LEGO Ninjago Dragon Masters sets (first 5) reviewed!

everybody before you here are the first
five of the lego ninjago dragon masters sets there are supposed to be six but as
of the time the recording of this video the sixth one which is Nia’s dragon
master set has not been released I don’t know why they did five at first but
let’s go ahead and take a look at these I will be focusing mostly on the figures
in this review but – let’s start with a look at one of these just in general so
you can see what dragon masters are really all about how they’re built and
how they work fundamentally this is the latest iteration on the air Jitsu idea
so they did the air Jitsu series they did a Spinjitzu series based on the same
mechanics and now they’ve done this which is the same thing plus wings so
they have the actual propulsion creating vanes on the rotor piece that they just
changed the color of that from one to the next you put a figure inside a
capsule there these wings are actually just one piece they’re just folded up
very nicely with a new specialized part down there a couple of parts actually
that just hold it together and just give you a nice frame to bend this this vinyl
piece around if you’re familiar with with regular LEGO sets you’ve probably
seen this a material material used for like sails one of the Destiny’s bounty
sets actually used this material for its sails as well kind of sails slash wings
the idea here is you have a rip cord and you pull that ripcord and the spinner
spins up and it’s gonna cause some propulsion is gonna take off so I’ll do
it just lightly here just to give you a general idea kind of pulled away a
little bit but they want you to pull a lot harder and do it faster and then it
will properly take off the handle is very similar in build to the air Jitsu
and Spinjitzu ones before it they just kind of angle the end to kind of help
you with setting your angle of attack and direction of flight no new parts are
used here you do have the printed piece each each one gets its own
printed piece that is exclusive to that character so this is J’s part for that
and then going over to the flyer assembly it just has these two new parts
there’s a clip down here and they’re kind of subframe to hold the shape of
the wing properly beyond that this is just the reused marriage it’s who rotor
part and the capsule on top it all just locks into place so you can pretty
easily get at the figure inside it just doesn’t even have any studs to hold it
in place doesn’t need them that’s perfectly fine there’s a limited amount
of space inside of here these are technic compatible pins go
into Technic holes there’s not a lot of space so you can only use shuriken x’
and maybe some other small bladed weapons would just barely fit but you
see it’s very limited but this spins independent of the wing so they’ve got
the clip part here that is very loose-fitting and then this is just able
to to spin inside of there and there you have just kind of the gearing mechanism
that works with the ripcord so when the ripcord goes through it’s going to just
connect right up with with that and as you pull this out it’s just causing it
to spin so right now I’ve got a little bit too much tension on there but it all
works when it’s put together and you can make this go vertical if you want it
doesn’t go nearly as far as the air Jitsu ones did but the big thing here is
being able to actually fly more horizontally so that was Jays set here
is Kai’s set and each one has its own unique print for the wing piece and of
course the colors that go with the character and that printed piece down at
the base again which is character specific all of these are going to work
the same they don’t have different tricks that they can do or anything the
number of tricks you can do is very limited with this because really you are
just doing one thing you can kind of twists with your wrist a little bit or
move you know in a different direction slightly as you launch to get slightly
different actions but most of the differences in flight that you’ll get
will come from slight bending the wings and you have the
leading edge that can be changed up a little bit you’re just experiment with
that just be sure not to fold this to the point where it creases where it
shouldn’t there should be a crease along the leading edge they they put that in
there to help it to bend properly but you know you can kind of curl these down
and not worry about it too much in hot weather they will tend to sag a little
bit but see doing something like that will cause the whole thing as it goes to
spin it’ll actually rotate through the air so you can get like things that look
like barrel rolls going the tail doesn’t really do much and bending both of them
together it doesn’t really do much other than slow you down possibly make it
stall a little bit more easily but the big thing here is just that it goes yeah
that’s all it’s a way to make your minifigures travel from point A to point
B here’s Zane’s set which is gonna be a little bit harder to see is the white
background but there is a pretty nice print here and I like the colors I
especially like how the blue looks when it’s translucent like that it just has a
nice effect a nice kind of glow just plain white right here plain white
pieces on the side and then the character-specific
printed 2 by 2 tile again that’s pretty much it for this one again look at the
figures in just a moment up really close here’s Kohl’s with the broken up earth
and rock and the magma showing through in between this one’s also pretty bright
you know since they switch to the orange accent color for Cole so that his
memorabilia and his merchandise would stand out well wouldn’t get lost
compared to the others orange accents on the handle and again character-specific
2 by 2 round tile printed against gold and the final one has the actual gold
rotor and this is Dragon Master Wu as gold or gold looking printing through
the wings it’s nicely nicely chosen the hue that they went with there doesn’t
look so good when there’s a dark background behind it
but you let some light go through it and like in in the daytime with the Sun out
even without the Sun just as long as you a good amount of light around you that
kind of has a nice glow to it as well tan is the color that they used for the
main pieces on the handle here which is you know not as nice as the gold itself
but I guess there is such a thing as too much gold and yeah that’s that they all
work the same let’s take a look at the figures oh oops I almost forgot to show
you this which is a nice brand new exclusive print for the dragon master
looking at the figures and I think the same order here’s J and Kai and you see
that their outfits are kind of tactical outfits maybe not the same level of
