LEGO Ninjago Dojo Showdown review! set 70756

[theme playing] Hello it’s jang here With a look at a lego ninjago set This is dojo show down Comes with 215 pieces officially I want
to start with a look at the figures because on the left is Carloff followed
by Griffin Turner and those are both exclusive to
this set and both well represented early On in the show car life was even shown
quite a bit before the beginning of the official beginning of the new season so those are both very good figures to
get I think and then you get kai from the ninja and representing the
anacondrai is slevin over on the right-hand side Take a look at the prints from the back
as well their representative prints only Griffin gets an alternate face here it’s
the version with the glasses removed see more of the torso print on the back
of Carl off there and I feel like this is a real missed opportunity for Carl
off because they could have given him The second face that would have been
very valuable to bring in the the more metallic look when he’s fully powered up
as well show kies face there as well as The rest of what you might not have been
able to fully see with slevin just with the face pain the main structure of the set makes for
a really nice scene that goes mostly with the earlier events of this season now this thing here is a spinning sword
bought it’s kind of a training aid but it’s also used as a weapon platform the
idea here is that all this stuff would be spinning so the blades will be
spending you can actually spend them in opposite directions but it’s kind of
rough because this is all based around a bar peace so it’s kind of a kind of high in
friction you can’t just take the thing and just spin it on your own you can
take it off the base and then that makes it easier to spend the whole thing but
still it’s just a little bit awkward it to actually play with you think it looks
pretty respectable for what it’s trying to be but just the play values is a
little bit down there they actually do give you studs on the
side of the wall exposed there so you can do some wall running that’s completely intentional but with
that off the kind of looks a little bit awkward but that’s the purpose of those
studs that are there really nice print on that translucent kind of frosted
piece there are two of those in the set one on other one on either side just a
beautiful window window print there and then up on top you’ve got a platform
where you can be fighting for the g blade this particular one comes on a staff it’s almost a site kind of design a
couple of flags up here on the top nice use of these large black sword
pieces just to add to the shaping and design of the place up on the top there
though that’s actually a trapdoor you can
probably see it already there’s a little knob you just see a little bit of it
back here just a little knob and that’s something that you can pull out to
activate the trap door and if your figure isn’t actually attached to the
base then sometimes they’ll fall through sometimes they want it depends upon how
you have the figure pose and they’re going to fall down to the fire pit down
below where they will be taken to get their you know their elemental powers
removed but just a little bit of fire around the edge and really no other
details down in that area a couple of Spears on the sides just to add a little
texture to that this is a nice little area over here with the platform jumps
you got to balance your way up got spikes on the side so if you mess up
he will fall down on two spikes they’ve also got a couple of poison
darts built into the walls here those are built as a flick missiles so you can fire them from behind it
helps you and encourages you really to open up your plan to use this over a
larger area because when those things shoot they’re going to shoot out not just into
the small area that’s defined by the structure here they’re going to shoot
out this way so they want you to be taking your figures and having fights
further out further away from this and there’s a look at the structure with the
figures removed so just sit you can see what that looks like before you apply
those and just look at this from the back so you can see that Griffin has his
representation on the back of the black flag over there it’s the only one that
has the two sides to it I usually don’t talk about extra pieces
that are included in lego sets but in this case they give you four extra
swords so I feel like that was worth mentioning this set feels like it’s
really targeted towards serious Ninjago fans and collectors because you
do get those two exclusive many figures if you’re a real serious fan of Ninjago
you need to get this set at least to get those figures it also has a nice parts a very nice
structure with play value a plenty of posing value so you can set up just
dioramas put different figures together here it just looks really good even if
you just want to display your part of your new Ninjago current season figure
collection you can put more of them on here just just as using it as a really nice
big display stand so in the worst case scenario this still
has some serious value it’s going to be up to you to determine whether you think
that it’s worth the price in your region but i think that the set is well
designed and well presented so that’s it for my look at this set
thank you for watching if you have any thoughts you would like to share about
what you think about it please do use the comment section down
below always good to see more feedback for more different folks got a lot more
videos to bring it so i’ll be talking to you again very soon

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99 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Dojo Showdown review! set 70756

  1. I quite like this set, I plan to get it for the mini figures and the dojo, and I'll get the other two ultra agents sets that have Toxicita and the invisible guy, since they also appeared in the show

  2. The dojo looks pretty good! The figures seem a bit simple though. Especially when taking into account the amount of printing Chima and LOTR figures have.ย 

  3. Hey Jang, I'm not sure if you'll answer this question or not, but i was wondering how you rotate the model that you're reviewing?

  4. this is just a speculation but… I think that Karloff's face will be reuse for the upcoming Pirates themeย 
    so that's explains why he doesn't get a second face

  5. Hey many you rember the ultra agents invisible gold getaway you can actually get the invisible guy in the new ninja go from that set

  6. Although a bit more on the expensive side when you calculate price per piece, the fact that it comes with 4 minifigures with lots of accessories, and some "special" pieces such as the printed windows, it is probably worth the extra money.ย  I most likely will buy one during double points this month, and then monitor sales to see if it goes down in price, and if it does, buy another, to expand the scene.

  7. I tell you something very suprising! Does anyone realised that the pictures on the box pictures the anacondrai warrior Chope (with one large snake symbol on torso) and NOT Sleven (with two snakes on the torso print) I bought this set today and BOTH figures were included in the box.

  8. Hi, I absolutely love your reviews on LEGO Ninjago but there is a problem nobody knows how much these things cost. So could u tell me how much this set costs please.

  9. Kai is cheating turner is cheating sleven is cheating there using weapons Karloff isn't cuz the fists are not weapons

  10. Man this set is pretty cool. I could've gotten this set but instead I got jays electromech, lava falls, and jungle trap. But I'm back to the lego store soon, and now I'm sure I'm getting this one. My goal is to get all 2015 wave 1 sets. Well the main 11 that is at least. Because the polybags might be hard to get. But I'm not 100% sure so I'm gonna ask u guys. Should I get this one, titanium Dragon, jungle raider, anacondrai crushed, both, boulder blaster, or anacondrai copter. Enter the serpent I doubt but who knows. Might get it for my birthday.

  11. hey Jang, we just got this in our k mart this week, so happy as we don't always get exclusive sets here in kiwi land,

  12. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ I realy love this set i want to make a custom ninja hub and this set will realy help me with this. Thanks for upload

  13. hey jang sorry if this video is old but I thought I would let you know that carluf's is the master of medal And Griffin Turner is master of speed

  14. Jang, do u think it would be a good idea if they made a polybag for Karloff in his metal version or "Metal Man" (a line from the show) plz tell me what u think. thx๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. did you know there's a small chance of getting krait in that set and a smaller chance of getting krait and sleven

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