LEGO Ninjago Gamer’s Market review! 71708

hey every one I have here a lego ninjago
season 12 set this is the gamers market this comes with 9 minifigures making it
primarily a minifigure pack but it does also have a few structures that are
pretty useful and have a lot of accessories with them they call this the
gamers market because in season 12 at least as far as we know it so far the
main characters are going to be in this game world you know this digital world
and in that world like in real life you can buy in-game stuff so this is a place
where it’s basically a social space where players would come together and
socialize and buy stuff for their characters this structure for example is
a weapons stall a place where you would go to purchase weapons and potentially
power-ups for your existing weapons so some of these items you can actually be
attached to hilt so perhaps if you have your own custom specialized tilt then
you can hook things up but around the back they have additional things that
are not on outward display and they’re just in these simple little stands on
the back so you also get some additional katanas in three colors you got the red
the medium Azure and the gold and one that has the dragon hilts already
attached to it this one has the sticker on the back that says item market but
this particular part is obviously focused on just non-essential cosmetic
stuff for your avatar so they have a whole hat rack and an extra one also on
the back this can kind of rotate around in its own space and a nice especially
nice inclusion here is a non broken version of Benny’s helmet so this is a
modern classic space helmet in blue without the broken part on the front got
a Harry Potter world Wizarding World Peace back here and this is pink Zayn so
that’s from very very early it’s a reference to very very early in the
show’s history when these GE kits accidentally died pink and here we get
an entire figure of that so the idea here is that you can become pink Zayn in
universe but that’s not intended to be pink Zayn himself it’s not intended to
be vain himself however it is a full figure so you can use it as a nub
if you want becomes a kind of cool collectible piece just for us full
collectible figure really for us real people in the real world here’s how the
thing looks from around the back so you know there’s really not a lot of focus
on the structures in this set but at least this holds a bunch of accessories
and looks pretty decent the last real build in the set is this
well it’s a Shinto shrine inspired gate or gateway within which you can place a
powerup that will bear one of the katana so they include the pink katana with
this set yeah this is the largest thing in the set but it’s also probably the
least useful you know it’s it’s really here just help set the stage and to
provide a little bit of background that is one huge sticker that’s applied to
that six by six tile piece that’s held essentially on its side but the nice
thing about that tile is that it is in the teal color so for fans of that color
I don’t think we’ve gotten that part before ever in Legos history in that
color so that’s something new and you know again there’s really not that much
you can do with this build so moving right into the figures without further
ado here is that official Lego pink Zane this is just a beautiful thing because
it is 100% fan service this is the result of the Lego design team getting
together and being like okay what have we not made that fans would really get a
kick out of and bam there you go pink Zane perfect with a couple of exceptions
folks who have no sense of humor please brace yourselves I’m gonna say the
following 100% tongue-in-cheek tongue-in-cheek I
tell you okay here we go so this is completely unrealistic
because this figure is not pink this figure is magenta or fuchsia magenta is
a combination between red and blue pink only has as much blue in it as it has
green to raise the value it’s a very very pale red so that’s wrong
secondly as someone who has literally accidentally got in color into a white
Japanese martial arts uniform by washing it with something
with color that bled in the washer I can tell you firsthand that this would not
have happened if Chi washed his ghee with Zayn’s Zayn’s would have come out
of a very very pale pink not all completely saturated like this and not
magenta hey check it out Harumi is back and she appears to be channeling a
little bit of Kill Bill but then again Kill Bill was channeling Bruce Lee so
I’m gonna say that Harumi is channeling Bruce Lee this is the Bruce Lee version
of Hiromi and this hair piece is rubbery so it’s holding on to the head I don’t
want to take the head off just want to take the hair piece off get back down on
there you head you there we go reminds me a little bit of Skylar also
with just the color you know the quito range color the flame yellowish orange
color pretty cool figure though definitely stands out definitely
something worth saving you know collectible I’ve seen people
lamenting the absence of Nia in season 12 but here’s Nia she’s just not looking
like a ninja very much looking like she’s out there doing some diving maybe
going after some some dangerous man-eating sharks you know do a little
little culling for the sake of safety or something well we will see how this
actually works out how she actually gets used in the in the series in the season
in the game whatnot she may actually be acting more like an eager than the ninja
do by hey blending in imagine that ninja that actually don’t stand out that
aren’t super colorful and jumping all around Oh in broad daylight could
actually work out then again this could just be done for fans of the toys and it
could just end up being an avatar in-game we shall see this dude is pretty
cool-looking this is okey know I don’t know the significance of this character
but it looks pretty cool nice print yeah basic print but nice with a good level
of detail for the torso the face works the topknot is very nice you know it’s
ten colors that are sensible you know that’s a dual molded hairpiece there is
a chinese-style sword though who cares I mean it’s what in Django has
traditionally been about mixing Japanese and Chinese influences together and
there’s this alternate face like this one this is totally disguised minor Cole
