there is a printed console piece in front no
steering wheel or anything like that it would have been possible to add one in
there’s enough space just barely but yeah I think this works out just I think
it works out just fine as it is well this is awkward
this is supposed to be a season four based set but we get here a season three
style of headgear with the scarf basically across the the face no hood
yeah it’s just awkward but do keep in mind that this is a legacy set it’s not
a season for said officially it just takes inspiration from season four and
you know the whole legacy thing that they did introduces the ability for
things to change even when looking at the throwback so they tried to make
sense of it but it is still just very overtly awkward at least at least to me
it comes across that way of course we also get here the Ninjago movie and
Beyond style of face and the Chinese style of sword as well as opposed to the
old katanas lastly these are the sparrows and like I said just three
stickers were used the set sells for $10 u.s. sold that’s a great price for this
set for the amount of stuff that you get here
the pressed apart ratio looks fantastic the amount of detail in this vehicle I
think is good for the number of pieces I mean just everything value-wise i think
is really good and i think it’s just a good thing just generally speaking could
have used maybe just a slightly different set up for the roll cage i
think would have improved its design a bit i don’t know exactly what should
have been done there it’s just something that I feel is a little bit lacking but
overall I mean the thing looks good has that working suspension which is
pretty nice no it’s nowhere near as large as the
original but I think for the size that it is it is it’s good and particularly
just generally speaking as a legacy set I think that it’s pretty perfect at
least given its price point the legacy sets are largely not trying to sell to
folks who want the original things you know this is for current Ninjago fans
and new Ninjago fans and just kids walking down the Lego hell of all ages
walking down the Lego while looking for something cool that’s of interest to
them and they did make the connection with the the reuse of the general style
of the thing in season 12 so that works out pretty well and overall I’m very
happy with this particular set move on to the next I desperately need to
provide some context for the fire dragon before anybody rips it to shreds
prematurely this is a four plus set it must be small it must be very simple it
must be very easy by most viewers points of view or from most years points of
view very easy to put together it needs to be something that someone who’s very
young has relatively limited manual dexterity and the very little patience
can’t put together successfully in a single sitting and that’s why it is so
small and is not just a remake of the original fire dragon from the original
fire temple set from you try to compare this to the original
good luck there’s just yeah just just don’t that
said this isn’t bad looking for what it is it definitely tries to take a maximum
amount of inspiration from the original design that did use this old-style
visual you know design wise old style of head with a large piece on the top and
just a jaw that opens and closes you do put the flame in there yourself and this
is printed you know it’s a pretty decent print works out much better to replicate
the or to give homage to the original style than doing something brick-built
like they typically do these days and then you also have prints for the legs
yeah they use the little claw utahraptor claw legs as the base for this the wings
are not able to adjust their phalanges these fingers feathers whatever you want
to call them with the fiery bits towards the end they’re not able to open and
close unfortunately just weren’t able to bring in extra pieces for that probably
didn’t want to knowing that get all messed up because these things are gonna
be falling off anyhow did not mean to do that just then but it is a point that I
wanted to make these can only go up and down they will not go in and out if you
try to make them go in and out you try to fold them up well they’re just gonna
fall off so you can fold these in cuz they’re on ball joints kind of bring
them up like that a little bit bird-like and bring them out like this for kind of
a display and then they just have the the wide version of oppose tail goes up
down ratcheted there’s a seat for a figure there you can also put another
figure towards the front mouth opens and closes a little bit fire in there very
simple and the head turns just a little bit now this is a little bit front-heavy
unfortunately you have the wings out yeah it’s just wanting to fall forward
so you need to bring the wings back to balance it
