LEGO Ninjago Dieselnaut set review! 70654

hello everyone this is diesel not one of
the big sets for season nine hunted for lego ninjago let me go ahead and
distribute some of these figures in and about the diesel not vehicle and give
you a good look at its features and details now this to me does look like a
little bit of a mess at first glance but I feel like if you actually go through
the process of building this or you spend some time with it you’ll start to
understand what it’s all about what they’re going for it believe this is
supposed to be that Mad Max sort of style you know and post pop
post-apocalyptic world sort of cobbled together Mean Machine it’s sort of a
half track like a reverse half track and the rear tires are not the same size so
the rear most ones are a fair amount larger in diameter than the middle ones
though of those wheels are the same size there’s a little bit of asymmetry from
left to right and there’s no semblance of symmetry from front to back there are
a lot of things you can do with this on it and with it things that make sense
things that aren’t just forced action features like for instance over here on
this right side there’s this crane and it can be moved from side side and you
can raise and lower the hook let’s see that’s about as far down as it goes it’s
more of a I guess a grabber arm you can open these up and close them use them to
grab something but it’s a simple mechanism here to winch that up but you
know it does something up top well this gear is intended to be turned I’m so
glad that it’s not a bright red or bright yellow thing just kind of fits
into the scheme here it’s for turning that top turret around it goes a full
360 degrees and never stops there’s nothing to keep you from making it spin
so there’s no there’s no string or anything inside there to get wound up so
you can rotate this around you can angle this up and down a bit and that just has
a spring-loaded shooter in it so it’s supposed to be kind of a ballista turret
there they have a total of three of those
bolts those orange bolts included in the set let me show you what’s on the other
side because there’s another turret over here as well it’s supposed to be more of
a spear shooter and it’s just more of a point defense thing doesn’t turn quite
as far mostly has that arc towards the fronts a little bit more than a 90
degree arc that’s supposed to be a ladder to get up there has another
spring-loaded shooter built into it this one can be angled up and down but as you
see the the jumper here starts to get pulled up so if you want to angle that
frequently I recommend just leaving that jumper piece out right now it’s just
helping to keep everything a little bit more secure as it is this is actually a
print on this dish here and that turns when you turn the gear from the other
side going with the turret up above and before I start to move forward again all
this is a thing this comes down that’s interesting so it can be used to drop
something off or pick something up and in this case all of this is something
that can be trucked off or picked up it’s a mobile jail well trap style jail
something like that I think this is a new piece for this net part here in the
black color most recent version of it and this works pretty well this can hold
three figures inside you can open up both sides like that’s pretty easy to
get it to be connected to the thing see some bright colors just inside there
they’re a little bit a little bit off from the overall scheme but it’s not too
bad see a little bit of the mechanism I think that’s actually cool to see a
little bit of the mechanism on something of this style and then this also comes
out this is a whole weapons rack and there are a number of new molds included
here the sickle I don’t even know what that double bladed thing is supposed to
represent this is more of a side here than new short blade new medium blades
pretty cool stuff they just give you a whole bag and you’ll see a few more of
those with the figures when I look at those more closely but these ones that
are attached to the hilts here have short
bar ends very stubby which make them good for making custom weapons like you
can take two of this blade and take off them the bar from there make it
double-sided they’re just good good food for customization and you can just take
this out and display it somewhere either all the way like this as part of a wall
or set it up like that to have a little bit more shape but it just stores away
inside of here nicely in the center mass of the vehicle there’s a another area
that can be affected that can be changed you can open this up so two things you
can do here you can open up these sides and then you can have some seated
figures that you can place here or you could bring these out all together if
they look really cool and with that the kind of teeth they’re being able to
rotate it feels like it could claw something up be used as a defensive
weapon or something I’m not sure they don’t really position this as an
additional thing to play with but it looks like it’s it’s meant to do
something more than they say I mean at least these can be used this kind of
guards to hold a figure in but unfortunately there’s not enough space
to make figures sit if these doors are gonna close up all the way I don’t know
definitely play around with that a little bit if you get this set but at