look he’s dual wielding pickaxes is that legal
can you do that I like it I like it just cut his plaid torso you know plaid
flannel they’re recognizable hairpiece recognizable eyebrows of course but you
never know is him because of the stache up he’s been exposed hey tell me is it
just me or is this face printed too high looks like it’s printed too high to me
and then this character is named Scott who is Scott I do not know who Scott is
but well it’s a reusable figure for the most part except for his skin tone which
is awkward works in the digital universe won’t work in a real-life situation so
if you want to use these interesting prints and interesting parts and the
dual molded hoodie slash cap part and everything and you probably wanna just
change out the face and the hands there is the face completely been obscured
except for it well you know what’s printed to obscure his face there but
then here’s the other ones of this disease is normal facial expression I
guess next up here’s dizzy J and there’s nothing really special about this one
you know relative to others from this series so this is just a full standard
full garb version fully armed version of a ninja in the Digi form so the actual
game character form with the health bar up above and a couple katanas on the
back as well those are in the bright spring green color I’m gonna take some
stuff off so you can see what’s underneath there’s that version of the
face it does have the game controller hilt and there’s the other version of
the face well as the print on the back of the
torso which looks pretty good this is Richie from the Rat Pack and he is fully
armored up and fully armed up like I like to see these with very nice black
and red dual molded game controller hilt piece very cool
you know nicely built up weapon again to katanas on the back and also the health
bar which is showing that he has more health than your typical hero in this
series to you know add a little extra attention and make it seem like there’s
a little more difficulty for the good guys
with the main armor piece removed it doesn’t look as formidable but in my
opinion he does look better than his counterpart Hausner the sand green
version of a rat pack member and there’s the print on the back of that torso last
and least this is a fully decked out red visor advisors are just the generic
random bad guys that have no particular names because they’re just massive all
units but this one like I said is fully set up with everything he’s got the two
katanas on the back also has a weapon there with an apparent optic with the
red light saber hilt it’s always nice to have a weapon that’s built up in some
way at least in my opinion and with a bunch of his a cool toy mom removed you
can see a lot more that’s on this figure with the pretty well done print on the
back of the torso a pretty significant secondary face or primary face whichever
you want it want to see it as but here’s the other one that’s you know just
simpler but both of them work pretty well these are pretty well done I think
pretty nicely detailed for just generic baddies finally spares the sets got a
lot including four different colors of katana
that’s just a nice little selection there and then looking at the spent
sticker sheet well there are far more stickers by number that you don’t use
then you do use all the rest are just extras that you can use however you want
wherever you want whenever you want including outside of this set of course
so really what more can I say about this set it kind of speaks for itself
wouldn’t you say I guess I can talk about value
this $30.00 us for that for nine figures nine complete figures $30 works has a
price for me for just the figures maybe with a little bit of stuff on the side
but those builds add some value to and all the extra accessories definitely add
some value so I have no complaints about this price whatsoever I love the fact
that this exists at all just a pack of a bunch of figures that are interesting
including even the fanservice special there you know some main characters some
I’m assuming not main characters returning characters just cool stuff
extra accessories even the the blue classic space not a classic space helmet
it you know is fanservice because it allows us to make non broken Benny’s and
you know and friends and stuff all these weapon parts fantastic and it includes a
katana as well some of the stuff maybe not that useful
like I say like this you know some parts of the bills here maybe but I don’t know
at the very least it’s got great parts lots of great parts so yeah I’m happy
with this one let me know what you think about it I’ve got the the builds for
this up you know you can see the pure build as usual you see the speed build
as well let me know what you think about the set on the hole also just as a a
separate little thing that’s not related to this video in particular I’ve seen a
number of people saying they don’t like it when I do this to show the Box up
close because it feels weird because I have a wide-angle lens here and serious
question serious question don’t take offense to this I would like to know
what would you like me to do instead literally tell me what you would like me
to do instead of this cuz the options are keep back here with me where it’s
all tiny you can’t see it or buy a new house yes
I’ve got a very wide area that I need to need to cover here
and just you know the way that the dimensions of things work out I would
need to not use a wide-angle lens setting here I would need to set the
camera back like ten feet more than it is right now and I just I don’t have the
space for that it’s completely not feasible to to make this whole studio
thing work but let me know if that is if it’s truly offensive to the eyes when I
do that when I you know when I bring in the box closer to you so that you can
actually see the details on it I don’t want to continue to do that I don’t want
to to you know to bother too many people with that if it’s if it really messes
with folks so any feedback that you can give me on that separate from anything
related to this set feel free down in the comments
otherwise I will move on to the next thing and I will talk to you in soon
thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Gamer’s Market review! 71708