and I do wish they had fixed that a little bit because you know a lot of
kids are gonna want to have the wings out and not have it angled way back or
just want to just land and then it does that so that’s unfortunate but that’s
pretty much it for this thing nothing only thing in the set if you’re not
familiar with that part right there with the hair on it now gone
that is a juniors style of piece to create a basic body in it allows for up
to four legs to be easily attached to it now this is not trying to compete with
the main structure build from the 2011 temple of fire set it’s just a little
side build that gives you a place to fight over and collect or display those
sorta fire which is right there in the middle and again it’s a four plus set so
you can’t expect too much can’t ask for it too much from this I think that it’s
perfectly fine for what it’s trying to be just a little you know slightly
embellished pedestal yes essentially but it does have a nice printed piece up
there at the top which does look pretty good with the dragon in it and yeah it
is what it is you also get a little bit of fire here just a couple of fire sub
assemblies and that’s a proper sort of fire nothing special to see around the
back let’s take a look at the figures here again we’re not looking at replicas
or even attempts at replicas of the season one characters we’re looking at
legacy versions I personally very very strongly prefer
this Kai to the original Kai just having the extra color in there the extra
contrast I think it looks good I think it looks really good happy with this one
just personally but of course if you’re looking for a season one version of them
you know proper you need to just go to Brooklyn kiss this ain’t the one that’s
for sure underneath there there’s the things
that’s being used once again yeah just I really like that guy I think it’s a
really well done one no alternate piece for Garmadon in this case
spare pieces for this set exist yes and that’s them alright let’s talk about
value for the Chi is fire dragon set this goes for twenty dollars in the US
and you know the price depart ratio does not look good on this I would not expect
it to look good because first of all it’s a four plus set these always have
poor almost always have poor prints mark ratios mostly because they generally
come with extra large pieces very specialized pieces that cost more and
generally do give you added value in this case there are a bunch of them
those head pieces okay those definitely add value the large unitary body piece
that’s in there it’s a pretty large part and then it also comes with the printed
leg parts so all of those add costs to this and add to its price that said I
think twenty dollars is a big fat no you didn’t know how are you this is this is
not a twenty dollar set I’m not looking at twenty dollars worth of stuff here in
front of me fifteen I’ll give it 15 for the amount
of stuff forget about how good it is as a set 15 for the amount of set stuff
that I see here deals appropriate you know this this is this is not like a ten
dollar thing here it’s not even a five dollar thing it was just a handful of
pieces two figures and then for how skeletal this thing is I mean yet has a
fairly solid body but doesn’t even have a neck that or a head that can go up and
down so I do feel that this is not a good value and it’s suggested retail
price moving beyond that though I also feel like okay the figures the figures
are fine this thing is fine for what it is a little bits of flame or fine for
what they are but most of what you’re paying for here is the dragon itself and
I don’t feel like it’s a good dragon even as a four plus set you know
considering who it’s made for how it’s designed that the thought the thoughts
that went into this the constraints that went into this just the fact that it
does that it keeps wanting to fall forward that is annoying
that is not fun that needed to be fixed just adding some weight to the back or
not adding some of the weight that’s that’s on the front of it that’s that’s
not a good look you know you have to lean this back to get it to to not fall
forward and it’s just yeah it’s just not fun okay that that works right there
otherwise you end up having to move the wings back and kids playing with stuff
don’t want to have to think about stuff like that that much I don’t know I just
I don’t like the thing that much that’s that’s it figures are really good this
is perfectly fine price is not that’s all I have to say about this I already
talked about the other thing I’m not gonna go over that again I have one
build video in real time for both of the sets covered in this video covered in
this video and then have one speed build video also which is the same thing
spit-up and with some music check out one of those if you’d like to and I’ll
talk to you soon