the very least you end up with a platform here in the center you put a
bunch of figures around that four-point defense and there’s also one additional
detail I don’t know if it’s intended to be opened up but you can open this up
here and see a little bit of engine kind of air inlet action going on there and
some engine detail down beneath a little farther forward there are a couple of
floodlights here or searchlights those going to be rotated and turned up so I
can face just about anywhere give some additional additional you know viewing
power for the thing although they’re not able to really shine forward but one of
the reasons to get them to angle back is to open up the whole cockpit section
here which is actually not that useful it just holds one single figure in there
I believe you can make a second figure sit back there I only have a couple of
studs maybe you can even figure out a way to get three in there
but they don’t make it easy for you there’s no console or steering control
or anything in there but it’s so far down in there I’m okay with the level of
detail in there but would have been better if they had made it a little
easier to accommodate multiple figures down in that position and then this is
kind of a turbine entry or just a fan box and that that is really nice when
this gets closed up because that just fits in that space really well there is
one major disappointment about this diesel not for me that is rolling
rolling rolling rolling doesn’t really roll at the front the tracks I have just
spoke about this in a recent review and a completely different theme that a lot
of toys that have tracks don’t work very well the tracks at least to themselves
don’t work very well and that’s the case here they actually do give us a generous
number of little rubber pads to insert into these treads so every other treads
segment has a piece of rubber stuck in it for attraction but it’s just too
tight they should have given more links or just change the geometry a little bit
because this is not loose enough to allow it to to work on on hard surfaces
the nija in this set are obviously on the Left J in the middle Zane and on the
right awkward teenage facial hair whoo he’s growing so fast why is his head
hair white already and why is his facial hair still black that’s that’s weird
he’s funny-looking notice that the katana for J and for whoo same setup for
each feature two pieces so you actually have a brand new katana blade piece with
just a short tang basically not even a full hilt built into the mold for it so
that’s a brand new piece there that allows you to add your own hilt onto it
and J over here also has this sickle that’s a brand
mold right there the sickle and chain a weapon that’s known as kusarigama might
be pronouncing it wrong sorry but it’s it’s a sickle and chain basically and I
think all of these look pretty good that way and get this rotated around
obviously I need to remove some stuff so you see some more details excellent
alternate faces for Jay and Wu no alternate face for Zane because they
need to show the port on the back that will work much better when he has his
hairpiece on unfortunately there’s no hairpiece included for Zane nor for Jay
I wish they would change that and start including those with with these sets
it’s only one piece per characterization cost that much extra but there’s a
better look at the main faces there and obviously wu has just found some
clothing in the realm that they’ve been transported to go again he’s been
growing very quickly so he needed to basically find whatever he could on the
bad guy side here on the left is the boss man iron Baron with his staff he
has a shield blade there another new piece that’s intended to represent a
tanto blade a traditional Japanese tanto not American tanto style it’s more
common amongst Westerners but his hand is intended to represent a cyborg arm
robotic arm basically and so that’s actually his hand there at the end it’s
not part of a separate weapon or anything it’s kind of kind of long kind
of sticks out but again pretty good details here on the right is skull
breaker whose gist’s yeah just a henchman I tried to put a lot of detail
into the torso there I feel kind of needs just another piece but he is one
of the least armored bad guys in this entire series so you know they have to
have a little bit of a range the the kind of neck armor face guard neck guard
single pauldron piece that’s used there on iron
Bell on the Baron is a reversible piece and you will see that reversed in just a
moment let me take once again some of this stuff off so no alternate phases
for either of these but you see a similar level of detail between the two
torso prints not the highest level of detail that they’ve done kind of a
little bit more cartoony and some things that they’ve done in the recent past so
not that great there but there are there their main phases and do note that the
EXO force handpiece for the Baron is in orange there don’t believe I’ve seen
that in orange before there are two of those included in the set correction
there are three of those included in the set because a heavy metal there on the
right has one on his chain rifle they call that weapon has the semi
transparent orange chain attached to it doesn’t actually shoot but looks
interesting and at least it’s a weapon that you actually build up yourself and