  1. I don't really see the details when you do that all that well… Just do it like you always did, just the box without you, and then your thoughts with you. And I still don't like the wooden background during minifigs. Otherwise good work! 🙂

  2. I don't particularly like the Ninjago theme and I don't follow the story at all – although I took my son to the film. But I'd get this for the figures, just because they're so well designed, and I'd use the parts for other things.

  3. I'm okay with how ever you wanna do showing the box. But maybe a idea, just throw a full size image up while describing price, parts count, and such. Maybe some editing like slow crawls from side to side and then a transition switch to another image of the back. Like I said I'm okay, but trying to help with an idea for the other viewers.

  4. You said it already, you need to buy a bigger house.
    Ok … to be honest its totally fine how it is and it doesnt bother me at all

  5. Been really into this line, though I’m trying to save some money, so collecting it is slower going than usual. As for this set, I’m a little disappointed with how plain Nya and Cole’s avatars are. I may try my hand at some more spiced up customs. Either way, the set is surprisingly good for how small the builds are. I just want to know why Zane didn’t get a digi version.

  6. i can't wait to get this for my B-Day this week, honestly this is probably the best value Ninjago set we have had in a while

  7. bringing the box up close does not bother me at all. However, what you could do is to take pictures of the box so that you could show the box up close and see the detail. Hope that helps!

  8. While I like this set, I was kind of bummed out when the images were released because I thought it was going to be something like an actual store or an arcade or something. Instead, we just got some ho-hum builds of some in-game store. But it's got a bunch of neat-looking minifigs and rare parts for a low price, so I can't complain.

    I know City has minifig packs like this fairly often, but I hope LEGO makes it more of a regular thing for Ninjago.

  9. I'm not a huge fan of Ninjago and I don't care about the actual ninjas but I often think the villains are super cool and this is no exception.
    My favorite thing about this set is just the red visor and the rat pack member. I love how they look. xD

  10. I like the Box up close :-), because this way it is easy to see all the details. I also like the Box held near the body to get a feeling of the actual size of the box. So, either way is good :). Thanks for the hard work. It is much appreciated.

  11. I discoverd something quite interesting on one of the extra stickers for this set. The text in ninjago language on one of the stickers says:"Cole, the cake is a lie!" Which is probably a reference to Portal, which is also a game just like ninjago season 12. And it is funny because Cole likes cake.

    By the way I really like your videos Jang.

  12. Have not gotten a lego ninjago set since season 4 of lego ninjago, but because of the pink Zane, I dont think I have any other choice lol

  13. Great looking set!

    Also fine with the putting the box closer, don't see what problem people have with it? Weird. Keep doing great vids 🙂

  14. You could edit in a shot of the box, no idea though howmuch extra work that would be for you… Otherwise, just keep stretching those arms: I don't mind…

  15. 4:00 this was really confusing, since in german pink is a magenta and what you describe (pastel red) is called "rosa" but people think those are the same. I had to check if "rosa" is called pink in english but it turns out that pink is just a magenta in english ((same as in german)so you seem to be wrong on that) and even "rose" (english) is just a pink. so i really get what you mean but magenta and pink are in both languages a mix of purple and red light and none of them are what you get by mixing red and white pigment.
    (but still if you google translate rosa from german to english it translates to pink)
    so the understanding of this seems to be limited to a very small number of people… why? i have no idea.

  16. I've been waiting for this set. There's only one store near me that carries bulk Lego and they didn't have this set. I had to order it online.

  17. Huh 3 years later and the pink ninja Finally is a figure one person that the 2016 book of Ninjago should have the pink ninja as the exclusive figure but they went with Jay in stone armor

  18. I've never watched Ninjago before, but the aesthetics of the set and the value for the price was way too good to pass up. Thanks for the review, Jang!