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68 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Legacy Jungle Raider & Kai’s Fire Dragon reviews! 71700 + 71701

  1. Kai's dragon is terrible. It looks more like it could be a Juniors set. I don't ever like it when they put out small dragon mini sets. They still need to give us energy Kai and Cole dragons, or at least re-release Cole's Earth Dragon with wings.

  2. I was playing Fortnite duos the other day and some dude said my voice sounded like yours. I had to google who "JangBrick" was.

  3. The legacy Lloyd, Jay, and Cole are supposed to be a mix of season 3 AND season 4 because there are sets from both season 3 and season 4

  4. They actually had the non-hooded figures back in season 4 in the second half of the season. Althought it wasn't that design.

  5. If the dragon was 15 € I'd buy it. I think you could build a nice dragon with a couple of more pieces and the minifigs are nice.

  6. I got the Jungle Raider for free from Target who were advertising a free, specific set with a $30 purchase. However, they didn't have that free set, so the manager said grab a $10 set instead

  7. Nice two-face for Lloyd. The dragon looks cheaply done, imho, though. Many different body pieces could have been used.

  8. I like that suspension idea. One of my favorite things to do when just playing around is to experiment with different suspension ideas. I had not thought of that one.

  9. The dragon looks like a badly done MOC, with brick separators attached as Wings. It doesn't even look like a dragon from afar. How is this 20 Dollars???
    So yeah, neither set impresses me, but if I had to buy one for my nephew, it'd be the car.

  10. I got the OG jungle raider but I kinda like this smaller version, almost better!

    edit, 10 dollars!? i'mma get 2 and make a monster truck!!!

  11. The original Jungle Raider had a very similar outfit for Lloyd, so I don’t really think it’s that awkward.

  12. As always great review! It is funny! Cause the exact things you were nitpicking about the jungle raider made impossible for me not to "correct" them i managed to keep his overal dimention but improved the cage (it is now safe for Lloyd) added a steering wheel instead of the console and higher profile tires in the front, and while at it added a simple rubberband suspention to the front, I liked it out of the box but now I love it! Thats lego for me sometimes you just wanna add that personal toutch!

  13. i kinda just wanna get the kai's fire dragon set, just for the minifig's love that lord Garmadon fig soo much!!!

  14. The fire dragon set i so boring! If its for 4 year olds then why make a new head piece? Why couldn't they just use the gold dragon remake head? They shouldn't have made it a 4+ set

  15. The Fire Dragon was such an enormous letdown. I was expecting a grand remake of a classic, not a downsized deformed chicken

  16. i loved everything about the old ninjago art style like what was their problem when changed their perfect looking faces. I dont like anything about the season 11 till now because when they switched, they took this change seriously at made some really good lines like season 8 and 9 but when it god to the end of 11 the quality just gave up for some reason and i think the demand for new ninjago sets its low and i really dont want this series to continue. if they can bring back the old ninjas i'm certain that they would not have to make a re-lining of this stupid legacy line. ninjago is because i got to lego and lego youtubers and im not saying i dont want to see lego sets, i just dont want ninjago anymore.

  17. Very nice, the Jungle Raider is a little bit disappointing, it is smaller, but i like it! I specialy like how LEGO bring Garmadon in small set, Kai's fire dragon.

  18. I think that Kai's Fire Dragon is actually replacement (if we can say it like that) for the Fire Temple from I think 2011…..

  19. The Legacy Lloyd, Jay and Cole are wrong in the Thunder Raider set. That is a Legacy remake of their 2015 season 4 tournament gear.

  20. In the first couple of episodes the ninja still had their tournament clothing that took inspiration from season 3. So no it is not that far off from what they looked like.

  21. Did you forget the Tournament outfit that Lloyd wore in the original set? Good reviews here, and I had the same reaction to Lloyd's head sticking out of the roll cage: yikes!

  22. For such a small set, the Jungle Raider is actually really cool. Good detail, playability AND portability, and so cheap that the silliness of the driver's head going over the rollcage that's supposed to PROTECT him can be forgiven. The Fire Dragon though…well, it's probably the cheapest way you're ever going to get a molded red dragon head with, if that's your thing.

  23. Suggestion: with these multi set reviews, don't put the 4plus set at the end. Many people won't be watching till the end of the video (algorithms!) if the last set isn't very interesting to them.

  24. I think LEGO had something nice going on when they first started out doing the Legacy sets. But take this Jungle Raider for example; does anyone really want to see a remake of the Jungle Raider? I certainly don't. This Legacy line was neat at first, but I think they're kind of dragging it out now.

  25. Is it just me or does the Fire Dragon's Wings when folded up look like Adam's wings in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

  26. You are such a great reviewer, and I have been your fan for so long, that even when I see a set you have not reviewed, I can hear your voice and predict some things you'd say if you eventually reviewed it. If I ever review Lego, I am sure my style will be influenced by yours. Unavoidable. Oh, and that poorly designed roll cage looks easily mod/fixable.

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