detail or the same kind of graphic style as some of the others I feel like this
was done by the same designer I may be completely wrong about this but just
from looking at it looks like those were done by the same designer that worked on
the the torso prints for the bad guys for the hunted season sets but not the
same as as has done most of the stuff for the ninja in the past I know I
personally just find this style to be a little bit more cartoonish a little bit
more you know comic in style will lower an in detail lower and realism than some
of the other stuff they’ve done in the past which is not necessarily a bad
thing just an observation I personally prefer
just a little bit more realism a little bit finer lines but notice that the legs
are the same and the hip print is the same you’ll see that to be the same for
the first four only the dragon master gets something different the dragon
master that is the golden dragon master and there are the faces that they used
for these two of course they have alternate faces and they are the the
happy ones here we have Zane and Cole and Cole actually does not get very much
orange on him at all in the minifigure form you know his stuff gets orange but
he himself does not here and that’s that’s cool he kind of looks a little
bit black from a distance because of the use of the dark brown
and I’m perfectly fine with tad now just a little bit of harkening back to his
his original color scheme and again the legs are the same so that’s just one
disappointment for me across this line these back prints I like Zane’s print a
lot better on the back here on the front I think I actually prefer Cole’s
it just feels more complete you know the legs that are shared between all of
these work the best for him I think here are the faces on one side
revealed and the other side faces again are the happy ones and that’s the
perfectly normal human teenager is in there on the left
so the jungle movie style heads for the first four but this whoo here is
straight from hunted we’ll see that when I take the head gear off an interesting
thing here is that the legs are not the same color this is showing a little bit
of a transition that suggests to me again that they are changing
fundamentally they’re their pearl gold color because one of these legs that’s
the old pearl gold color and this appears to be the new pearl gold color
that and it’s slightly larger flakes in it as far as I can see it’s not as
orange it’s a little bit more properly gold to my eyes it’s not quite as bright
but yeah just a change that they’re making evidently along the way that’s
strange that and a little bit awkward that I got one of each there it looks
like there may also be that same case with the two pieces of headgear with the
lower part being the old color and the upper part being the new color those are
plastic colors not prints but on top of that you also see the bright metallic
gold print that’s used to give a nice nice extra level of detail and and
dimension I like that I like gold against gold because you know you turn
it in the right direction yeah to the light and it just it just
shines and gives you something a little a little special there so that’s pretty
cool this is a pretty collectible figure if you ask me so that’s the technically
teen woo head for a season nine although by the time he becomes golden dragon
master he may be an adult I’m not sure we’ll see how that works out in the
series itself I think if you are kind of on the fence about these sets about this
whole series you don’t want to commit to purchasing the entire series you know
for the sake of completion get just the one that has your favorite character
from the series and if you can’t pick just one or maybe if your favorite
character doesn’t have your favorite figure out of these ones then go for
this one go for wool he’s the most special most unique and I feel like
it’ll be the the most collectible in the future you know it’s the most
interesting from a historical perspective with his age you know an age
that we haven’t gotten in figure form before this year and you know the colors
are cool and the colors for the the headgear are cool as well getting those
in in the pearl gold and who knows maybe you’ll be luckier than me and you’ll get
all the pearl gold colors in the same pearl gold in color but do be aware in
it this may happen to you as well you may get both so those are the first five
dragon masters sets they have new torso prints one leg print that’s shared
between most of them except for whoo and reused heads and reused airjitzu concept
plus the wing now tough thing here is that they’ve raised the price relative
to the most recent Spinjitzu sets by 50% I mean it’s five bucks but it’s 50%
ultimately you’re paying that extra 50% for mostly this wing piece they do have
more parts in them in general you know for the handle but really what you’re
paying for in terms of what you get for that additional five bucks compared to
the original base price of ten for the entire set
for the Spinjitzu and airjitzu ones is just this big single vinyl wing piece
and not sure it’s it’s worth it you know the value doesn’t seem as good as it was
before I mean previously most folks would get these for the the figures the
exclusive figures now you have I think less variety they’re less new stuff and
the flying feature is OK it does work but I actually feel like the air jitsu
ones worked just fine to make something actually go and you could do more tricks
with those these really just go in one direction in the end they either spin or
you can kind of get them to have level flight and you just hit a target go
through it you basically just have one single path a flight whereas with the
air Jitsu ones you could do them upside down you could make them to spin in
different ways you know put an extra twist on them and do different stuff you
do them sideways yeah these I feel like kind of a step down in terms of play
value compared to the original airjitzu ones you just get more parts and you pay
a lot more the figures aren’t that great in my
opinion so yeah I’m not not that big of a fan of these although I am very very
happy with the whoo golden dragon version very collectible figure cool
colors and everything that’s pretty good stuff but the others yeah if you’re on
the fence you don’t want to collect them all don’t collect them all just get get
one if you really want one if you don’t know which one get this if you’re still
on the fence then just skip them don’t feel like you need to get these they
aren’t must bias in my opinion that’s it for my thoughts on these though I hope I
showed you everything you want to see I’ll talk to you soon you

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