  19. I don't personally have a problem with the close up of boxes. However it does sometimes get out of focus for a bit and if you're shaking it a little, it can be hard to read. Personally I would go for an overlay with a scan of the box or the marketing material provided by LEGO themselves. But whatever floats your boat I guess… I can always find the box art elsewhere 🙂

  20. Bringing the boxes closer to the camera is fine in my opinion. Maybe the speed of the movement is a little jarring, but not to the extent of being an issue.

  21. Hi Jang, I don't mind you holding the box for a close up, but for the box close up, maybe edit in a 5 second picture of the set?

  22. Show the box as a close up by itself and by your side. This gives us the potential buyers a look at the box and scale as to how big it is to a person's hands and or chest.

  23. Umm Jang said people are talking about the absence of nya but people are talking about the absence of Zane nya comes in Jays cyper dragon but there is no Zane except pink Zane

  24. I have no problem with the format and showing the front image of the box. That said, maybe as idea for an alternative, taking a separate video of the package as a close up. Than just place the image of the box within the video? You always do an excellent job with your production and reviews; and I enjoy your work.

  25. i think ts not that big of a deal, but if it bothers other people, maybe you could shoot a close up of the box when you shoot the close up of the lego sets

  26. For the box, I have no issue with it. Seeing the box as a whole may not be the most important aspect of the video. But I'm fine with how you've been doing it. I hadn't noticed anything odd, so carry on as you are as far as I'm concerned

  27. Only thing strange about the wide angle lens is the perspective. The first time you actually showed up in front of the camera it made the box and subsequently your hands look out of proportion. That would be the only thing I could imagine people are bothered by. Personally it doesn't bother me.

    Simple solution of course would be to go back to the old format where you were behind the camera so no one is bothered by the proportions. But that makes thing a bit more impersonal. A more complicated solution would be to show the box in still images which would require a bit more editing work. Or maybe show the box first then pull it back off camera… I don't know just spitballing, like I said doesn't bother me.

  28. Maybe just film the box separately and cut away to the image? I'm probably the 10th person to suggest that. I'm not one of the people who is bothered by the box being moved closer ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  29. Holding the box up to the camera looks absolutely fine to me. I suppose it's slightly harder to focus my eyes on it when it's actually moving towards the camera but I honestly didn't notice it until you mentioned it here.

  30. Skylor is my favourite Ninja & I’ve been wanting them to revisit her earlier amber costume, so although she isn’t included, Harumi is wearing the amber. Curious, but ok. Also, love this cyber-punk look of season 12, & prior Hunted & SoG. Kinda like 90s Tank-Girl meets Idoru! (Cyberpunk fiction)

  31. I don’t mind you holding up the box so I can see it. Not sure why some find it awkward. Perhaps you can add a picture in the video post production. Or start with the close up in the beginning and draw back to do the review.

  32. I personally don't have any problems with the current video style. Though if there are people who for some reason doesn't like that way of showing the box. A close up 360 shot of it would be a nice middle compromise imho.

  33. RE: BOX MOVEMENT – Not offensive to the eye… resolution is so good in the first place (with good internet). But primarily because set has been explained so well it’s ultimately not necessary, maybe. Keep up your amazing work in this ever-changing YouTube environment, Jang! Thank you for your commitment to excellence. -Scott

  34. Re: the Box! I agree it looks a little awkward, like pushing anything in your face. But I didn't mind it. I think just a screen shot, especially with the little stat bar on the left would be great. Also, this set looks awesome. I'm glad they are doing more figure heavy sets.

  35. I don't like the avatar forms for Cole and Nya. So, i decided to give Cole the Iron Man Mark 1 outfit and Nya the D'va outfit.

  36. Loved the bit about the “Magenta Zane!” As for the box thing, I personally don’t find it distracting, but I also don’t think it’s necessary to show the box as a whole because you just showed the physical product, so maybe just leaving the box on the white table? Either way thanks again for the review, I have this set and love it!

  37. I really like how you have a wooden background when you show the mini figures, rather than the usual white one. It looks much better and contrasts nicer with the colours of the figures themselves. Glad to see this channel taking steps to improve!

  38. So it’s a virtual reference shop?

    Also, I didn’t know you watched Ninjago Jang, I’m proud of you.

    Just to put this here, I really like your Minecraft videos, I have found any with comments on though, so I’m putting this here.

  39. Hey Jang – Moving the box near the camera doesn't bother me. I use a 15" retina screen MacBook Pro laptop. I think my eyes usually are about 24" from the screen. Cutting in photos may work and be preferred by some. I like the simple approach of moving the box – Cheers, Allan

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