on the left is a character called muzzle on each of these you see that that piece
though showing you on the baron reversed around so this is the other way that can
be applied I think it looks equally good either way works out just fine
notice that the prints are the same between these two for the torsos and
hips and the legs the differences are in the accessories and the head pieces with
the headpiece for muzzle on the left being identical to the one that you saw
for skull breaker one last very important inclusion in this set is not
really a figure but it’s kind of a stand-in for a figure it’s kind of an
armor stand I guess you would say statue that is set up with some of the new
dragon armor and also a dragon weapon the shield is a brand new print as a
printed piece there it is set up as an actual shield so it can be easily held
in the hand of a figure got the dragon bones sword behind there let me actually
remove the shield so that you can see the sword and the shield has the gold
color behind it’s actual plastic color this is dual
moulded with a bit of marbling of the tan and silver together got that nice
dragon head hilt piece which looks fantastic to me it’s my favorite piece I
believe in this entire set and then the dragon plate armor piece that’s mostly
covering up the shoulders in the dragon armor helmet this does a great job also
of highlighting the differences in the two gold colors you have the more
traditional or longer-lasting pearl gold color and we’ve had for quite a while
used for the helmet there but then the armor piece below the chest armor piece
as the most recent golden that is less orange it’s not quite as bright it’s a
little bit more of a true gold hue but it’s not as shiny so I don’t know I
actually like the slightly darker one a little bit better it’s just it’s just
closer to the actual color of gold but then it doesn’t have as much metallic
flake in it or them time flayed it flake is at least at least thinner or smaller
pieces but again really nice sculpting with the dragon head piece that’s built
into that of course these are collectibles you’ll be able to get more
with different sets and you can put them on whatever figures you like so what
about price and value well looking at just the numbers it looks pretty
reasonable to me actually especially based on our price to part ratio basis
there are some small pieces but there’s a larger than normal number of large
pieces here so that brings in even more objective value I do feel like the
entire vehicle doesn’t feel to me a 100 or 110 dollars us large but it is pretty
dense there’s a lot of detail in it and there are a lot of things as you can do
with it so it kind of makes sense if they had made a $110 set of this you
know five years ago or maybe even ten ten
years ago it probably would have had a similar sized vehicle but it would have
been very Hollow wouldn’t have done very much and then they would have had
additional builds that would have made it feel a little bit larger so all
things are kind of relative in in that sense I think the figures are pretty
good I’m not entirely impressed with the the graphic design work done for the
hunters for this season it’s just this is not up to par I feel with the current
state of the art for Lego I think that the ninja just get much better work done
for their prints the stickers in this set I think are perfectly fine and there
aren’t too many of them the action features in general work pretty well or
integrated pretty well do wish that you can put more people into the cockpit
that definitely feels like a Miss and then this platform back here just do you
hate to do something with those spikes they seem really cool to me but they
those combined with the doors limit the amount of space in here when everything
is closed up so I do recommend a little bit of customization to open that up so
you can store people in here or store cargo in here what are the two
definitely could have some better use of space and you can make that happen
fairly easily but overall I do feel like the the value here is pretty good this
is a proper playset this is something that kids can really be proud of I think
the color scheme and general mix of things may turn some people off just at
initial sight but if you give it a chance if you really look at what you
get here and hopefully I’ve I’ve shown enough of that in this video
I think it’ll it’ll convert some initial skeptics but then you know some folks
just won’t like it ever and that’s perfectly fine there’s nothing wrong
with that it’s definitely not a type of design and theme that everybody is gonna
like but overall I think Lego has done a pretty good job with with this as a toy
playset oh oh except for of the that’s definitely a miss if there’s if
there’s one thing that I would call out hasn’t miss here it’s it’s that things
that are supposed to roll should roll things are supposed to turn should turn
that’s that’s kind of a must so yeah you got a ding the designer for that one
otherwise though pretty good let me know in the comments though what you think
about this feel free to disagree with my own opinions as long as you do it
respectfully it’s all good thank you very much for watching and I will bring
you the next video as soon as I can bye for now you

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